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Weathertech Cup Phone Holder Review

Well made and adaptable but, in my case, didn’t fit the cup holder quite as well as I had hoped. Having stated the above, I ultimately (through sheer experimentation) found that it worked well if the phone was mounted upside down and tilted so that it was resting on the center council break handle.

WeatherTech CupFone Cup Holder for Car Phone Mount Automobile Cradle Compatible with iPhone and Cell Phones

The only way for it to not move is to get a vice grips and try to tighten it that way.

Review: The WeatherTech CupFone Two View Smartphone Holder

Modern BMWs have a great place to put a cellphone and even offer optional wireless charging for $500. I understand that BMW’s design is to hold and even, optionally, charge your phone in a safe place.

We recently purchased a 2021 BMW X3 plug-in hybrid and promptly took it on a massive road trip out to Mount Rushmore and The Badlands of South Dakota. The longest trip I’ve used the CupFone cellphone holder was 10 hours and it was nice having my phone in a safe place, staying charged, and having access to the cubby on the center console.

Disclaimer: WeatherTech sent us the CupFone for review purposes, but opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

WeatherTech CupFone™ Review

And its intuitive cup-holder design makes matching it up with your vehicle’s cup holders a cinch. Tiltable, a true hands-free phone holder, lets you adjust the mic position with ease

Whether you enjoy chatting up your bestie while driving down the road or use navigation apps like Maps or Waze on your daily commute, you need some kind of hands free phone mount these days. The CupFone™ can easily hold some of the largest and most popular phones currently on the market, including all of the following devices:

Whether it’s a mount for your iPhone or your Pixel 2 XL, most of the holders I have had are either too small or too flimsy for the devices I use on the daily. So what are you to do when the ever popular air vent mounted phone holder just won’t cut it anymore?

How are you supposed to react when your brand spanking new, release date still pending, super duty smart phone doesn’t fit in your mount or breaks the mount off of the vent while you’re flying down the road doing 75, asking Google Assistant if you just missed your turn off to go to the Mac store to get your new iPod mini touch what’sit. And my first thoughts were remembering when my wife bought me a massive Yeti coffee mug and it wouldn’t fit in one of my cup holders in my truck, so I about spilled flaming hot coffee all over myself as I hit some potholes on my way to work. This makes sure that your expensive smart phone doesn’t go flying out when you hit a bump or take a sharp turn. If your cup holder is down low, near your waist or knees, you can adjust the angle so your device is facing up towards your head.

And if you have a cup holder up next to your steering wheel–every man’s dream cup holder location, am I right?–then you can make it so that your phone is almost perpendicular, straight up and down, so you can easily glance at your Waze app and avoid that traffic cop up ahead. You see, I used to have a knock off phone mount that was kinda similar to this amazing cup holder device.

So whether you’re buying directly from us or hitting the eBay, please make sure you get the authentic WeatherTech CupFone™ and not some random knock off. For me, the real game changer here was the charging cable and aux cord opening. This simple yet super smart design feature is what allows you to keep the charger plugged in while you insert or remove the phone from the cradle. Whereas before I was always nervous to use my phone for music or for navigation apps like Waze or Google Maps, now I could charge my device, have an auxiliary jack plugged into my stereo and still be completely hands free.

So if you’re concerned about the rise in distracted driving, or you just want a handy phone holder that is universal and works in just about any vehicle throughout perpetuity, this is very likely the product for you. It is rare in this industry that we talk about future proof products, so let me say with great joy that I think we have one on our hands here.

This device which transforms any cup holder into a universal phone mount is pretty brilliant in its design, and we sincerely believe you’ll enjoy using it too. We only promote products we believe in and sell them at the lowest prices, shipping quickly to you for free if you’re in the lower 48 states. We have an excellent return policy and strive to get you the right product in perfect condition the first time. We put aftermarket right at the tip of your fingers on your smartphone, web browser, and even via various apps, making ordering the parts you need super easy. So when you get it installed and love it, make sure you share us some pics on social media so we can live vicariously through you. Midwest Aftermarket’s collection of air intakes, pickup bed covers, truck running boards, and much more includes all the leading styles and brands.

With the goal to provide the highest quality product with the fastest shipping at affordable prices, look no further for your vehicle’s aftermarket accessories. From UTV’s to Jeep-fanatics to F150’s or Chevy Silverado’s, Midwest Aftermarket will give you the customer support you deserve.

WeatherTech Cup Phone Review

American Made by WeatherTech out of the finest materials, this cell phone holder was designed to PERFECTLY and snugly fit into virtually any cup-holder keeping your mobile device easily accessible and visible. CupFone ™ is a cell phone holder that sits conveniently in your vehicle’s cup-holders, also great for use in boats, RV’s and golf carts. American Made by WeatherTech out of the finest materials, this cell phone holder was designed to PERFECTLY and snugly fit into virtually any cup-holder keeping your mobile device easily accessible and visible.

Weathertech CupFone Features: Designed using interchangeable base cups allowing you to customize the perfect snug fit.

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