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Magnetic Car Cell Phone Holder Review

A soldier doesn’t just jam stuff in his pack and pockets, he has everything prepared and to hand before setting out, and so should you. Phone holders are just one of the items it pays to focus on properly, then you can get it sorted and forget about it because it will work well, instead of impeding vision or falling under the brake pedal at a critical moment. The holders come in all varieties, but mostly those that clip on to the air vents or suction-cup on to the screen or dashboard.

The air vent kind are smaller and neater and won’t obscure vision, but they can be less adjustable. It’s important if you’re using a suction cup type to ensure you aren’t restricting your view or your ability to reach controls. You can still get to the charging port with it in place and the ball and socket have a wide range of movement.

You can mount this one-handed and the suction cup gets a very sticky gel pad so it won’t fall off. Equally, it makes it hard to remove and, given the quality of the competition, we’re not sure how the price is justified, even if it comes with a one-year warranty. There is six-way adjustment in this system but that makes it bulky and tricky to set up right – and a bit item to store when not in use. This simple, well-made device can be attached to the screen via a suction cup or to the dashboard via a plastic pad. The ball and socket allows lots of movement and the whole thing feels well made and well designed.

Is your smartphone or GPS safe on a magnetic phone mount?

Previously, magnetic sequencing was used to store memory in/on hard drive devices, but this is not so for the modern chip technology, which is made of materials that are non-magnetic. There are no longer Hard disk drives (HDD) in phones that store data using magnetic fields. When it comes to GPS or Map applications, these devices use tracking systems that depend on satellite signal triangulation as opposed to a magnetic north/south positioning as in a compass.

Test results show that the minor magnetic impact of the car mount isn’t strong enough to interfere with the speakers, so there is no need to worry.

In conclusion, it should be noted that certain cases turn on and off phone features using magnets, for instance, the iPad or Samsung screen.

The Best Car Phone Mount

Only the large 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max gave them some trouble when held horizontally, although the mounts were rock solid with a 6-inch Pixel 2 XL. And it can tilt a full 90 degrees back or to the sides, which makes it ideal for sloping or vertical surfaces. The MagicMount Dash’s magnetic attachment performed the best in our testing, holding even a large iPhone XS Max securely everywhere we drove. The latest iOttie models offer the best combination of fast charging, serious stability, and easy adjustability.

Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts: Top Picks for a Secure Phone

Our reviews are driven by a combination of hands-on testing, expert input, “wisdom of the crowd” assessments from actual buyers, and our own expertise. In addition to securing your cell phone, some magnetic car mounts can hold other devices, including a GPS.

One of the most common areas to mount a magnetic phone holder is on a vehicle’s dashboard or windshield. The advantage is that most vehicles have several vents in the cabin, enabling you to choose from many spots to mount your device.

Keep in mind, since most CD players are located in the center of the dashboard, a phone magnetic mount may make it difficult to access the display options. One popular product is the Koomus Pro Air-M Universal Smartphone Car Mount.

In addition to car phone mounts, aLLreLi creates keyboards, mice, batteries, chargers, hubs, readers, cases, and protectors. Based in New York City, iOttie designs new products using emerging technologies in order to make people’s lives easier.

One of its top devices is the iOttie iTap Magnetic CD Slot Premium Car Mount Holder.

These mounts tend to use strong materials and magnets to ensure your cell phone stays in place.

These mounts tend to use strong materials and magnets to ensure your cell phone stays in place. One of the first things you must determine when purchasing a magnetic phone car mount is whether the product is compatible with your device.

A good magnetic dashboard cell phone holder will not scuff up or damage your vehicle or your device. Others have properties, such as rubber clips, that protect your air vents or CD slots from getting scraped. A holder with a ball joint, for example, will offer a 360-degree rotation, so both the driver and passengers can turn the mount to see the screen.

A holder with a ball joint, for example, will offer a 360-degree rotation, so both the driver and passengers can turn the mount to see the screen. Some products feature heavy-duty magnets and are better equipped to hold phones during rough road conditions.

