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Waterproof Phone Holder Bike Review

Smartphones are becoming increasingly useful to us riders thanks to a ton of ride-friendly training and navigation apps. A dedicated bike computer won’t drain your phone’s battery, is designed specifically for the job in hand and offers connectivity (typically both ANT+ and Bluetooth) to a wide range of accessories.

Using a smartphone, on the other hand, means you don’t have to splash out on a separate device and normally offers a user-friendly interface. Plus there’s a growing number of apps and, generally speaking, you’ve always got your phone on you for quick trips by bike, so it’s a popular choice for cycling to work.

We’ve pitched the most popular bike phone mounts head-to-head to find out which are worth buying. Should you want to learn a little more about the different designs and what might work best for you, then head to our buyer’s guide towards the bottom of this page. Best bike phone mounts, as rated by our expert testers The following products scored at least 4 out of 5 in our test. To release, pull down the retaining ring and twist – even though the lock is firm, it’s an easy operation. With its high-quality construction and a kit system that allows you to buy only the parts you need, the Quad Lock feels worth its relatively high price.

The padded bag sits on the top tube, attaching around that and the stem with Velcro straps. The phone goes easily in the lid section and is held firmly in place against the cover by Velcro flaps, which help to ensure a good connection with the touchscreen and reduce reflection. It would be a tight fit to get a spare tube and tools in there too, but a small grab-strap makes it easy to take all your valuables with you when you leave the bike.

The Zefal Bike Kit is relatively simple to fit and rock-solid in use, thanks to a no-tools-needed setup that uses rubber O-rings to attach the mount to a bar or stem. The snap-on phone case has an integral fitting that allows you to swap it between different mounts and uses – although it’s a bit too chunky to persuade us to leave it on all the time.

We tested the Bike Bundle version of the SP Connect, which includes a stem cap/bar mount plus a weather cover as standard, making this good value.

For another £10 the Road Bike Bundle has an improved mount that holds the phone out front, with space for a light/camera.

This is one of the better phone cases: it has a tactile feel and the integral mount is low profile enough not to get in the way during everyday use. But there isn’t a positive click when locking it in place and it requires a firm hand to release it. The mount on the back of the case can be used as a stand – it works better in portrait mode but is useful enough to consider leaving on permanently, removing a hassle factor when setting out. There is an upgrade bracket available as an extra that holds the phone out front, with space for a light or camera.

While it’s not very sleek or hi-tech, we found ourselves warming to the Riverside 520 way more than anticipated simply because the tube-mounted twin bags are very convenient. The kicker is that the straps could be longer, which means some ingenuity is required to fix it securely in place. The phone goes into its holder easily, but because it isn’t held firmly against the cover, reflection from the plastic can sometimes make it hard to see the screen. These sorts of mounts, generally speaking, will allow you to align your phone in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Although for the sake of keeping it out of the way of errant knees, it’s best to use portrait orientation if the phone is mounted on the stem. Instead, they use a universal mount that attaches to your handlebars or stem, and will grip practically any phone even if it’s already in a protective case. The obvious advantage is that you don’t need to buy a new mount when you change phones (and you can lend it to people), but therein lies its disadvantage, too: we reckon they’re a lot less secure.

If you’d rather keep the real estate on your bar clear, then carrying your phone in a frame bag is the alternative.

The key consideration is whether the transparent window provides sufficient protection from the elements while also allowing you to operate the phone’s touchscreen. So if you can’t hear the audio alerts, the frame-bag option may be more suitable for riders who are willing to stop when they want to use their phones. Most mounts come in various sizes and guises to accommodate as many varieties of phone as possible, but double-check before you plough ahead with your purchase.

Best Bike Phone Mount of 2021

Most secure for mountain biking Most streamlined mount Easy on and off of the phone Expensive Requires specific adaptor or case Only fits handlebars with 1-1/8″ threadless steer tube It is expensive, but spending the money on this mount may be worth it if you don’t want to risk your phone flying off while on bumpy terrain.

The twist-lock mechanism makes it extremely easy to take your phone on and off the mount for photos or calls.

Another potential limitation is that it can’t be used on strollers or treadmills unlike other award-winners such as the Nite Ize or the VUP.

