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Sony Xb12 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Those seeking truly powerful sound need to spend more on a larger system, but if a small speaker is your main priority, the audio output here is truly impressive, and worthy of our Editors’ Choice. Measuring roughly 3.7 by 3.0 inches (HW) and weighing in at 8.6 ounces, the cylindrical SRS-XB12 is available in black, blue, gray, green, or red models, and is small enough to throw in a tote or even a large coat with deep pockets. Its single 46mm driver fires upward and is protected by a metallic grille—the rest of the speaker’s exterior is a matte rubbery texture.

At moderate to high volumes, the track packs some bass punch, with the DSP (digital signal processing) thinning out the lows a bit to avoid distortion.

Callahan’s baritone vocals receive a bit of added richness in the low-mids, and the acoustic guitar strums are crisp and bright. On Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild,” the kick drum loop receives an ideal high-mid presence, allowing its attack to maintain its punchy edge in the mix.

The lower overall mix levels that preserve dynamics also means that, even at maximum volume, the output for tracks like these feels a bit low. The lower-register instrumentation gets a solid, rich presence, and the higher-register brass, strings, and vocals are bright and crisp, but a speaker with more power would be able to convey the mix’s dynamics more convincingly.

If you really want some bass power, you can’t get it from a speaker this size, but I’ll admit at times, I forgot I was listening to a tiny speaker—bass drums in particular can pack a surprising punch through the Sony SRS-XB12’s modest frame.

The Bottom Line The Sony SRS-XB12 packs a powerful punch for such a tiny speaker, and its waterproof build adds value to its already affordable price.

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Sony SRS-XB12 Zwart

Dit proces is hetzelfde als bij andere bluetooth speakers en kost nog geen 5 minuten. Bij de keren daarna zet je gewoon de speaker aan en bluetooth op je telefoon en ze zijn al verbonden. Het geluid klinkt ook echt goed voor de compactheid van deze speaker.

Het volume kan hard genoeg en er komt ook een mooie hoeveelheid bass uit, zoals de verpakking ook al doet vermoeden met de woorden ‘Extra bass’

Sony SRS-XB12 speaker review: Small in size, powerful in sound

is a comparatively small device and measures 92mm tall with an approximate diameter size of 74mm. It has a rubberised cylindrical-shaped body design which feels strong and durable. The speaker comes in total five colour options – Black, Blue, Red, Green and Gray. If you are wondering what purpose does the strap serves, then it helps the speaker hold on to carrying objects like bags.

A long press launches the virtual assistants- Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. Sony SRS-XB12 comes with a feature to connect with another speaker to enhance the sound output.

To its further right is the LED indicator to notify low battery and charging status. This is partly true as finding the speaker is itself a time taking task for smartphones.

Another thing worth adding is that the speaker needs to be reset once the paired list device crosses 5-6.

The Sony SRS-XB12 takes about 5 hours to charge completely which is relatively long (but keep in mind its a speaker and not smartphone). Once fully charged, the device can last easily for three-four days with a daily use of about 3 hours. During our test, we found that the device works well in this range and the connectivity begin to fluctuate beyond it.

We did not find the device losing sound clarity at any given volume levels. The monoaural speaker at the top makes sure that the output is distributed in 360degree at all angles possible.

To summarize, small size, portability with the strap, loud and clear sound, good battery life and sturdy design are some of its positives.

SRS-XB12 Reviews & Ratings

Inside the box was the speaker and the now fairly industry standard USB charging lead. I have multiple USB mains adaptors so finding a charging source was no issue, however this may not be the case for all purchasors. Certainly the exterior tactile rubber reinforces this capability and offers an easily held surface whilst protecting from minor impacts.

Closer inspection revealed in my opinion a high quality of manufacture with no weak areas.

The sound from such a small unit was jaw dropping, not music concert pressure bass but sufficient to wonder how it was producing it. The microphone also lends itself to conference calls, with the unit in the middle of a table of four people, the dialogue with the the users dialled up was vastly better than the telephones hands free, with nobody asking for the conversation to be repeated.

Sony SRS-XB12 zwart

Dit leek me een ideale speaker voor in mijn handbagagekoffertje, en dat bleek helemaal terecht! Het volume kan veel harder dan dat ik van een kleine speaker als deze verwacht, ik was echt onder de indruk hoe prettig het geluid blijft ook op hoger volume. Omdat ie waterbestendig is hoef ik me daar bovendien geen zorgen te maken.

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