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Ubeesize Ring Light Review

Extremely bright Digital readout Battery-powered option Easily mounts DSLR + phones Stepless dimmer Fully adjustable via remote Quite large (though it’s lighter than the other large options) Batteries not included Having the ability to set your ring light to an exact brightness and temperature every time you use it allows for a level of standardization you wouldn’t otherwise have. The second useful feature this ring light offers is its two high-capacity batteries (sold separately), which allow for stress-free outdoor shooting. The Neewer Digital is also extremely bright, feels well-made, comes with a nice carry-bag, and has various attachment points for both DSLRs and phones.

The UBeesize 10″ Table Top is a well-designed and easy-to-use ring light at an amicable price. Unlike many cheap ball joint tripods, this one actually stays put once you tighten it in place, so you don’t have to worry about it dumping your phone or expensive camera.

Its simple design and easily adjustable leg height allow for a speedy 10-second setup, while its size is conducive to tabletop photo shoots and traveling. Whenever we needed a small tripod for our DSLR, we reached for this one because it’s generally easy to use, and the stability is trustworthy. On the downside, we wish the phone mount worked a bit more seamlessly with chunky Otterbox cases.

Additionally, this smaller ring light is a fraction of the price of some of the others in our test suite and, as a result, simply does not provide the brightness that larger, more expensive options do. This is a great option if you want to be small and simple while on the move, all at an unbeatable price point. This ball joint on the UBeesize 10″ Table Top is textured and grips well when it’s tightened Credit: Richard Forbes

Extremely bright Well made Can mount a DSLR Stepless dimmer Large and bulky Requires AC plug-in This strong LED ring light is sure to brighten up any photo set to your liking and will create great catchlights in your subjects’ eyes. The solid tripod holds a heavy (five-ish lbs) DSLR set up well, and we’re confident that it can handle more. Additionally, we like its stepless dimmer, which lets you set the exact level of brightness you want. As a result, you’ll need to have access to an outlet, but if you’re looking to buy a larger light without all the bells and whistles, this one is a great choice. Includes a useful tripod with a level Very versatile Slightly dimmer than competitors Heaviest USB light

There’s a separate carry bag for the tripod, and it includes an easy-to-use remote trigger for your phone as well. It also features the same phone holder as the UBeesize 10″ Tabletop, which is easy to twist to whatever angle you want.

Lets you choose from an almost infinite number of colors Heavier duty tripod than competitors Very lightweight Even on brightest setting, it’s slightly dimmer than similarly-sized lights Light control can be finicky until you figure it out Won’t work with a DSLR – you’ll need a separate tripod If you like artsy color options, the Lavkow is a great choice at a fair price. We recommend this model if you don’t have much desk/storage space or plan to travel a lot with your setup and want to keep it small and low weight. However, since ring lights are generally placed around the camera lens you’re using, the double tripod arrangement makes lining things up a bit tricky to achieve the desired effect.

Still, if a tiny and portable setup is what you need, this one is a decent choice, but keep in mind that a ring light should be larger for an optimal effect. Richard is joined by Hayley Thomas, a lover of photography since she was a child, growing up with her photographer mother. We played with each light’s different features, timed setups and breakdowns to assess ease of use, and monitored stability by attaching our phones and cameras to each product. They provide a kind and diffused light that removes shadows and helps subjects stand out from their backgrounds.

Our expert testers subjected each product to a series of rigorous tests designed to reveal any strengths or weaknesses then sorted the results into four weighted categories. The Neewer 18″ Bi-Color Digital may be one of the most expensive ring lights we have tested, but it performed extremely well across all of our metrics. If you are looking for something of the same caliber but don’t need or want to pay for extra features, the Neewer 18″ Kit is a solid runner-up. On the other hand, if you are looking for the bare minimum, the UBeesize 10″ Table Top is a quality option.

With the significant cut in price, you forfeit features that the more expensive options offer; however, you still receive a decent quality of light, stellar stability, and good durability. To measure and compare sheer brightness between these often very similar devices, we used the LT300 Light Meter by EXTECH. When it comes to sheer brightness, the Neewer 18″ Kit wins by a landslide, emitting a whopping 2065 lumens. The Neewer 18″ Bi-Color Digital falls behind at 1393 lumens, which is still extremely impressive compared to the rest of the products in our test suite.

Part of the reason for the out-of-this-world brightness is their size; they both have roughly 25 times the lighting surface area as the tiny Auxiwa Clip-On, which gives them quite the advantage. Big and bright, the Neewer models we tested will help you transform your media presence, from videos to photos to Zoom meetings.