This mounting system is the most expensive in the lineup, but its streamlined, secure, aluminum build is great for everyday commuting, speedy road cycling, and hard-core mountain bike rides alike. Our testers’ favorite feature is the ease of accessing the phone and the ability to remove it quickly and easily with one hand. The Quad Lock was our testers’ favorite day-to-day pick due to its overall performance, but it did lag in some metrics. Because of its semi-permanent installation, this phone mount is not a great pick if you want the versatility to use it on multiple bikes, strollers, or treadmills.

The Quad Lock stands out for its ease of phone access, sleek profile, and security on bumpy terrain. This model’s big, blue tab makes it easy to quickly remove your phone to snap photos.

Very inexpensive Easy to install User-friendly design Not the most secure for mountain biking Doesn’t easily accommodate larger phones This is especially an issue if you plan to ride in weather (like our testers who bike-commute to work most days) and want to use a weatherproof case on your phone.

These differences made the Nite Ize stand out, but the VUP is close in comparison and at almost half the price. At the end of the day, the VUP is a good choice for the rider on a budget or someone who only uses a bike phone mount occasionally. Versatility, ease of setup, and low price make the Nite Ize Wraptor one of our testers’ favorites. Additionally, the Nite Ize seamlessly transferred onto strollers for walks and shopping carts for grocery store runs.

The Nite Ize may not be the best choice for you if you plan to solely ride singletrack; the mount is surprisingly stable but if you miss putting a corner entirely on, your phone is at risk of falling out. Very secure on bumpy terrain Great protection from weather Fits all phones Reduced touchscreen usability Some riders hit knees on bag while riding

The downside is that they significantly impact touchscreen useability due to glare and decreased screen sensitivity. Hailing from Western Montana, Madison Botzet spends her time trail running, mountain biking, and uphill skiing. She commutes to work every day via bike (not a small feat when it’s snowing) and has made a pact not to drive anywhere less than 5 kilometers away. Extensive field testing occurred with each mount to assess phone protection, ease of access, and security while riding fast on roads, flowing on single-track, and making quick commutes.

To help separate some of the close competitors, we put to test all the bike mounts across five different metrics. Many of the bike phone mounts performed relatively well across a variety of metrics, but they vary quite a bit in price.

Our testers considered the best-performing mounts relative to their prices to help you find the best bang for your buck. Catching the attention of our testers was the Nite Ize Wraptor for its outstanding overall performance and relatively low price. Another value pick with one of the lowest prices in the lineup is the VUP mount, which is simple to install, versatile, and easy to use. Though it is the most expensive phone mount, the Rokform Pro Series is made of aluminum and is a good investment because it’s built to last.

One of the most important considerations for people when buying a bike mount is how easy it is to access the phone when you are out on a ride. It takes multiple steps to access your phone in bike bags, but on the plus side, there’s a lot of space for storage! Performing in the middle of the pack were the universal silicone mounts like the Nite IzeWraptor, the VUP, and the Ailun. The Rokform Pro topped the pack since it is semi-permanently installed over the bike’s steer tube and is less inclined to vibrate or move at all.

If your primary concern is keeping your phone safe from flying out of the mount and you want extra storage then these bags are a good pick.

Surprisingly, the Rokform Sport Series performed relatively poorly because the velcro strap could not be tightened enough to stop the mount from shifting on the bike. These are potential issues because it makes it possible for the mounts to loosen and flip upside down, causing you to lose your phone. The easiest mounts to set up are those with velcro or silicone staps like the Rokform Sport Series, the Nite Ize Wraptor, and the VUP.

The Nite Ize and Rokform Sport both only took a few seconds longer than the VUP and were equally as intuitive to set up. Make sure your bike’s top cap has a 1-1/8″ threadless steer tube to install the Rockform Pro Series.

Our testers took into account that some people are dedicated enough to ride their bikes in the rain, sun, dust, and snow – and want to keep their phones protected from the elements while doing so.

However, the drawbacks of the WildMan and RockBros bags are that they reduce touch screen usability and could lead to your phone overheating on warm rides.

Our testers considered how easy they were to transfer as well as how accommodating the mounts were to different sizes and shapes of bars to install onto. The Rokform Sport Series performed best in this metric because of the ease of transferability and the long strap lengths that can accommodate the handlebar shapes of strollers, shopping carts, and treadmills alike.

The case or universal adapter that works for the Rokform Sport is also compatible with a car mount, but you must purchase it separately. The runner-up in this category was the Nite Ize Wraptor because it’s easy to transfer but is slightly less versatile due to a shorter strap length.

