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Samsung Power Bank Fake And Original

If you notice carefully, the proprietary 30-pin cable included inside the box has a branding of “SAMSNUG” instead of SAMSUNG. Turn the external battery pack upside down to check if the S/N is mentioned on the sticker. Samsung does not mention anywhere on its website/specification list for this product the capacity or the number of batteries on the inside. I hope this article was useful to you, please share it so that others can find it too and avoid getting a fake Samsung external battery pack.

Please subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel via the social media circles mentioned below for regular updates and interesting articles like these. I recently bought one from one of the most reputed online sellers in India for a dirt cheap price, just to check whether its original or not.

I placed the order, paid through a credit card, got it delivered before time, all nice and hunky dory.The package had lots of Samsung branding, was sealed and looked legit.

How to avoid buying a fake power bank – Techjaja

Power banks are very essential to smartphone owners, when shopping for one in Uganda, you should be wary of fake products which have far less capacity than they claim on their packaging or could have a faulty battery that has potential to explode at anytime. There are many suspicious power banks listed for sale, usually having tags that depict very high capacities and surprisingly very affordable.

In the western market, and many other countries, power bank manufacturers are required to print the device’s capacity in watt-hours (Wh) on their packaging in addition to mAh. Not only power banks, but smartphones and laptops also comply with this standard, listing Wh when stating battery capacity and never just mAh alone.

To put thins in perspective, Watt-hours (Wh) is equal to amp-hours (Ah) multiplied by voltage (V). This figure will not change, no matter the voltage at which the mAh is calculated, as it reflects the number of hours the device can provide 1W of energy. Whether they have calculated their mAh using a voltage which is lower than the 3.7V or have simply misstated the capacity, it is important to beware of equating these devices with those labelled correctly. An original power bank like those made by Xiaomi called Mi support pass-through charging.


***As two models of Samsung Battery Pack (Type-C and Micro-USB) are available, please check the type of connection port of your device before purchase to ensure you have the correct model.

How To Identify Between A Fake & Original Power Bank

It is highly notable that Nigerians knows the actual issues that everyone who owns a Smartphone or any other gadgets/device is currently facing, this is the unstable power voltage, hence, making our device gives us the awful low battery alert warning. When you are travelling, it keeps your device charged, in order not to miss any significant messages. Anyways, before we list out the best power bank for all devices which includes your Smartphones, Laptops. Are you aware that fake power bank can cause a hazard to your phone by damaging it or the battery or even catch fire and in the process destroy your phone, tablet, household, office or even kill you?

Am pretty sure, you aren’t looking for designs to boast outfit with any power bank. The first reason is that most power banks from fake or pirated companies have caused a serious issue in Nigeria. Getting to know the capacity of the power bank and the output is taking one bold step at a time. Any power bank, you are buying must have least, x3 of your current phone battery and 2.1 amp output and at least 2 amperages to charge.

So in every case, it is very important, you get a portable power bank as it comes in different sizes and weight. Meanwhile, the Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) had always added pounds in weight and shape when compared with Lithium Polymer (Li-Polymer) which is famously slimmer and lighter and everyone seems to love the sleek, portable stuff. Lithium-Ion: This gives high energy density, low discharge rate, no priming required before first use and the overall cost is cheap. There is a high risk of explosion if charged too quickly or inappropriately and they suffer from ageing even when not used.

But Lithium Polymer seems to be the best, as the manufacturers can make changes to the size and shape of the power banks and can also retain its charge longer. Note that, all battery types are susceptible to different levels of risk of fire/explosion due to the inherent nature of electric current. So it is advisable to get an in-built Li-Poly battery with double overcharge and discharge protection. Examples are those from Xiaomi, Anker, Jackberry, iMuto, ice works, MaxOak, Qi-infinity and so on.

You will see a power bank with a 50,000mAh capacity weighing very lite and even fancy looking and easy to put inside pockets. Original power banks don’t come with many fancy features like too many LED Lights, many display screens, music players and so on

Let this article serve as a reference point in identifying the best and original power bank to go for.

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