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Topeak Phone Holder Review

Among its many well engineered devices Topeak offers the Ridecase and a range of brackets to serve those who want to mount their phone safely onto their handlebars. The Topeak Ridecase is a rugged mobile phone case which can be attached to your bike using a variety of mounts. In keeping with much of its range of products, the case is rugged in its construction, made as it is with dual density plastic around a rubber frame. Like the flip stand, the actual mount allows you to attach your phone to the bike in either landscape or portrait orientation.

The actual mounting bracket is a work of art, the aluminium body is wonderfully engineered and attaching it is simplicity itself.

Topeak Ridecase with mount

The Topeak Ridecase (with mount) is a solid piece of kit that lets you attach your phone to your bike securely. The model I tested has an open front, so your phone is exposed to the weather, but you can buy a weatherproof version (£54.99 with mount). If you’re heading out on a ride and it looks a little cloudy, you might need to move your phone to a pocket if it starts to rain, or shove a ziplock bag over the whole mount. This means you can prop it up and check how you’re doing, where you’re going and so on, without having to hold it – leaving both hands free for a coffee mug in one and cake fork in the other!

Topeak Ridecase in practice – reliable mobile phone bike mount for the iPhone

With the Ridecase holder, the smartphone is securely attached to the handlebar, stem or AHead cap. The Omni Case makes the system compatible with other mobile phones with 4.5 to 6.5 inch screens. I test the Topeak Ridecase cell phone mounts and you get to know my practical experience.

Omni RideCase Handyhalterung, Black, 13.1 x 6.9 x 1.7 cm Smartphone mit 4,5” – 6,5” Display Mit optional erhältlicher Befestigung einstellbar im Winkel und drehbar für Landschafts- oder Portraitansicht Topeak Ridecase overview: bike mobile phone holder for handlebar, stem and Ahead headset

The special feature of the bracket: It can be flexibly mounted on the Ahead headset, on the stem or on the bicycle handlebar. Thus, any smartphone with a screen diagonal between 4.5 and 6.5 inches can be attached to the Topeak mobile phone mount. I tested the mount with my ZTE Axon 9 Pro with 6.2 inch display diagonal. Here in the test you will learn everything you need to know about the iPhone bike case and also about the Topeak Ridecase Omni.

The scope of delivery includes the mounting material and the Ridecase cover for your smartphone. Topeak Ridecase mobile phone holder bike case Scope of delivery

The Ridecase cover is made of high quality, fits perfectly for the iPhone and is not too thick. If the phone is inserted into the case, then you have a good grip and the smartphone is, thanks to light rubber coating, secure in the hand.

Thus, the touch display is protected from minor drops and the screen can still be operated perfectly. All important ports are included and there is a recess for the smartphone camera: Photos can still be taken wonderfully.

Topeak Ridecase iPhone mount in test free rear ports Now you can slide the smartphone including the Topeak Ridecase from above onto the bike phone holder.

Topeak Ridecase Bike Mount Test Ahead Holder and Case An angle roughly parallel to the stem is what I find most pleasing in terms of readability and appearance.

Topeak Ridecase Bike Mount on Ahead Test View Page

Topeak Ridecase Bike Mount Test Unlocking the Ahead Holder

Topeak Ridecase Bike Mount Experience Ahead Holder Stem Top Topeak Ridecase Bike Mount Experience Ahead Holder Stem Left Topeak Ridecase Bike Mount Experience Ahead Holder Stem Right

Topeak Ridecase Experience iPhone Phone Bike Mount Handlebar Action If the plastic clamp is tightened accordingly, then the Topeak mobile phone holder holds securely on the bike handlebar – even off-road. Positive: also with the bike handlebar mount from Topeak, the angle can be adjusted as desired. Omni RideCase Handyhalterung, Black, 13.1 x 6.9 x 1.7 cm Smartphone mit 4,5” – 6,5” Display Mit optional erhältlicher Befestigung einstellbar im Winkel und drehbar für Landschafts- oder Portraitansicht I tested the Topeak Ridecase Omni with a ZTE Axon 9 Pro with a 6.2-inch screen diagonal.

The smartphone is inserted into the holder and held securely by the sturdy rubbers at the top and bottom. However, the margins at the top and bottom are partly hidden: This makes pulling down the status bar on the right, for example, awkward.

