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Sades Spirits Headset Review

It doesn’t exactly scream ‘quality’ in any way; our mint-green coloured review set is not the gaudiest available – looking at the official website, that award would go to the half red, half green set – but next to almost any other headset it looks more like a cheap toy than an actual gaming headset. The ear cups are incredibly soft, meaning they’re very comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time. The plastic construction might not look very fancy but it means the weight of the headset stays as low as possible – an important factor for comfort.

Sounds are full, and you’ll undoubtedly notice much more background detail than you would through your TV speakers or equivalent.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for, but the Sades Spirits delivers much better sound quality than you’d expect from this price point. Yes, its construction is plasticky, but if you enjoy bright, bold colours then you’ll get a kick out of the ten variations available.

Sades Spirit Headset Review

Cost effective video gaming peripheral manufacturer SADES has released a new line of headsets, from the Pro to the basics. Sleek in all black (also available in Blue, Red, Pink and White), the SADES Spirits headset has 50mm dedicated drivers builtin for supreme gaming audio (and music too). Both video gaming platforms worked totally as expected and you’ll experience HQ audio to the likes of the more expensive competing models.

Sades Spirits Gaming Headset Review

Sades had already been on my radar as I’ve been looking for a new headset to replace my worn out one and after looking around they seemed like a good fit. These headphones have great specs and, even better, are very affordable, with the Spirits line costing around £21.99 on amazon.

Both the Y-cable and the initial cable are both braided, this was great for me because I have a cat that loves to attack things all the time. I think it’s fair to say that you will have this headset in your life for a good few years before you have any problems with wear and tear. I’ve had issues with past headsets where I could feel the plastic where the speakers were in the ear muffs but you won’t have this problem with the Sades Spirits. It is difficult to get glasses to sit comfortably or vice versa when using both them and the headset in tandem. Before being asked to do this Sades Spirits review I had been using the same headset I got from a BnM store (which is a local discount retailer) 6 years ago as I haven’t really had the funds to upgrade. I didn’t really know what to expect when I put on the Sades Spirits for the first time because I wasn’t used to anything else, however I was pleasantly surprised. When it comes to writing reviews I’m constantly listening to music whilst I do it so sound quality means a lot to me and the Spirits delivers.

Whilst it doesn’t reach the levels of quality you would find with the higher end headsets it definitely gets the job done. I found myself being much more aware of my in-game surroundings than with my previous headset and could hear a lot more of the subtle noises in the background. Whilst it isn’t noise cancelling it is close enough where you won’t be bothered by outside sounds interrupting your favourite songs.

Sades doesn’t have a UK section to buy from on their website, but luckily like a lot of their products you can find the Spirits on their Amazon page where you can browse a tonne of their products or click here to go straight to the item page, or hit the button below: Whilst I do love this Sades offering, it isn’t without its faults and the glasses issue is a hard one to ignore.

The item was sent to us for free in order to write our Sades Spirits Gaming Headset Review.

Hardware Review: Sades Spirits Headset

While the white model looks pretty nice and more akin to a more standard headset, the bright mix of red, orange, pink and various others is accompanied by the set we were sent to review – an intriguing and not-unpleasant mint green colour. It’s not the most bassy of headsets, probably down to the lower end speakers used, but if you’re not too worried about shaking your brain loose with some fierce bass thumping through your ears then this should serve you quite nicely. The Sades Spirits is a £20ish headset that would work brilliantly for young gamers, budget-conscious players or someone who just wants to enjoy some gaming without too much background noise getting in the way.

The 3.5mm plug opens it up to be used on pretty much any device going (although check your phone first if that’s the plan – most have done away with the headphone port) and the overall picture is one that would suggest this is worth twice what you’d pay for it.

Sades spirits gaming headphones

Sades spirits are a simple plug and play option pair of gaming headphones that just keeps things simple, there is no app no set up and little controls to be worried about which just makes life nice and easy, they a made from plastic and have soft cups for the ears which makes them ideal for long periods of use. Sound is fine which is what we all want to know, it will not win awards for the lack of features however being a simple plug and play you can adjust settings on your console of choice and work from there, there is 50mm speakers inside and overall they do a good job and users will be happy especially if you are a first time customer and want to try out such headphones for your set up at home.

Overall it is a great cost effective headset on the cheap and is fairly robust and ideal for kids more so and the range of colors available makes good for the consumer for choice.

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