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Yosh Magnetic Phone Holder Review

Anyone looking for a simple holder that does one thing and does it well, the YOSH magnetic car phone mount might be the one to buy. Anyone looking for a simple holder that does one thing and does it well, the YOSH magnetic car phone mount might be the one to buy. YOSH magnetic car phone mount specs Price: $11 There are a few different kinds of phone mounts for cars on the market, ranging from the simplest and most minimalist holders all the way up to large MagSafe monsters. YOSH Magnetic Car Phone Mount: Design and features The mount can only move where your air vent does which could mean you struggle to point your phone in the right direction.

All things considered, I think this is a pretty solid phone holder if you don’t mind losing an air vent. YOSH Magnetic Car Phone Mount 2-Pack Universal Phone Holder for Car 360° Rotating Magnet Cradle for Cell Phone Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max Xs X XR 8 7 6 Samsung S21 S20 S10 Pixel Mot

My car (Hyundai Santa Fe) doesn’t have a lot of dashboard room but using this vent mount is perfect. Suggest you get into your car and hold your phone where it would be comfortable for you to see and check if there is enough room to put the base.

Review of YOSH Rubber Magnetic Car Phone Holder

I absolutely love the design it is small, discreet, made of an environmentally friendly material, ease to fit with a well thought out construction. What you do need to do though is give it a good clean so there is no residual grime, debris or grease on the back that could prevent the magnet from working or the phone slipping off.

Car Phone Holder Magnetic, ✪LIFETIME WARRANTY✪ YOSH® Car Mounts Air Vent for 7 6 600748751877

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Best car phone holder 2021: The easiest to use and most secure windscreen, vent and dashboard mounts

Today’s smartphones can give you easy access to satnav features with up-to-date maps and traffic info, while also allowing you to play music and podcasts as you travel. Just be aware, though, that the law is expected to change later this year, and that a wider range of interactions with your phone will be made illegal. You should stay out of trouble as long as you remain hands-free, but if you appear to be distracted by calls or by the phone screen, then you can still end up in an uncomfortable conversation at the roadside. Set your satnav route before leaving home, and steer clear of the TikToks, WhatsApp messages and in-car selfies.

These are ideal for lighter smartphones, but the grip might not be firm enough to hold heavier devices and it also obstructs the airflow. There will, of course, have to be a cable between your car’s USB port or 12V socket and the charger, so make sure it doesn’t dangle anywhere it might obstruct your driving.

There’s also no maximum phone size to worry about – it’ll handle devices of up to 650g – and the joint means it works at a decent range of angles. Key specs – Weight: 46g; Mounting: Suction cup on windscreen; Max phone width: N/A; Colours: Black

Key specs – Weight: 130g; Mounting: Grip on air vent; Max phone width: 88mm; Colours: Black This isn’t a massive issue if you’re happy with your phone in the conventional portrait mode, but if you’re using your smartphone as a satnav, having more horizontal screen space to work with makes more sense. Key specs – Weight: 37g; Mounting: Grip on air vent; Max phone width: 93mm; Colours: Black and Aluminium The mount itself keeps a sure grip on your vent, rotating into horizontal and vertical positions, and there’s a little play in the ball joint to get a decent viewing angle for the screen.

Key specs – Weight: 90g; Mounting: Grip on air vent; Max phone width: iPhone 12 series and upwards only; Colours: Black The actual holder connects via a ball and socket joint into the supplied vent mount or dashboard/windscreen arm, while a suction cup on the latter hooks onto the windscreen or an adhesive silicone disc. What’s more, you’ve got the option to extend the arm through a nifty sliding bracket, giving you a good range of positions and viewing angles to work with. Key specs – Weight: 260g; Mounting: Grip on air vent/windscreen and dashboard suction cup; Max phone width: 112mm; Colours: Black This simple, compact phone holder can be attached via its suction grip to either a windscreen or a dashboard (simply turn it upside-down to switch between the two modes). Key specs – Weight: 91g; Mounting: Suction cup to windscreen or dashboard; Max phone width: 89mm; Colours: Black, red

Objectively, this is the best smartphone mount available: it’s small, avoids blocking your view, can be attached to the windscreen or dashboard and is easily moved to between vehicles. It’s also extremely stable, keeping your phone steady as you crash over Britain’s potholed streets, and has a ball and socket joint for easy adjustment. Your phone is secured in the mount with a magnet, meaning there’s no width restriction and it’s easy to put it in place and remove it at either end of your journey.