However, it would be disingenuous to ignore the obvious issue with a “brightness only” approach — there’s a huge range of sizes in this test, from the enormous 18″ Neewer models to the tiny Auxiwa Clip-On. This 10″ ring light offers 240 lumens and 11 dimmer steps and three different tones ranging from cool to warm. What it lacks in sheer brightness, emitting just 168 lumens, it makes up for with a unique set of light colors. If you’re looking to spice up your selfies and videos with edgy lighting, the Lavkow is a fun option.

In the middle of the pack, some lights were unnecessarily fiddly: in particular, the AIXPI 10″ with Tripod took 50 seconds to set up just because the parts didn’t fit together super well. We set up each model, attached the largest camera or phone possible, and then jostled it vigorously to see whether it could stay up.

We also assessed whether each could support a phone or DSLR and whether we felt confident that our electronics were actually going to stay where we put them. Durability is a difficult metric to measure because there’s no way to figure out how long a product might last without literally using it for years. That said, we spent time setting up and breaking down each light repeatedly to identify any weak spots they might have and supplemented our own assessments by reading user reviews to see if there were any common problems. We also weren’t overly gentle with any of the lights, making sure to put them through all the paces that a busy videographer or photographer might.

UBeesize 8 Selfie Ring Light Review_

The UBeesize selfie ring light comes with a tripod stand and offers plenty of illumination for several use cases. The tripod stand cell phone holder is lightweight, which makes it easy to set up and move around. It also comes with a wireless Bluetooth remote for easy operation and supports both iPhone and Android devices. Each colour mode has 11 levels of brightness adjustments, offering a total of 33 variations. The dimming range is between 1 percent to 100, which can be very useful when setting up a live stream makeup tutorial or other shoots. It also features a tripod stand that lets you set up the ring light at your desired height.

It offers three colour modes to choose from, and 11 levels of brightness adjustments from 1 to 100 percent.

Over 2,500 Amazon Customers Swear By This $23 Hack to Achieving the Perfect Selfie

While it may seem impossible to snap that perfect pic like Beyoncé or the KarJenner-Wests, over 2,500 Amazon shoppers have discovered a nifty tool that they say will always make your photos look #flawless. The Ubeesize 8” Selfie Ring Light is currently Amazon’s best-selling camera and photo product, and has an impressive 4.5-star rating thanks to thousands of shoppers who are obsessed with it.

Customers who have purchased the Ubeesize light think it’s a must-have for both personal and professional use, considering it a “superior” quality product for its price point compared to higher-end options like the Diva Ring Light, which retails for over $270. “I can see every detail and shade — my pictures came out amazing and I’m so thrilled I caught this deal,” she wrote.

7 Best Ring Lights for YouTubers (No. #1 is Awesome)

If you’re streaming on YouTube, the importance of good light is even bigger as it can determine the engagement and willingness of people to watch your content. Perfect for making portraits and recording videos, they are also good for photographing products because, with them, every detail of an object will be highlighted without shadow and high contrast.

It works with most devices that accept USB ports such as mobile, laptops, and computers. There are 4 on / off buttons on the cable with USB connection, adjusting the brightness level and switching the lighting mode. This UBeesize ring light comes with a tripod that is stable, made of high-quality aluminum, and extends from 17.5 to 51 inches. UBeesize is a top brand that provides the highest performance in photos and videos, in the set we have a ring light, adjustable tripod with USB connection and Bluetooth remote, and it can be replaced for any quality issue. This selfie ring light is powered by an adapter and also contains a USB port for charging your phone. With this practical ZOMEI LED ring light, you can adjust the color temperature from 3200k to 5600k, very easily and simply.

ZOMEI ring light contains a flexible phone holder that can be rotated and placed in vertical or horizontal mode. Flexible phone holder and adjustable tripod Cons: Lack of USB port to charge your devices Harmonic LED ring light is the perfect product for everyday use in your home environment. This device will improve the quality of your photos and videos because it provides higher brightness and removes shadows and strong contrast.

The tripod is safe and stable so you don’t have to worry about your devices and it can also serve as a selfie stick. With this selfie ring light, you get a universal phone holder that is protected by rubber to keep your devices safe and can be rotated up to 360 degrees. 3 lighting modes and perfect brightness that eliminates shadows and contrasts Cons: Unstable tripod

This product allows you to adjust the perfect lighting, quickly and easily without shadows and strong contrasts.

The set includes a ring light, an adjustable tripod, a wireless remote, a USB charging cable, and a phone holder. The phone holder is universal and can be rotated up to 360 degrees to get the perfect angle for shooting and taking photos.

