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Tutorial For Android Tablet

This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Jack Lloyd . Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. Manage your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections in the notification panel.

Android Tablets For Dummies Cheat Sheet

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“,”description”:”An Android tablet is a complex piece of electronics that is both delightful and intimidating.

It also means that if you want to get the most from the device, you need some gentle hand-holding and careful explanation.\r Read on for plenty of tips, tricks, and other useful information that help make your Android tablet experience a pleasant and productive one.

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Dan Gookin wrote the very first For Dummies book in 1991. With more than 11 million copies in print, his books have been translated into 32 languages.

PCs For Dummies, now in its 12th edition, is the bestselling beginning PC book in the world. Dan offers tips, games, and fun at “,”hasArticle”:false,”_links”:{“self”:”″}}],”primaryCategoryTaxonomy”:{“categoryId”:33558,”title”:”Android Tablets”,”slug”:”android-tablets”,”_links”:{“self”:”″}},”secondaryCategoryTaxonomy”:{“categoryId”:0,”title”:null,”slug”:null,”_links”:null},”tertiaryCategoryTaxonomy”:{“categoryId”:0,”title”:null,”slug”:null,”_links”:null},”trendingArticles”:null,”inThisArticle”:[],”relatedArticles”:{“fromBook”:[],”fromCategory”:[{“articleId”:233841,”title”:”How to Take a Screen Shot on Your Android Tablet”,”slug”:”take-screen-shot-android-tablet”,”categoryList”:[“technology”,”electronics”,”tablets-e-readers”,”android-tablets”],”_links”:{“self”:”″}},{“articleId”:233808,”title”:”How to Set a Metered Wi-Fi Connection on Your Android Tablet”,”slug”:”set-metered-wi-fi-connection-android-tablet”,”categoryList”:[“technology”,”electronics”,”tablets-e-readers”,”android-tablets”],”_links”:{“self”:”″}},{“articleId”:233805,”title”:”How to Update a Wi-Fi Network’s Password on Your Android Tablet”,”slug”:”update-wi-fi-networks-password-android-tablet”,”categoryList”:[“technology”,”electronics”,”tablets-e-readers”,”android-tablets”],”_links”:{“self”:”″}},{“articleId”:168083,”title”:”Building App Folders for Your Android Tablet”,”slug”:”building-app-folders-for-your-android-tablet”,”categoryList”:[“technology”,”electronics”,”tablets-e-readers”,”android-tablets”],”_links”:{“self”:”″}},{“articleId”:167224,”title”:”How to Use Bluetooth to Transfer Files between a Computer and an Android Tablet”,”slug”:”how-to-use-bluetooth-to-transfer-files-between-a-computer-and-an-android-tablet”,”categoryList”:[“technology”,”electronics”,”tablets-e-readers”,”android-tablets”],”_links”:{“self”:”″}}]},”hasRelatedBookFromSearch”:true,”relatedBook”:{“bookId”:281741,”slug”:”ipad-and-ipad-pro-for-dummies”,”isbn”:”9781119875734″,”categoryList”:[“technology”,”electronics”,”tablets-e-readers”,”ipads”],”amazon”:{“default”:”″,”ca”:”″,”indigo_ca”:”″,”gb”:”″,”de”:”″},”image”:{“src”:””,”width”:250,”height”:350},”title”:”iPad and iPad Pro For Dummies”,”testBankPinActivationLink”:””,”bookOutOfPrint”:true,”authorsInfo”:”

Paul McFedries is a long-time technical author with over 100 published titles to his credit.

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The main screen on an Android tablet is called the Home screen. You’ll find several Home screen pages, some marching off to the left and others marching to the right, for a total of anywhere up to seven Home screen pages, depending on the tablet. Each Home screen page can be adorned with icons, widgets, and sneeze globs (if you’ve recently suffered a cold).

Only the sneeze globs are easily removed by using a microfiber cloth.

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Android tablets feature common icons for using the Home screen as well as various apps.

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Various icons appear while you use your Android tablet. These icons serve common functions in your apps as well as in the Android operating system. “},{“title”:”Android tablet touchscreen operations”,”thumb”:null,”image”:null,”content”:”

It takes a certain finesse to work a touchscreen. Here are some of the common operations you can perform using your fingers on an Android tablet’s touchscreen:

object, an icon, a control, a menu item, a doodad, and so on. tap operation is similar to a mouse click on a computer.

Because of the double-tap’s dual nature, use the pinch or spread

To swipe, you touch your finger on one spot and then drag it to

A combination of long-press and then swipe, the drag operation

A pinch involves two fingers, which start out separated and

A few apps let you rotate an image on the screen by touching
“},{“title”:”Android tablet tricks to remember”,”thumb”:null,”image”:null,”content”:”

You can get more done quickly on your Android tablet when you know a few tricks. Here is an assortment of handy time-saving tricks for you to keep in mind while you use, abuse, or excuse your tablet:

You can speak into the tablet as an effective and quick alternative to using the onscreen keyboard.

