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Tackform Motorcycle Phone Mount Review

The required rubber phone holding band things are pretty much rendered useless because the industrial strength spring in the holder portion is just that good. Currently, I am using an iPhone X with an otter box symmetry case and a rubber card holder on the back and it fits no problem.

Remember that the price point is higher but you’re getting machined aluminum and steel with this product. Long story short, BUY THIS IMMEDIATELY AND DONT LOOK BACK!

Tackform Enduro Motorcycle Mount Hands-On Review

The Breakdown 4.5 9 The Tackform Eduro mounting system allows us to utilize our phones for GPS safely and reliably. Easy installation and quality construction make it THE mount to use for any on or off-road riding that requires you to protect and use your phone’s endless features. Overall 9 Pros All Metal/Aluminum / Industrial quality springs / Padded phone bracket / Custom spacers / Easy and fast installation / One hand operation / 360-degree range of motion / Back-up safety sling included / Super durable / LIFETIME GUARANTEE Cons 3.25-inch cradle capacity / Difficult size for a sportbike Not only do we rely on it for many forms of entertainment but we also depend on it for necessities such as communication, gathering information and even navigation when we are traveling. We Recommend: webBikeWorld has worked closely with Amazon over the years to provide our testers with products to review. The box contains three ABS cushion bushing to protect the handlebar of your bike and to create a secure fit of the aluminum clamp. The screws have an Allen’s head and Tackform has even included a wrench in the box, so you really need nothing else but your bike to get this mounting system installed. After all, this mounting system is responsible for holding not only a major financial investment but also a piece of technology that touches almost every part of your daily life.

We Recommend: webBikeWorld has worked closely with Amazon over the years to provide our testers with products to review. The single thumb screw is also very easy to grip and turn due to the large, ergonomic sides. In my case, I needed to take some time to find the perfect sport for the mount so that I was not hitting my tank or windscreen when turning. To provide riders with just one more assurance that their phone is safe, Tackform includes an optional rubber sling that can work as a failsafe in the event of an issue with the spring in the mounting system.

After several test-pulls, I decided that I wanted to make sure that a sudden tug or strong pull would not cause the spring to fail. Everyone has pulled too hard on something with a spring only to discover that it is sprung and no longer provides reliable resistance. I am very impressed with the quality construction and attention to detail that I discovered when testing the Tackform Enduro Motorcycle Mount. And from a durability standpoint, I was not able to damage the spring retention system that provides the grip fo the phone cradle.

The system is very easy to install or relocate and provides the reliability that riders will want to secure a smartphone on any type of terrain. We Recommend: webBikeWorld has worked closely with Amazon over the years to provide our testers with products to review.

Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Tackform offers a variety of motorcycle phone mounts for your bike that are reliability tested to ensure the product will withstand conditions such as vibration, temperature, humidity, extreme heat and extreme cold. We have phone mounts for Harley Davidson, Honda (including Goldwing), Can-Am, BMW, Suzuki, Indian and more. All of our Enduro Series™ mounts are all aluminum construction, engineered to withstand the roughest of terrain.

Enduro Motorcycle Phone Mount – Rock Solid Phone Holder

This is common with most round stock bars on the market including but not limited to Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki A lot of the other mounts on the market are made from cheap plastic components, die-cast materials, poorly finished, and in many cases have a HUGE unattractive footprint.

CNC Milled components made from Billet Aluminum with a MINT black anodized or Chrome Plated Finish. A lot of the other mounts on the market are made from cheap plastic components, die-cast materials, poorly finished, and in many cases have a HUGE unattractive footprint.

CNC Milled components made from Billet Aluminum with a MINT black anodized or Chrome Plated Finish. 4-Function Functionality is essential to us, so we’ve designed the cradle to allow you to get the phone in and out with a single hand. Our spring-loaded cradle will ensure your phone is tight and secure on all terrains and in any riding conditions . The rock-solid ball and socket joint allows you to swivel the phone to any desired viewing angle.

Our spring-loaded cradle will ensure your phone is tight and secure on all terrains and in any riding conditions More options including but not limited to 1.5″ bars mounts, Goldwing, BMW, Sport Bikes and More

TOP 10 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts 2021

Unlike before, nowadays, high-quality phone mounts can withstand strong wind and very convenient to use for listening to music, answering calls, and navigation audio while riding. This RAM mount has a four-leg stainless steel body to provide a strong grip and better visibility. On the contrary, you can rotate its legs to set your smartphone at the required angle for maximum visibility.

Besides its high strength composite and stainless steel body, it has other quite unique features like rubber tips to avoid scratching and a rustproof capability.

Pros: Universal X-Grip Cradle, Available in two sizes, 360 degree Rotation, Stainless Steel Body This motorcycle phone mount is part of Tackform’s Endure Series, which is rock solid.