Our testers strapped mounts — including the Nite Ize Wraptor shown here — onto strollers to see how well they performed.

The VUP and the Ailun are good picks for users who want to transfer their mount to multiple bikes or strollers. Whatever your needs might be, we hope that this comprehensive review will help make your decision that much easier so that you can get out on the road or trail.

The Best Bike Phone Mount

In our tests, phones vibrated hardly at all—let alone rattled or shook—in the Quad Lock products, no matter how bumpy the road became. Both the phone cases and the universal adapter twist to lock into place on the mount, which in turn clamps onto a bike’s handlebars. The indented socket on the case’s back was among the least noticeable of the case-type bike mounts we tested.

Best mobile holders for bike in India

It features a claw-grip design that can be expanded and contracted to fit smartphones with a screen size of 4-inch to 6.5-inch. It easily expands to fit a wide range of phones without restricting the use of buttons. It features silicone tips that hold the device firmly without damaging your mobile. It offers a strong grip and comes with a 360-degree rotating support holder, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle as per your need.

It features padded back and grips that absorbs shocks and protects your smartphone from scratches. The mobile holder allows you to use your smartphone’s camera while it is mounted to easily capture your journey.

Best Waterproof Mobile Phone Cases for Cycling

Unexpected showers and even perspiration can put your phone at risk though, and so if you have an expensive smartphone you might be wondering how best to protect it from water damage. As keen cyclists we’ve scoured the web looking for a decent list of options for protecting my iPhone while out on the bike, but it just doesn’t seem to exist yet. These can easily scratch your phone case and display, and so they should either be kept in a separate bag or just leave them loose in your pocket. If you’re after something a bit more substantial and durable then there are a range of dry bags available that will completely waterproof your mobile phone. They add a fair bit of bulk to your phone, so you might find it more difficult to fit in smaller jersey pockets. The benefit to these is that they also have a hard protective shell that will stop you damaging the screen or casing if the phone’s dropped – but this comes at a price.

Attach the mount to your handlebars using the rubber bands provided and you can secure your phone quickly and easily with a simple quarter turn. Quad Lock Bike Kit – £39.99 at Amazon (loads of great reviews with a 4.7 star average). Cyclists have been known to be an indulgent bunch, and if you’re looking for a bit of luxury then the Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket is worth a look.

It’s made from a special “all-weather” leather that easily provides enough protection from rain and sweat, though you probably won’t want to submerge it for long. So you don’t need to worry about these things scratching your shiny new phone or jangling about loose in a jersey pocket. There’s a great review of it over at Cycling Weekly, and another on David Hughes’ blog if you can’t decide whether or not to take the plunge.

Best waterproof cycling phone cases reviewed

For other people it makes more sense to keep their phone as unencumbered as possible most of the time then add a case for riding when it’s necessary. Read on for more tips on what to consider when choosing how to protect your phone no matter how wet or muddy your ride might be. If you like to keep your bike free of luggage and stuff things in your jersey pockets the Rapha rainproof essentials case is a perfect solution.

Inside the waxed canvas outer is a small dry bag for a phone, cards and cash.

The Sea To Summit TPU Guide gets an IPX8 waterproof ratings, and that’s enough protection to handle complete immersion. Lifeproof Fre Case Specifications Which phones will it fit: iPhone se (2nd gen), 8/7, 8/7Plus, 11, 11 pro max, 6/6s, 6/6s Plus, XR, Xs, Xs Max Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+, S9/S9+, S8 Reasons to buy + Leave it on all the time + Shockproof Reasons to avoid – Expensive TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon 157 Walmart customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

The Lifeproof Fre works with most modern iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models and it protects and waterproofs your phone. Hitcase Splash – Waterproof iPhone Case Specifications Which phones will it fit: iPhone Xr, Xs Max, 7/8/SE, 7/8 Plus, X/Xs Reasons to buy + Leave it on all the time + Shockproof + Great for photography Reasons to avoid – Makes it hard to use the edge of the screen TODAY’S BEST DEALS Check Amazon The three-point mounting helps keep the whole unit stable by triangulating between the handlebars and the stem, while using a hook and loop closure system should mean it works no matter what size your bars you have. One of the newest contenders of the phone mount market, Quad Lock claim to be the strongest and lightest system out there. Some mounting systems offer the chance to replace your bike’s stem cap with one that will allow you to connect your phone clearing up your handlebar space. If you prefer to have the phone on the edge of your sight then a handlebar mount may be a better option but the con will be the added clutter to your cockpit.