The USB cable that comes with this ring light is practical because you can connect it to a laptop, computer, or power bank. The cable also contains a control on which you turn the device on and off, or you can adjust the brightness level and color mode. Easily adjustable tripod Cons: It does not offer all the functionalities as more expensive brands of these products The good thing is that you can turn the ring light down towards the floor which is suitable for those who are engaged in photography and selling some products.

Universal and easily adjustable phone handle Cons: The tripod is not strong enough and tends to break after some time of use 1 for a reason, as it offers top value for money, high performance and simply the best overall mix of components.

In this article, we have offered you the seven most prominent and best-selling ring light sets of different qualities and brands as well as different prices. Whether you do professional photography, video recording, online sales, or make-up, these products are perfect for you and will offer you the best lighting performance.

We hope that this text will help you choose your perfect ring light which will suit your needs and which will provide the best performance but also save money.

The Best Ring Lights to Use for Videos and Photography

Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes. If you’re getting serious about recording videos for YouTube, TikTok, or professional-looking pictures for Instagram, you’ll need to invest in decent lighting.

If you’ve got a big, elaborate set or backdrop, it’s probably best to get several LED light strips, and position them at different points in your room.

Playing with color temperature can help you get a shot that matches your clothing, skin tone, or the aesthetic you’re looking for without any post processing.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin (abbreviated to K), and we’ve chosen ring lights with different levels of warmth, so you’re not stuck with one. We found it easy to adjust the light’s height, tone, and brightness, which made it possible to make micro-adjustments shortly before video calls.

Another key feature of Lume Cube’s ring light is its ability to run on battery power for about an hour depending on your brightness settings. The light itself measures eight inches in diameter, which puts it in the middle of the pack for our recommendation; It has three color temperature settings: 3000K, 4500K, and 6000k.

The ability to use the ring light connected to a computer or external battery pack allows you to take it on outdoor shoots very easily. Its 11 modes of brightness, three levels of color temperature, wireless remote, USB power solution, and smartphone mount make it a pretty good pick for most situations.

These settings can be tweaked by pressing buttons on a forward-facing touch pad that sits beneath the ring light’s camera mount. Neewer also includes a Bluetooth remote with a shutter button, which can be paired to a smartphone to start and stop recordings, an essential accessory for vloggers.

If space is limited, but you want to improve your video quality on conference calls, Selfila’s Ring Light Clip is a smart solution. The miniature ring light can be adjusted between 3200K and 6500K, and is built into a clip that attaches directly onto the top of your laptop’s lid or external display.

Selfia’s Ring Light Clip isn’t as high powered as the other picks in this guide, but it’s substantially more portable without sacrificing any significant features.

13 Best Ring Lights in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Ring lights have been widely used by Instagram influencers and Youtubers to improve their image quality by 30 to 40%. So, the outcome of videos/photos will look more professional, even if captured by a beginner or amateur.

If you want to focus on just a particular area or object, then 6-inch to 8-inch ring light is adequate. If you want to focus on the whole body or cover a large area, then you have to go for ring light more than 10-inch. Check for a model that comes with a dimmable knob so that you can adjust the brightness according to your preference. For further information on how to choose a ring light, you can read our “Buying Guide”.

Scroll down to check out a detailed review of each ring light model. You can choose from three different color modes and ten brightness levels to clink the perfect pictures.

You do not have to worry about the ambient light spoiling your photos and videos. The ring light is very easy to use with the sensitive touch panel design. You can easily change the color mode or brightness level with a single touch. Besides, you get a Bluetooth remote to control your phone within a range of 30 feet.

Irrespective of your height, you can click pictures and shoot videos from the best angle. UBeesize is one of the prominent brands that deliver a wide range of ring lights with advanced features. Depending on the ambient light, you can choose the perfect setting. Besides, you can adjust the phone holder to set the light at the desired angle making it ideal for all photo and video purposes. UBeesize provides a 3-year replacement warranty for this ring light. Neewer is another prominent brand that has everything you need to set up your own digital studio. With this 18-inch ring light, you get a complete setup for your portrait, YouTube or TikTok shootings. This ring light is the largest on our list and provides better brightness to your whole body. You can rotate the ring head to about 180 degrees to meet your shooting angle needs. The brand LIPETY is known for providing high-quality ring light solutions for both professional and personal use. It is compatible with digital cameras and 2.2 to 3.4 inches width cell phones. A tripod is provided along with the ring light which stretches to 59 inches.

Being USB-powered, you can connect it to your computer, cell phone chargers and laptops. Mactrem supplies lighting equipment for amateur and professional portrait photographs, vlogs, and makeups. You can choose the ideal setting for your shoots from the three color lighting modes and 11 brightness levels. Even though it is expandable, you still have to place it on a table to focus the ring light on your face.