For example, on my ZTE Axon 9 pro, the main camera and the fingerprint reader on the back are covered. Topeak Omni Ridecase Test Connectors with Rear Bike Case Due to the covered camera and sensors, the Ridecase Omni can be used well for bicycle navigation. The smartphone is positioned directly in front of the handlebar and thus ideally in the field of vision

Topeak Ridecase PanoComputer mobile phone holder for road bike test You don’t have to worry about stability: once tightened, the road bike mount holds securely on the handlebars Topeak Ridecase Test Parocompo Aero Mounting and attachment to the bike View from the side: The smartphone lies nice and flat in front of the bike handlebar.

Topeak Ridecase Panocomputer Aero Bracket Road Bike Side A GoPro or similar action camera can be attached to the bottom of the Panocomputer Mount. This position doesn’t offer the best perspective but at least your actioncam is then ready to use at any time and so I find this function ingenious! Unfortunately, the Panocomputer Mount locking screw can easily get lost (happened to me pretty quickly).

Omni RideCase Handyhalterung, Black, 13.1 x 6.9 x 1.7 cm Smartphone mit 4,5” – 6,5” Display Mit optional erhältlicher Befestigung einstellbar im Winkel und drehbar für Landschafts- oder Portraitansicht Mounted on the cap of the Ahead headset, the Topeak Ridecase is an excellent stable and mobile phone holder for the bike. If you own an iPhone and a bike with an Ahead headset, then the Topeak Ridecase mount is recommended.

With the Topeak bike mobile phone holder, your smartphone will stay firmly attached to the handlebar. The smartphone is reliably held on the bike and mounted on the Ahead cap, the look is also very tidy. Die patentierte zweistufige Verriegelung sorgt dafür, dass das Handy sicher am Fahrrad befestigt wird Schnelles Ver- und Entriegeln für einen unkomplizierten Zugriff auf Ihre Apps unterwegs

The well-known bike mobile phone holder from Quadlock: Custom-fit cases are available for iPhone and for popular Android smartphones. Clamp Mount (Klemmhalterung) – 360 Grad drehbar, für Durchmesser von 23-43 mm, GoPro kompatibel

At de SP Connect mobile phone holder there are custom-fit cases for the iPhone and for other popular models.

Topeak Ridecase review

Topeak’s RideCase is an engineering grade plastic phone case with a rigid composite fibre base plate. It has an integrated foldout metal flipstand, that props the phone vertically or horizontally when off the bike.

Tightening the bolt also locks the adjustable angle of the supporting arm, then the RideCase just slides onto the mount and clicks into place.

Review: The Topeak RideCase

The buttons are all responsive silicon, the speaker, camera and port openings deep but easily accessible. The mount for the bike is a plastic rectangle that slides into the molding on the back of the case, fitting with a solid, reassuring click. The Topeak RideCase, to give it its proper title, is of a sturdy black engineering grade polymer and rubber construction. The bulk of it is a lightly textured plastic, and the sides are made of rubber with square-ish grips evenly spaced along it.

The sides come up about 1.5mm above the screen, offering good table top protection. The top has “TOPEAK” subtly impressed on it, but without any coloring, so it’s not at all distracting and won’t make you feel like a walking advertisement.

The case has what looks like a large outlined Y on the back made of matte black aluminum. there is a raised tab that acts as a lock to stop the phone sliding off the mount. The lightly dimpled back doesn’t make it any grippier, but it does mean it is very difficult to smudge or leave finger prints all over it.

The rubber sides are re-assuringly grippy, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hand as you fall asleep on the train. After only a couple of days cycling and my clumsy fumbling, the top of the ridges had markings that are not too noticeable but over the long term may become an eyesore. The mount comes in two parts: the arm that attaches to the case, and a choice of two bases.

The base is attached with a reusable zip-tie that is tightened with a screw (more use of the Allen key). It is reassuringly solid, and comes with a rubber pad that will protect your bike’s paint job. With a bit of practice, the case can be taken off and put on single handedly without too much trouble.

Although I am sure the mount is quite safe, sliding it on seems quite pedestrian and less secure than the twist mechanisms of the other models. My (totally unfounded, I am sure) fear is seeing it launch off in front of me after a sudden stop. Despite the ridges, several attempts at pulling it out of a hastily stuffed handbag did not result in any bag snag.

I have an overwhelming and quite understandable aversion to suction type car mounts, so won’t be personally reviewing it. However, it looks quite solid and attaches to your car window or dashboard with a large suction cup and a lever that strengthens the grip.

The 11cm/4.3 inch arm is adjustable, and the mount can be turned for portrait or landscape viewing. The molding on the back is obvious but is not too obtrusive, the rubber sides add protection and grip, and the textured back won’t scratch too easily or show greasy finger prints. Unlike with a lot of Topeak’s (and other cycling companies’) products, you are not a walking advertisement for their brand.

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