Key specs – Weight: 118g; Mounting: Suction cup to windscreen or dashboard; Max phone width: N/A; Colours: Black Key specs – Weight: 59g; Mounting: Clip to air vent; Max phone width: N/A; Colours: Black, grey The spring-loaded arms and adjustable foot hold it firmly in place, and it’ll cope with devices up to 93mm in width, aligning the phone dead-centre to give you the best wireless charging connection.

The mount fits onto the windscreen or dashboard using an ultra-strong suction cup, while the telescopic arm pivots and extends in a wide range of positions, so you can keep your phone out of the way but in view. Key specs – Weight: 430g; Mounting: Suction cup to windscreen or dashboard; Max phone width: 93mm; Colours: Black

Best car phone holders 2021: windscreen and dash mounts

Our phones have a lot of great features which now allow us to use them as a multifunctional device such as a sat nav or speakerphone for taking calls in the car. A car phone mount is designed to hold your device in the optimum position for safe viewing of the screen while driving. Belkin Car Vent Mount A low profile phone mount that leaves your windscreen clear of screens and smudges Specifications Best for: Subtlety Attachment: Air vent clip Compatible with: Smartphones up to 5.5 inches Adjustable: Yes Reasons to buy + Grips securely but gently + Low profile Reasons to avoid – You’ll need to switch the vent off if the car heating is running TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon View at Amazon 566 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Kenu Airframe Qi Wireless Charging Car Vent Mount Support your phone and recharge wirelessly Specifications Best for: Charging Attachment: Air vent clip Compatible with: Both Adjustable: Yes Reasons to buy + Qi compatibility + Slim and well made + Dual QC 3.0 adapter Reasons to avoid – Not all phones are wireless charging TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon 85 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

This sleek option from Kenu is just the ticket, with 10W Qi wireless charging built in, saving you from having to mess around with unsightly cables. Logitech ZeroTouch A voice assisted car phone mount for hands free navigation Specifications Best for: Hands free control Attachment: Air vent clip Compatible with: Android Adjustable: No Reasons to buy + Compatible with Alexa + No touching required Reasons to avoid – Need to download the app

There is no adjustment features on this mount, but the air vent clip is sturdy and allows your phone to be at the perfect angle for viewing. You’ll also get 360 degree ball adjustment which will allow you to find the perfect position and orientation of your screen, holding any smartphone up to 6 inches.

Yosh Magnetic Car Mount A simple yet effective design for easily mounting your phone Specifications Best for: Design Attachment: Air vent clip Compatible with: All smartphones Adjustable: No Reasons to buy + Magnetic attachment + Can hold a tablet Reasons to avoid – Requires you to stick a sticker on the back of your phone TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon 39 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ You do have to stick a magnetic sticker to the back of your phone in order for it to work, which can be a little unsightly if you have a pretty cover or coloured case. Some had trouble initially sticking this mount to their dashboard, but found a little bit of water helps it grip nicely. Owners found this small mount to hold even larger phones very well, but some had trouble with the sticky pad staying put on their dashboard.

Mpow Grip Pro 2 This mount slots into your CD player for a secure hold Specifications Best for: Anti-slip Attachment: CD insert Compatible with: Screens up to 3.5 inches Adjustable: Yes Reasons to buy + Can still play CDs + Solid and sturdy Reasons to avoid – Can obstruct view in portrait position TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon 665 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ If you’re not convinced by the sticky pads or suction clips, then this car phone mount is a sturdy and solid alternative. It is fully adjustable via swivel and tilt, although users with bigger screens have said that in a portrait position it can obstruct their view.

The mount clips to most dashboard air vents and comes with a pair of magnetic plates (one circular and one square) for sticking to the back of your phone.

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