Phone Mounting Systems for Your Bike

They take a device you already carry in your pocket on every ride and move it to your stem or handlebar, where you can follow turn-by-turn directions at a glance and track your progress through apps like RideWithGPS and Strava. Sure, there are plenty of awesome cycling-specific GPS computers to buy, but why spend more money when you already own—and know how to use—a device capable of most of the same functions? The same way that a multi-hundred-dollar GPS is securely held into place, so too will your phone be safe—even on fast descents and bumpy roads. Many phone mounts, like Topeak’s RideCase and the Quad Lock, come with accessory covers that promise full waterproofing.

Over the past few years, phone mounts have become increasingly sleek and unobtrusive, offering a similar experience to riding with a big-screen GPS. Mounts can be cell-phone-size specific and require the purchase of an additional case that clamps onto your handlebar or stem, much like a traditional cycling computer.

Alternative options include small bags that attach to your bike’s top tube and fit not only your phone, but snacks and cash, too. We research the market, survey user reviews, and use our own experience riding hundreds of miles on all kinds of terrain with these phone mounts to determine the best options. Quad Lock Stem Handlebar Bike Mount $36.90 SHOP NOW Universal adapter works with any phone Easy to mount anywhere on your bar or stem If you don’t want to permanently alter your phone case, you may want to buy a separate one Light, strong, and secure, the Quad Lock is among the best at what it does—which is allow your phone to click onto a stem, handlebar, or out-front mount so you can use it while riding. If you need bonus protection from the elements, Quad Lock sells a slip-on cover that works like a snug poncho for your phone in bad weather.

Blackburn Local Plus Top Tube Bike Bag SHOP NOW Has room for extras, like snacks and cash Perfect for your next gravel or adventure ride, the Local Plus can hold your phone, wallet, and snacks with ease, while keeping it all right in front of you. Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount $24.98 $18.48 (26% off) SHOP NOW Ball-and-socket design lets you customize the angle The ball-and-socket design lets you angle your phone in any direction and provides access to all control buttons and the audio jack.

Made from a single piece of silicone with bands that hug just the edges of the top and bottom of your phone without scratching it, this mount comes in two sizes that can accommodate nearly every smartphone. Topeak RideCase $59.95 $49.95 (17% off) SHOP NOW The case slides into the mount for a super sturdy and secure fit

The Gearlock doesn’t require you to buy a matching phone case—it comes with a universal adapter that you can put on the case you already own. The out-front mount works with most handlebar sizes with the help of two different rubber spacers, and sits at a convenient angle for mid-ride viewing. It’s a sturdy, solid mount that attaches to your bar and tightens with an Allen wrench rather than a flexible band that relies on your own hand strength to get a firm fit. With its side clamping system and silicone net, the Roam provides a solid, inexpensive way to mount your phone to your bike. Most handlebar mounts are focused purely on function at the expense of style—they look cheap and plasticky when left on your bike without a phone.

Bike Handlebars, 360° Adjustable Universal Motorcycle Phone Mount Bike Phone Holder with TPU Touch-Screen : Automotive

As far as the loose articulating arm, you can access the joints by carefully removing the plug where you’ll find a hex bolt that you can tighten to a desired firmness to hold in place. Reviews have also mentioned that the screen lockdown system can be problematic, which is true, but again a fair trade off I’ve adapted to. The touch screen works well, though you won’t be able to use the fingerprint scan to unlock your phone and access to the side buttons is not possible.

Best Bike Phone Holders + Mounts [Top 4 in 2021]

✅ WE FOUND THAT OTHER PHONE HOLDER FOR BIKE MODELS WERE MADE WITH CHEAP PARTS THAT FELL APART OR BROKE WITH USE. Use our Bike & Motorcycle phone holder with devices ranging from 4.0” – 6.7” and maximum thickness (with case and pop-socket)…

Perfect iPhone holder for bike – but can also fit various Samsung and HTC devices, too (all for phones below 6”). Unique model – clear, touch-sensitive and sun visor design, and can be set up either vertically or horizontally depending on your preference while cycling.