The kit includes a Bluetooth remote to help you take selfies from your smartphone. Mactrem offers 24 months of after-sale service for this ring light.

Erligpowht offers a limited number of products including ring lights, selfie lights, selfie sticks, wireless earbuds, and phone tripods at affordable prices. This allows you to create the perfect setting for vlogs, makeups, live streaming, and selfies. On top of this, you can rotate the phone holder 360 degrees to create the desired angle.

For selfies, you can use the remote shutter to take the perfect shots. The brand provides an 18 months warranty and lifetime customer support for this ring light. The ring light features a sensitive touch panel.

Even then, in some cases, you will have to keep the tripod on a table to create the perfect angle. You can use the Bluetooth remote control to take selfies from a distance of up to 30 feet. The brand offers a 3-year replacement warranty and lifetime customer service for this ring light. 3 years replacement warranty and lifetime customer support

Qiaya specializes in manufacturing and supplying selfie ring lights, professional photography lights, iPhone and camera tripods, and microphones, at affordable costs. The Qiaya 14-inch ring light is the most affordable option on our list. No extra accessories – tripod stand, Bluetooth remote, or phone holders This in itself reveals the quality and the high features of the brand’s products.

So, even if you are using it in a dark place, you can increase the brightness level to the maximum and take perfect clicks. With these settings, you can create the ideal lighting for selfies and videos. The ring light features the latest 2020 design with a touchpad in the front to choose the settings. Besides, you can remotely take selfies and record videos using the Bluetooth controller.

UBeesize provides 3 years replacement warranty and lifetime customer service to all its ring lights. Anbes is a reliable brand that leverages advanced technology to deliver feature-packed products.

Its product portfolio includes ring lights, smartwatches, soldering iron, security cams, webcams, and earphones. You get the default three-color lighting mode and 10 brightness levels.

With this wide range, you can easily create the ideal lighting for your selfies, live stream, and makeup. Additionally, you can control the camera’s shutter using the Bluetooth Remote.

Even if you are very tall or short, the expandable 53-inch tripod ensures you get the desired angle for taking selfies. GearLight provides lighting solutions for the different needs of the customers.

GearLight has used its patent-pending design to create this 10-inch ring light.

The customized lighting makes you look flawless during your zoom calls, vlogs, or while taking selfies. You can expand the tripod to up to 60″ to choose the correct angle for your height. You can also alter the angle by using the 360 degrees adjustable phone holders.

The kit includes a Bluetooth remote control to take selfies and shoot videos. However, their ring light has trust-worthy quality which is why we have shortlisted this product. This ring light has powerful metal clamp which is strong and durable. Yarrashop is relatively a less known brand but their ring light is perfect for people looking for an affordable yet good quality option.

Features you Need to Check Before Choosing the Perfect Ring Light Here is a complete list of features you need to check before you finalize your choice.

Most of the modern ring lights, like the ones mentioned in this article, are in fact made up of LEDs. Setting up the perfect angle to take photos and videos is a separate art in itself.

Most ring lights have flexible necks but the amount you will be able to rotate them differs from one model to another. Most ring lights come with a control pad located on the front side of the tripod or copy stand. The control pod will have a touch screen using which you can easily navigate the settings. The most common accessories are a tripod stand, phone holders, and Bluetooth remote.

Irrespective of the quality of the ring light, they are susceptible to defects like all electronic equipment. YouTubers and TikTokers often use ring lights to illuminate their face or a product they are showcasing. But for general video production or images, an 18-inch or a larger ring light will do a good job. Ring lights are an excellent option for streaming, whether it is YouTube or Twitch.

A good light is essential for decent video quality. If you are not planning to capture yourself while applying makeup, then mirror lights are the best bet.

For daytime makeup (college or office), cool white is better and for evening time makeup (party or dinner), then a warm white ring light is perfect. They are designed to be used for photography and video production and are not different from your regular household lights (except the formfactor).

That being said, since ring lights are often used at a close range, continuous gazing at them might strain your eyes a little bit. Try to take breaks and rest your eyes if you are planning for a longer video. Many professional content creators use ring lights either to illuminate them or a product they are showcasing. If you want to take photos or videos of your whole body, then we recommend you go with the Neewer 18-inch ring light.

Setting up the perfect angle to take photos and videos is a separate art in itself. Most ring lights have flexible necks but the amount you will be able to rotate them differs from one model to another. If you want an affordable option only to take selfies, do makeups, and for Zoom calls, then you can try the Mactrem 6-inch ring light. If you are still finding it difficult to choose the best ring light, let us know your requirements using the comments section.

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