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Delta Phone Holder Review

Until now, Delta Cycle was known more for wall- and floor-mounted bicycle storage options, making it easy to rack your bike in the garage (or living room). Each has multiple options, with the X-Pro also offering a steerer tube spacer mount design that keeps the phone closer in. Yes, it’s a little weird sticking a $1,000 phone off the front of your bike on a lightweight alloy beam with stretchy bands holding it in place.

But I rode it over potholes and big cracks in the street, through drain dips, and over any normal bump I could find in our downtown. What makes the X-Mount Pro standout from other mounts is the included accessories and addition of an anti-rotation beam. Delta’s mount is slotted on the inside of the bar clamping area, and that slides over a plastic guide that bends to rest under the stem. The L-shaped protrusion rests against the bottom of the stem, and once you clamp the mount onto it, the slotted design prevents it from spinning on the bar. They also offer the X-Mount Pro Low Profile ($24.99, possibly less on Amazon) phone holder that slides over your steerer tube and gets locked into place with the headset’s top cap. I wouldn’t use them for more aggressive road, gravel, or mountain biking…but for casual riding, they worked great and I applaud the well-thought-out feature set and universal fit. Clever features like rubber pads on the corners keep your phone from rattling inside it, and ports on the bottom let the speakers blast through for clear sound.

Delta Hefty+ Phone Holder

Product details Designed to fit standard and plus size smartphones (iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, etc…) with even the largest cases Weatherproof bungee and patented cam lock Precision molded thermoplastic construction Sliding system allows for instant in/out on the go Rubber inserts keep phone in place Handlebar clamp fits up to 1-3/8″ (35mm) diameter bars Includes additional ElastoMount to connect to any bar and for quick on/off Includes stem cap mount for use with threadless stems

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