With a waterproof handlebar bag made from quality PU, PVC and polyester material to boot, you’ll be brilliantly equipped with this holder on your bike. 【UNIQUE DESIGN BIKE PHONE MOUNT】Clear TPU touch sensitive & Sun visor design , you can operable with over 90% sensitivity, 6.5 inch screen can be placed,cover the sun board and waterproof zipper…

Fully-protected smartphone holder for bike – its upgraded anti-slip pad means it will keep your phone in place without you worrying about it falling off should you cycle over rougher terrain. Free installation also makes it simple to attach to all types of bike handlebar.

This classic one-piece handlebar phone holder also boasts 360-degree flexibility, and has been upgraded to be detachable, too. Now, the Quad Lock works a bit differently from the other bike phone mounts mentioned here.

The mount itself is really small and can be fitted to your handlebars to provide an extremely secure way to attach your bike. Although this will set you back a little more than other mounts, this means you can also buy accompanying accessories so that you can quick, securely and easily attach your phone to other places (i.e. your car).

If you want a minamistic and elegant Samsung or iPhone bike mount, Quad Lock is the best around.

The Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2021

These days, between navigation apps, music streaming services, and social workout platforms like Zwift and Strava, many cyclists rely on access to their phones while seated in the saddle. For these riders, the smartphone functions like the dashboard display of a car — information, connectivity, and controls that all exist in a single convenient location. These devices are designed to keep your smartphone securely attached to your handlebars while you ride with your display plainly visible.

While some bike phone mounts are great for holding steady during prolonged vibration, others may provide better visibility or water resistance. Although this mount isn’t the most durable on this list, the hard plastic and silicone net combo holds up well to the demands of road cycling. For mountain bikers spending time on the bumpiest and dirtiest trails, we recommend a slightly hardier mount that can sustain a greater level of abuse.

Riders looking for a solid, good value mount with lots of adjustability Materials: Hard plastic and silicone netting It’s a handsome choice for riders who want to maintain the clean lines of their bike with a slim and aesthetic mount.

Compared to other options, this mount’s thin profile goes a long way to decrease wind drag — it isn’t any thicker than a typical phone case.

To balance out its lightweight and streamlined design, the Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount does have a few drawbacks. If you have a custom bike or your handlebars aren’t a standard diameter, the mount may not fit perfectly. Still, when fitted properly, this mount looks great and is very secure, even while mountain biking on rough terrain.

The Bovon Bike Phone Mount ($12) gets the job done with a streamlined design and minimal frills. An adjustable rubber strap tightens around your handlebars as you turn the knob, meaning that bars of just about any diameter should work with this mount. Any smartphone with a screen measuring 4.5-6.7 inches high should fit into this mount’s rubber corner cradling straps. On bumpier rides, the screw mechanism can sometimes loosen on its own, causing your phone to sag and changing the angle of the display.

Despite a few drawbacks, the Bovon Bike Phone Mount is both simple and innovative, making it a solid option for cyclists on a budget. Although it is a bit bulkier than other options, this mount is easy to install and is compatible with a wide variety of phones. Unfortunately, if your handlebar’s diameter happens to fit in between two of these belt holes, this mount won’t be completely snug while you ride. For those looking for a product that combines storage with a secure place to mount a smartphone, the Rock Bros Bike Phone Front Frame Bag ($20) is the best option available.

For long rides, many cyclists need a place to store essential items like water, energy gel, pump, patch kit, and car keys. This bag and mount combo consolidate all of your belongings in one place — and you don’t even have to stop riding to access it.

On top of the bag, a TPU film sleeve holds your phone in place and still allows touch screen access. A handy visor protects the phone from sun, dirt, and airborne debris while you cruise along at high speeds.

Three Velcro straps that are compatible with most bike frames hold the bag and mount securely in place. Additional features include reflective piping for increased nighttime safety and ultralight carbon fiber material.

For cyclists who are concerned about wind drag, this bag is somewhat bulky and won’t help you shave any time off of your PR.

Despite a few minor drawbacks, this bag and phone mount combo from Rock Bros is an excellent choice when you need a little more cargo space. Lightweight carbon fiber material Works with: Cell phones less than 6.5” high, preferably those without side buttons Typically, these mounts require you to adhere a magnetic adapter permanently to the back of your phone. To use the Nite Ize Steelie Bar Mount ($20), secure the belt-style strap around your handlebars. Another advantage of the magnetic socket and ball attachment system is that you can easily rotate your phone and change the display angle without removing it from the mount.

