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Proclip Iphone Holder Review

With spring in the rear view mirror and road trip season in full effect, longer car rides should be safe and more enjoyable. Help ProClip observe National Safety Month with a custom phone mount made specifically to fit your car! ProClip adjustable holders can even fit rugged cases like the popular Otterbox Defender Series.

Thousands of Canadian customers like Sebastien are enjoying ProClip car mounts in the Great North!

Stop wasting time and money on low quality phone mounts and choose ProClip.

ProClip Phone Mount Review

On top of that, the sticky adhesive keeping the holder in place would occasionally melt and my phone would droop down! Not only is the Wrangler a bumpy ride, but going offroading was a guarantee that my phone would fall at some point. ProClip took the time to talk to me about the problems I had with my old stand, the measurements of my phone and my bulky case! I believe when the holder failed this first time that the screws falling out made the holes on the right side a bit bigger because I noticed my phone didn’t fit the same.

I contacted ProClip that I could no longer use the mount and the offered to send me some replacement screws. They also informed me that I need to make my own holes elsewhere in the mount in order to screw the phone holder back into place.

Not sure if I got a defective mount and phone stand or if these only last about a year, but I will give y’all another update once I receive the replacement screws from ProClip and re-drill my own holes. ProClip makes a variety of different holders for all kinds of devices and vehicles, so you can find the perfect set up for your ride.

Although it is a lot faster to fit my phone into the ProClip holder in comparison to my old one, given that it is designed specifically by vehicle and device, but it still did not withstand the offroad test, and eventually crumbled like the rest after about a year of use. The mount and phone holder take no more than 10-20 minutes to install and require zero drilling.

First, wipe down the surface where the ProClip mount will be placed with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. This tape isn’t supposed to leave any marks, so your Jeep will be just fine if you take it off down the road.

With the ProClip label facing upright, press the angled edge on the lower part of the mount into the gap at the top of your stereo. I’ve had a hard time finding a sturdy mount for my Jeep that fits this giant thing!

First off, the holder doesn’t grab onto the phone super tight so when you record a video, it comes out shaky looking. To adjust the width of the holder, unscrew the smaller top and bottom screws with a #1 Phillips Head Screwdriver. You can either screw in the base plate horizontally or vertically depending on how you want your phone positioned most often. Disclaimer: ProClip provided these products to me free of charge to state my honest opinion.

Ben’s Car Blog

Unfortunately, this quickly got annoying, especially during longer roadtrips where I needed directions; not only was it a unsafe to be glancing down all the time but I was also short one cupholder! Earlier this month ProClip reached out to me and generously offered the opportunity to review some of their other products! Included with the Center Mount was a pre-applied strip of 3M double-sided tape, a pair of trim removal tools, and an instruction sheet. The quality of the mount and holder are excellent – the thickness of the plastic and overall feel of the hardware inspires confidence.

Either Subaru beefed up the clips in the 2018 WRX, or I suck at removing trim… Either way, I broke out my heavier-duty trim tools and had the dash apart in no time. I ended up not needing to use the double-sided tape, as the clamping force of the mount on the trim is plenty strong enough to keep it in place.

With the four anchor holes exposed, the included screws provided a solid connection with the mount itself. Re-inserting the center screw loosely left enough play for horizontal and vertical adjustment. With the holder adjusted to it’s smallest width, I slotted my Pixel 2 (in a Spigen Rugged Armor TPU case) in. The positioning of the phone in the center of the dash is super convenient and easy to reach without having to lean forward to touch the screen.

Review: Brodit/ProClip, the ultimate car dock system for your iPhone or iPad

Rather confusingly, the company’s products are sold under different brand names in different countries, known as ProClip in the USA and ClicOn in Australia. It also means that when you come to update your phone, you only have to replace the cradle that holds the device: the car mount remains in place. That also allowed the wiring to slip immediately below the carpet in the passenger footwell (I’m in the UK, so we have right-hand drive cars). I’m not a fan of any of the current iPhone colors, preferring plain black, so opted for Apple’s leather cover.

But again, the company’s flexibility pays dividends: they offer a version of the iPhone 6 mount with adjustable width, to accommodate slim cases. Getting the width exactly right is slightly fiddly, taking a few minutes to get right, but does seem to allow for a decent range of case thicknesses.

The model with a bare-wire connection has one extra feature: unscrew the plastic box halfway down the cable to reveal a USB connector. With the iPhone 6 version, the phone slides into two smooth slots that hold it away from the rear of the cradle, so the felt is no more.

With the width adjustment set correctly, the phone slides smoothly in and out of the cradle, dropping neatly onto the embedded Lightning connector. Use the Brodit website to identify the 6-digit part numbers you need for both phone cradle and car mount, then check Amazon for pricing.

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