The Best Car Phone Mounts for 2021

A good car phone mount is an essential accessory for any vehicle that doesn’t include a built-in navigation system. Your vehicle’s DC port powers these mounts and save you from needing to plug in your phone each time you hop in the car. This budget-friendly model works on most standard car vents and can easily accommodate phones with displays up to 6.7 inches wide, including those with thick cases.

Simply slide your phone in the mount and the clamps automatically slip into place for a perfect fit.

When you’re ready to remove your phone, tap the button on the bottom of the mount to release the clamps. Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount $9.99 at Amazon See It The Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Car Air Vent Mount features a bottom bracket for support, along with arms you press into place.

And there’s no need to worry about draining your phone’s battery, as the mount offers built-in 10W Qi wireless charging. It works with Alexa’s Auto Mode and turns your phone’s display into a mini navigation panel.

Built-in microphones can easily hear your voice prompts over music and road noise, and the dock connects to your car’s speaker system via the aux jack or Bluetooth. In addition to its support for Alexa, the Aivo Connect features 10W Qi wireless charging, an IR proximity sensor that automatically opens and grips your phone, and a twist locking mount that can attach to your dashboard or windshield. The mount supports both landscape and portrait modes; the ball joint pivots so that you can adjust your phone to any viewing angle. The 10W Qi wireless charging pad features foreign object detection and automatically turns off in hot conditions to protect your phone from overheating.

In addition to a spring-loaded arm to hold your phone in place, the Miracase has a bottom ledge for extra protection. A 360-degree rotating head allows you to quickly switch between vertical and horizontal orientations, as well as adjust the tilt angle of your phone.

The mount supports wireless charging up to 10W and uses a powerful magnet array to hold your phone. With a rubberized anchor that attaches to standard air conditioning vents, the Steadiboost takes seconds to install and is easy to adjust.

Best magnetic car mounts for iPhone 2021

Important note: If your phone supports wireless charging, you’ll have to be careful where you place the metal disc, so it doesn’t interfere with the coils. If you want to save a few bucks and still pick up one of the best magnetic car mounts for the iPhone, choose the TechMatte MagGrip.

When freeing up dash space is a priority, choose the APPS2CAR windshield car phone mount.

This $10 magnetic phone car mount has over 15,000 5-star reviews

While there are several types on the market, there is one particular brand that literally thousands of shoppers say is the best thanks to its magnetic phone connectivity and easy installation. Boasting over 24,000 ratings on Amazon, the WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount comes with a list of features that shoppers say makes it worth every bit of those 10 bucks. Adding to its ease of use, the WizGear product features swift-snap technology, allowing users to remove and attach their devices to the mount in one swift motion. Boasting more than 15,200 5-star reviews on Amazon, this product is certainly a customer favorite, with several speaking to the sturdy hold of the magnetic force and the guaranteed safety it provides.

One criticism one reviewer had of the device, however, is that while it is “the best, most stable car mount I’ve found,” it prevents wireless charging, to a degree.

Best car phone mounts 2021: tested and rated

Finding yourself the best car phone mount can be the difference between making it to your destination in once piece and missing that concert you’ve been looking forward to since the start of the pandemic. That may sounds extreme, but being able to keep your phone, and the navigation app, in view isn’t as easy as you might have thought. While they don’t tend to break the bank, the Black Friday deals season is here and offering discounts on all manner of products. Those are the oddities, the mounts that clip into things, slip into cup holders, or something else equally as strange.

The name is a mouthful, but it’ll fit in any car with a CD player and kept an iPhone 12 Pro firmly in place. Not only does it work with pretty much every phone out there, it also comes with built-in cable management to help keep your dash board tidy.

