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Steelie Phone Holder Review

The mounting base of the Steelie kit is a 1-inch silver metal ball cradled in a plastic holder. To put the whole thing together, you need to find a flat spot on your dashboard, preferably plastic and vertical, to adhere the base.

The grommet moves freely around the exposed surface of the metal ball in the base, making it easy to twist the phone for portrait or landscape viewing. However, unlike mounts with longer arms, the 1-inch ball of the Steelie kit means limited positioning. To test how well the Steelie mounting kit would work on the road, I stuck the base to a black plastic trim piece on the dashboard of a Toyota Corolla. Another drawback to the Steelie kit is its limited in-car positioning — some cars may not even offer a usable spot on the dashboard for the mount. Taking all those hurdles into account, the mount certainly does its job of holding a phone in place, and the base part of the kit is not particularly obtrusive.

Nite Ize Steelie Connect Case System Review – iPhone 6

[toggle title=”Watch our Nite Ize Steelie Connect Case System Review on YouTube”] The case itself allows you to switch between the magnetic phone socket and a belt clip but doesn’t offer much protection for your iPhone. Now we had a bit of difficulty rating this setup because the case itself, based on our scoring system, isn’t great at 3.5 Eh’s out of 5. – Very low edges = awesome screen access Bottom Purchase Buttons

Switching between the magnetic mount and the belt clip is quite simple as all you have to do is pop the top of the case off to remove the attachment. Attaching the clip or the magnetic mount is as simple as sliding it in and hearing a click. The back of the Steelie Connect Case is covered in this matte looking rubber that provides excellent texture so one handing your iPhone is quite easy. The most noticeable thing are the edges of the case are incredibly low so and will not keep the face of your iPhone off a flat surface if you have a glass screen protector installed.

We’re generally not big fans of actually sticking things to our car because once you stop using that accessory, you have a useless metal/plastic lump that just sits there. We mounted an iPhone 6 Plus in a Spigen Tough Armor FX and it held up pretty well. We have to say that if you’re adding a Steelie mount to the back of the case, keep it close enough to the center so that you can use the iPhone in landscape. Now onto another side benefit and this just deals with having a magnet on the back of your iPhone is that you end being able to put it onto different places.

This may not seem like a big deal but we’ve mounted the case at the gym, on Aaron’s hood fan and a paper towel holder. Again, the case itself isn’t great in terms of protection but the functionality it affords you outweighs that fact.

Steelie® Original Dash Kit

With the Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket you can easily attach your phone to other magnetic surfaces like refrigerator doors, metal shelving, filing cabinets, toolboxes, and even grocery cart handles – for secure and easy viewing throughout your day. Simply attach the Steelie magnetic socket to your phone’s hardshell case using the included MultiStick Adapter, and effortlessly remove as needed to wirelessly charge. Make sure to attach the MultiStick onto a nearby surface when not on your phone to preserve the adhesive for endless reattachment. MultiStick adhesive holds strong, removes quickly, and resticks multiple times

Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount

I received the Steelie yesterday, and mounted it in my car right away (Alfa Romeo MiTo) This is one of the few inconspicuous phone holders out there, because let’s be honest… This steel ball is an inconspicuous accessory for any car, and the magnetic force is top quality, there is no possibility of my mobile falling off here.

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