Quickly switch between two or more programs by using the Recent icon found at the bottom of the Home screen.

Remember that you can add icons and widgets to the Home screen pages.

An Android tablet can make phone calls, but you must first install the proper app. For traditional phone calls, Skype is a good idea.

Use the various Search icons to look for things on the tablet, on the Internet, or in a specific app.

When downloading updates or new apps, or for faster web browsing, activate the tablet’s Wi-Fi.

Use Google Now to control the tablet with your voice or to search the Internet.

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If you ever happen to find yourself in really serious phone trouble, here is a smattering of trusted places to check out for help with your Android tablet.

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Discovering Android – Android Phone and Tablet Essential Training (2020) Video Tutorial

– [Instructor] All Android devices offer consistent and similar features. Once you learn about these features, working with any Android phone or tablet is familiar to you. Around the edge of the device are found these useful items, the power/lock key, the volume key, a headphone connector, the USB and power cable connector, a microSD slot for removable storage and a SIM card slot used on cellular devices to connect the mobile data network.

To charge your Android’s battery, connect the power cord to the USB connector, which is usually found at the bottom center of the device. Plug the other end of the cable into a wall socket or into a computer that’s powered on. Music plays and phone calls come in, updates are made and alarms can trigger.

Create your first Android app

If you need more detailed instructions on the setup process, refer to the Download and install Android Studio codelab. Create a project using the template In this codelab, you create an Android app with the Empty Activity project template provided by Android Studio. The New Project window opens with a list of templates provided by Android Studio. The template that you choose provides starter code to get you going faster. Select API 24: Android 7.0 (Nougat) from the menu in the Minimum SDK field. Click Split on the top right of Android Studio, this allows you to view both code and design.

It may take a while to build but when it is done the preview shows a text box that says “Hello Android!”. Empty Compose activity contains all the code necessary to create this app. Android Studio organizes the project in a directory structure made up of set of packages. It’s useful when you write code for your project because you can easily access the files you will be working on in your app.

If your file structure ever looks strange, check to make sure you’re still in Android view. Update the text Now that you have gotten to know Android Studio, it’s time to start making your greeting card!

Note: Remember that a function is a segment of a program that performs a specific task. class MainActivity : ComponentActivity() { override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) setContent { GreetingCardTheme { // A surface container using the ‘background’ color from the theme Surface( modifier = Modifier.fillMaxSize(), color = MaterialTheme.colors.background ) { Greeting(“Android”) } } } } } The onCreate() function is the entry point to this Android app and calls other functions to build the user interface.

In Kotlin programs, the main() function is the entry point/starting point of execution.

The annotation tells the Kotlin compiler that this function is used by Jetpack Compose to generate the UI. This Composable function takes some input and generates what’s shown on the screen.

The GreetingPreview() function is a cool feature that lets you see what your composable looks like without having to build your entire app. The @Preview annotation tells Android Studio that this composable should be shown in the design view of this file. As you can see, the @Preview annotation takes in a parameter called showBackground . If showBackground is set to true, it will add a background to your composable preview.

Notice the white background on the image set to true . @Preview(showBackground = true) @Composable fun GreetingPreview() { GreetingCardTheme { Greeting(“Meghan”) } }

Change the background color Now you have the introduction text, but it’s a little boring! To set a different background color for your introduction, you’ll need to surround your text with a Surface .

A Surface is a container that represents a section of UI where you can alter the appearance, such as the background color or border.

To solve this scroll to the top of the file where it says import and press the three buttons.

Using Help’s search option will help you locate a menu item if you don’t remember where it is. Note: You learn more about density-independent pixels ( dp ) in the next pathway, but refer to Layout – Material Design 3 article if you want to read more now. Take some time to play around with different colors and text, make it your own!

Exploring the device – Android Phone and Tablet Essential Training Video Tutorial

– [Instructor] All Android devices offer consistent and similar features. The front of the Android features the touchscreen, which works as the display and as an input device reacting to your touches.

You may also find a headphone connector, though some newer devices lack this useful jack; the USB connector, which is also used to charge the Android; a microSD card slot for removable storage, which isn’t found on every Android; and a SIM card slot, which is used on cellular devices to identify the device to the mobile data network. To charge your Android’s battery, connect the power cord to the USB connector, which is usually found on the bottom center of the device.

Set your phone or tablet on the pad where it’s magically recharged via induction technology. When the device is locked, the screen goes dark and no longer accepts input.

Music plays, phone calls come in, updates are made and alarms can trigger. To turn off your Android, press and hold the power/lock key until you see the power off menu.

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