Using a cup holder isn’t the most obvious place to keep your phone mount, but it works surprisingly well. Thanks to its long neck and sturdy construction, this holder will position your phone high enough so it’s easy to see while keeping it out of your field of vision. You’ll lose a place for your skinny latte of course, but that’s the price you pay for not being too hot or cold or worrying that your phone will fall at any moment. 2. iOttie Easy One Touch 4 CD Slot Mount Putting your neglected CD player to good use Specifications Price: $20 Wireless Charging: No Color: Black Orientation: 360-degree Type: CD Slot TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon View at Amazon View at Walmart 11 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + The mount can be rotated into portrait and landscape + Using a CD player slot means you don’t lose an air vent or have to make sure it’s mounted firmly on your dashboard + The mount is strong and doesn’t move when you tap or rotate your phone Reasons to avoid – Not all cars have CD players – People who need to use the included Bracket might have a battle on their hands – No charging capabilities

Once set up, your phone isn’t going anywhere and the chances are good that your CD slot will be high enough that your screen is never more than a quick glance away. Read the full iOttie Easy One Touch 4 CD Slot Mount review

Specifications Price: $25 Wireless Charging: No Color: Silver Orientation: 360-degree Type: Vent TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Walmart View at Crutchfield Check Amazon Reasons to buy + The mount can be rotated into portrait and landscape mode + Construction is solid and will stand up to daily use + Cable management is a feature other mounts don’t have + Nice soft grips mean your phone won’t be damaged Reasons to avoid – There are cheaper options – The mount doesn’t charge your device – Some larger phones might not fit if they’re wearing a case Belkin included an area for you to keep your charging cable so it doesn’t fly around your car when you aren’t using it, and it’s surprisingly effective. Similar to the iOttie CD Slot Mount, the Belkin accessory is small and slim enough that it doesn’t stand out even when it isn’t being used. 4. iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Smartphone Car Mount Proving suction cups don’t have to be terrible Specifications Price: $30 Wireless Charging: No Color: Black Orentiation: Portrait and Landscape Design: Suction Cup TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon View at Best Buy View at BHPhoto Reasons to buy + You don’t lose any air vents + Once attached it will definitely stay that way + Putting your phone into the holder is a cinch + The telescopic arm gives you more flexibility than other mounts Reasons to avoid – Getting the mount off the dash can be a real battle – Pretty big and can get in the way when not in use – As good as that suction cup is, you still need a surface to attach it to We’ll preface this by saying that a lot of people don’t normally rate phone holders with suction cups. Like some of the best mounts, this one holds your phone rock steady when you’re driving around, and putting the device into the holder is a simple one-handed affair.

Sandmarc Active Car Mount For the people who want magnetic charging Specifications Price: $60 Wireless Charging: Up to 7.5W Color: Silver Orientation: Vertical Type: Vent TODAY’S BEST DEALS Check Amazon View at Sandmarc Reasons to buy + Strong magnets to hold your phone steady + Charges your phone while you drive + Looks the part, unlike some cheaper options + Come with a charging cable in the box Reasons to avoid – Arguably on the pricey side – Works best with iPhone 12 and MagSafe, needs a magnet to use it – Clip mechanism means you need something to attach it to YOSH Car Phone Mount Holder Magnetic Air Vent The cheap and cheerful option Specifications Price: $11 Wireless Charging: No Color: Black Orientation: 360-degree Type: Vent TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon View at Amazon 37 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + The magnets are strong and your phone won’t budge from the holder + Almost invisible when you aren’t using it + Comes with multiple magnets in the box so you can use two phones with it Reasons to avoid – You’ll lose an air vent – The mount won’t charge your phone and magnets don’t support MagSafe

The only potential issue with this holder is the fact you need to affix a disc to the back of your phone — something for the magnets to attach to, basically. The PopSockets PopMount 2 Car Dash holder has a strong suction cup that should do the trick on most dashboards. You’ll also need to take your phone’s unique qualities into account, like if it has MagSafe or you need something that can accommodate a PopSocket or similar stand. Testing begins with making sure the holder itself is able to find a solid grip on whatever part of the car it’s supposed to attach to — windscreen, air vent, etc — and that it will hold a phone in place while driving.

From there, it’s a case of seeing how easily a phone can be inserted and removed, how well any movable parts work, and whether any additional features do their jobs well.

magnetic car mount

Equipped with a built-in large coil to maximize the charging speed, and it has safety protection against overcharge, overcurrent, short circuit, and temperature control.

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