The Tackform Enduro is an aluminum mount that can easily hold your existing smartphone and is capable of handling the future tech handheld devices as well. All credit goes to the high strength industrial spring system that’s installed in this Enduro Series phone mount.

In fact, the Tackform Enduro series is proving to be tough competition to the other premium mounts available on the market. Pros: Aluminium Clamps, 360 degree Rotation, Fail-Proof Grip, Easy Operation, Versatility

It will provide a secure fit for your smartphone no matter how fast you ride or how much your bike vibrates. The mount has a minimalist utilitarian design with lots of smaller elements that are supposed to improve the safety.

On the top and bottom of the unit, you will find a couple of spring-loaded adjustable supports that will act as main holders for your device. On the sides, the mount has some additional stoppers that will keep your phone in place and prevent it from moving sideways. You will get a U-bolt base that can be fixed to your handlebars, and a B size RAM double socket arm. Other than that, there is also a heavy-duty mounting ball with a socket mechanism that is designed to connect the main unit with the arm.

To put the whole thing together and attach it to your motorcycle, all you have to do is loosen the central bolt and connect the arm with the mounting balls on each of its ends. Once you have the case, insert your phone into it and attach it to the main unit using the RokLock Twist Mount.

This innovative magnetic mechanism will let you twist and lock the case into the mount with one simple movement. The Rokform Magnetic phone mount is constructed from a military-grade aluminium, which makes it is extremely durable.

It can withstand years of abuse and riding in off-road terrain during tough weather conditions. Unfortunately, because of its very high price tag and the need of an external case, I cannot recommend it over the other mounts on top of our list.

Pros: Stylish Design, Military-Grade Aluminium Construction, Extreme Durability, 360 degree Rotation, It features a universal fit that is compatible with all smartphone brands such as the iPhone, Samsung and Sony.

Without a doubt, the Mob Armor Claw is an outstanding motorcycle phone mount that is still a little expensive, but it will surely make your life easier. Thanks to its simple design and adjustable width, the mount is compatible with most smartphones that are available on the market today.

Pros: Sleek & Compact Design, Aluminium Construction, 360 degree Rotation, Easy to Use

The Arkon RoadVise is a very simple motorcycle phone mount that doesn’t look that promising on paper.

Arkon is a California-based company that has been in the business for a very long time and if there is any issue with their product, they will handle it. The Arkon RoadVise phone mount is constructed from a durable plastic and it feels really solid.

As I stated earlier, the mount doesn’t have any tether or silicon bands, but the grip is so strong that there is absolutely no need for it. The Arkon RoadVise will fit handlebars measuring up to 33 mm in diameter and it is compatible with all phones up to 4 inches wide. Because there is no cover on the mount and your phone will be exposed to elements, Arkon recommends using a rugged case with your smartphone to prevent any potential damage to your device. Pros: Simple Design, Spring-Loaded Mechanism, 2-Year Warranty, Good Customer Support You don’t need any extra tools to install this mount, except your fingers that can finish the job in a couple of minutes. The Lamicall Holder motorcycle phone mount is equipped with rubberized silicone pads in each corner that are specifically designed to securely grip your device and make it fit perfectly.

That means you will have extra security and your mount will absorb any shock while riding without any harm to your device. You can then use it to navigate, receive calls, and listen to music without worrying about bumps and rough roads. Pros: Heavy Duty Clamp, Shock Absorbing Rubberized Corner Pads, 360 degree Rotation, Good Value Its hard plastic material and a silicon net securely mount your device to the handlebar.

Pros: Comes with a Large Clamp, Provides Strong Grip, Phone Compatibility, Good Value The Aduro U-Grip Plus motorcycle phone mount is recognized for its secure, sturdy design and a universal fit.

Thanks to its lower price tag, the mount is super-affordable and you will get a great value for your money if you buy this product. It is equipped with a U-shape clamp and strong silicone bands for a firm grip and improved security. In general, the Aduro U-Grip Plus is a reliable motorcycle phone mount, but there are some customers that were unlucky with their units. Pros: Universal Fit, 360 degree Rotation, Lifetime Warranty, Extremely Affordable

It is important to verify the dimensions of your smartphone with its case or cover, whichever you are currently using, to determine the overall size. A clamp is another factor in this list that is required to properly install the phone mount on the handlebar of your motorcycle.

So, make sure to get the largest clamp or one that is compatible with your phone to securely mount the device to the handlebar. There are different types of motorcycle phone mounts on the market that are available in both a low and high price range.

Reviews for TACKFORM Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone

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5 Best Motorcycle Cellphone Mounts Reviews of 2021

We’d like to introduce the Tackform Enduro phone holder, the product which can easily become rock-solid support for your smartphone while you are at the wheel. The Enduro mount is made from high strength steel that means you’ve got the lifetime warranty for this product. For one, it can provide a strong grip for smartphones of different sizes, including (but not limited to) standard and plus-sized iPhones, LGs, Samsung Galaxy, and more.

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