Cyclists who prefer a magnet-style mount for easy phone detachment Materials: Metal ball with silicone belt and corner straps Metal ball with silicone belt and corner straps Works with: Any phone mounted with a Steelie socket Compared to other similarly priced options, Rokform’s innovative quarter-turn system holds up to vibration and keeps your phone stable on rough trails. Because this mount’s width is easily adjustable, it’s compatible with nearly all contemporary smartphones up to 7 inches high, including iPhone and Android models.

Thanks to its all-metal construction, the GUB is likely to last longer than other options, especially in locations where silicone and rubber mounts become dry and brittle in the hot sun. Riders who spend a lot of time in the elements prioritize durability Materials: 6061 aluminum alloy

Made from CNC-machined, aircraft-grade aluminum, the V4 Pro Series Mount ($69) replaces the top cap of your 1⅛-inch steering tube.

Though this mount does require users to purchase a compatible Rokform phone case, we think it’s still a great value. As you search for the perfect bike phone mount, consider your specific needs as a cyclist and choose the product that best meets them. Asking yourself these kinds of questions allows you to narrow your options and choose a mount that can elevate your experience as a rider.

Some, like the Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount, attach to your handlebars with a strap that works just like a belt. If you spend a lot of time riding on rough trails and through wet and windy weather, you’ll want to purchase a mount that is built with durability in mind. The design of your phone mount determines how it looks on your bike and how much wind drag it adds to your overall rig. A bike phone mount’s water resistance capabilities should be a consideration for riders who plan to spend a lot of time riding through wet, rainy, or muddy conditions. The Rokform Universal Bike Phone Mount has a dual attachment point system, which offers great stability and security while riding hard on rough terrain. A bike phone mount allows a cyclist to view and engage with their smartphone’s display while actively riding.

For mid-ride control of music streaming, navigation, and progress tracking apps, the smartphone bike mount is the way to go. We recommend all of the bike phone mounts on this list, including the Roam Universal, which is a solid overall option. For mountain biking, you’re going to want a strong, secure, and durable mount that keeps your phone safe and steady in the midst of rough and rocky single-track riding. We recommend the Rokform Universal Bike Mount due to its strong and redundant attachment system.

9 Best Bike Phone Mount: Cellphone Holder

Smartphone have become an essential part of cycling, many riders use them for mapping, tracking and recording their routes, listening to music, and loads of other purposes, just like MTB computers but more powerful! If you’re one of those, having the best bike phone mount for your needs is a great idea to safeguard your smartphone and have all the functions you might need within easy reach. Second, you want to be sure your device will stay firmly attached, you don’t want to risk destroying that nice iPhone you just bought with you hard-earned money. Especially if you love to hit the trail, you’ll need a steady phone mount able to withstand and absorb the bumps of a mountain bike ride and the hardships of a bikepacking trip.

To help set you on the right path, we have compiled our list of top-rated mobile phone holders for bikes. The sort of holder you’ll need to buy depends generally on your phone model, on your favorite cycling discipline, and on where you want to mount it. Protect your phone from rain and splashes as well as providing some storage space for additional items you might need to carry on a ride. If you want to be able to hold your phone on a bike while riding on smooth roads, the Nite Ize Wrapter provides a simple solution.

The adaptable silicone strap that grips the phone securely holds it while providing shock absorption. The mount can be installed on most handlebar and rotates 360 degrees, which means you’ll be able to turn the phone from portrait to landscape. Ram mount is built with strong materials and good design for taking on high speed and bumpy roads. Having a unique X shape, this MTB phone mount offers supreme holding power.

The product is made of aluminum which provides durability while the powder-coating will make sure your phone stays unscratched. The protective case is slim and comfortable in your hand, it’s fast to get on and off if you want to take a quick photo or remove your phone for any other reason. This iPhone mount is lightweight and features a dual-stage lock that is specifically designed to hold your phone in place in the most secure way possible.

It is a good budget phone holder but might not be ideal for cyclocross and other shock-heavy activities, it might not hold the angle and the straps are not the most solid around.

Rockbros made this cool and convenient top tube bag with phone holder included. Rockbros bike phone mount features with sensitive touchscreen and is found in 5.8 and 6.0 size. It not only offers plenty of space for your personal belongings but has multiple pockets for your credit cards and Ids. Your jersey pocket is not the safest place for your phone, it can always slip and fall without you noticing (personal experience here).

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