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Stealth Vr200 Virtual Reality Headset Review

Virtual reality was once a technology only seen at snazzy tech conferences, but thanks to a range of VR headsets, the experience has been brought to the masses. While it is intended for use with a PC, the headset requires a lot of processing and graphics power, meaning that not all computers are compatible. The headset is a soft, lightweight fabric, with space to slot in your smartphone, and comes with a motion-sensitive remote control that can be used for navigation or gaming when you’re strapped in. While the 360-degree vision of Daydream VR isn’t as seamless or crisp as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, i is several hundred pounds cheaper, so bear that in mind.

It also has a small handheld controller with a touchpad, trigger and back and home keys, allowing you to navigate your virtual reality with ease. The main issue with Google Cardboard is the fact that the headset doesn’t have a a strap attached, meaning you have to hold the device to view your VR content. The device features breathable faux-leather eye padding and a headband, making it fairly comfortable and easy to wear. A folding visor at the front of the headset can be flipped down, allowing you to easily insert your smartphone and use a range of VR apps.

The quality of the image isn’t as good as the higher-end devices, but with a price tag of just £24.99, the Stealth VR200 could be a great budget option. And for the style conscious among you, you’ll be happy to hear that the headset has interchangeable front covers which come in a range of colours. With two 35mm lenses, the image quality isn’t amazing, but does allow you to explore virtual reality areas with ease. And should you stray too close to an object, a virtual mesh grid will materialise, warning you that you’re about to leave the ‘safe’ gaming area.

HTC said: “Within minutes you’ll be walking around, crouching, leaning into the world and peeking around the corners of these alien, virtual realms that have replaced your real-world surroundings.” The headset has full black-out casing and headphone access, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in a virtual reality. One of the most appealing features is the community aspect – the headset comes with apps like vTime, where you can meet, chat and interact with friends and make some new ones in virtual reality.


The visor gives full access to both sides of the lenses and the magnetic front panel is detachable for the AR and device-cooling purposes.

@Stealth_VR announces the VR200 headset,We check it out. #VR #VirtualReality

“Following a hugely positive reception to our inaugural product – the VR100 – we have now set our sights on becoming a major player in the Mobile VR arena. As well as capturing the imagination of consumers in the UK and key EU territories, the VR100 has taken the Japanese market by storm – particularly in major Electronic Stores such as Yodabashi and Bic Camera. Our unique combination of product and online community support has proved crucial to establishing our brand as one of the leading lights in Mobile VR.” Our external product packaging features a QR Code that takes the consumer directly to , where they can sign up instantly for free to the YOUR VR community hub.

App reviews, embedded videos, tech support, expert columns, guest interviews, news articles and user forums provide members of our online community with everything they need to stay right at the cutting edge of Virtual Reality. The story of STEALTH VR began back in early 2015. when our Product Development Team set out to completely immerse themselves in all things Virtual Reality.

Our vision was to combine Simplicity and quality within a sophisticated and stylish range of products that would have mass market appeal when the time was right to present it to the consumer at retail. The folding visor gives full access to both sides of the lenses and the magnetic front panel is detachable for AR and device cooling purposes. Community: Full support network with expert advice, newsletters, user forums and a constant stream of updates on the latest free content

Stealth VR200 Premium Mobile VR Headset Review

Breathable leatherette eye padding and headband support ensure that the user is comfortable at all times. He folding visor gives full access to both sides of the lenses and the magnetic front panel is detachable for AR and device-cooling purposes.

Stylistically, this exclusive model is totally unique in obsidian black with embossed panelling and silver trim. Stealth VR customers get exclusive access to our online community hub and support network.

So it’s easy to understand why reading Stealth VR200 Premium Mobile VR Headset reviews is going to be an important step in the buying process, because it will help you narrow down from the vast choice.

VR Headset QR Codes – Hypergrid Business

Check out my first published short story, Krim Times. Update: If your headset doesn’t come with a QR Code, and isn’t on this list, you can create your own with the Sites in VR app (free for iOS and for Android.) The app also lets you save the QR code that you generate. The codes below can be used to calibrate your Google Cardboard apps to work with your particular headset. Click on a QR image below to open it on its own page, then point your phone’s camera to it to switch your viewer.

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