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Ring Solar Floodlight Review

Yes, the solar floodlight costs nearly twice as much ($90 vs $50), but when you factor in the cost of batteries over the presumed life of the device—and aren’t included in your initital purchase of the D-cell-powered model—it’s basically a wash. Plus, you won’t need to get on a ladder to change them when they die, or feel guilty about tossing them in the trash when they’re spent. It’s a small thing since most floodlights will likely be attached to a beam or the side of a house, but it brings some peace of mind that it won’t come toppling down and land on someone’s head. Michael Simon/IDG The solar panel will need to be positioned to get a good deal of light each day. Installation of the Solar Floodlight is pretty easy, though you’ll need some space and a power drill, as with the rest of Ring’s devices. I had to move my solar panel after a couple of days, since the overhang shadow blocked just enough light. It would be ideal if Ring could find a way to integrate a solar panel large enough to keep the battery powered, as it does with its pathway light. Ring still offers three main sensitivity settings, but a new slider adds five steps for more granular detection. If you want to build out a Ring Smart Lighting system, the Solar Floodlight is a great place to start.

It’s brighter and lighter than the original and links up nicely to your other Ring devices with no power-driven restrictions.

Ring Floodlight Cam Review – Is It Worthwhile?

Although Ring is perhaps best known for its innovative video doorbell, the company has much more to offer with a range of home security products to keep your family and belongings safe. Ring Solar Floodlight, Outdoor Motion-Sensor Security Light, White (Starter Kit) : Tools & Home Improvement

Package and instructions arrived earlier than expected, with easy set-up through the Ring app using the provided QR code. Installation took about 15 minutes, including ladder set-up, mounting time, and app programming. The screws provided are small enough to not pierce through the home, but threaded properly to grip the vinyl appropriately for mounting. Neither the solar panel nor the lights are very heavy, but secure enough that they hold up nicely with decent wind.

The addition of the solar panel alone is worth the cost of not having to drill more for hard-wiring, or climbing up and down a ladder to replace/recharge batteries. Conversely, if a light detects motion, then it can prompt a Ring camera to start recording.

Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight Review: A Bright Choice

Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight MSRP $89.99 Score Details DT Editors’ Choice “You won’t be able to find a smarter, more useful solar security light on the market.” Pros Adjustable brightness No need to worry about batteries or wiring, and installation takes an amazingly quick 5 to 10 minutes.

This writer’s backyard gets as dark as a mine shaft at night, so I need a floodlight that can really put out the light. But when I tried out the Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight on a cloudy night, it lit up most of the quarter-acre lot behind my home.

I set the light up to medium sensitivity and then left my dogs in the backyard for a few hours. For example, every time your floodlight detects motion it can be set up to turn on your video doorbell’s camera automatically. This ensures that if someone tries sneaking around your property, you have a better chance of catching some video footage of the person — plus it’s a wonderful deterrent. As long as you put the 2W solar panel in a sunny spot, you’re pretty much good to go. The Ring Bridge is $50 and is about the size of half a deck of cards, so it will take up very little room in your home.

The Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight ($90) is affordable, easy to install, and has zero upkeep.

There are quite a few solar powered floodlights on the market at a range of prices from $35 to $600, but there are very few that can be controlled with an app, and likely none that can be connected to other lights in your home.

Customer Reviews: Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight White 5AT1S5-WEN0

We understand the importance of having your Ring Smart Floodlights withstand the outdoor elements and perform well for you in wet or dry conditions. Leaking water, on the other hand, is the result of some sort of defect or damage in the body of the light.

This type of water may present a threat to the operation of your light and you should immediately take steps to prevent damage.

Solar Floodlight | Smart Lighting

Solar-powered Floodlight that shines up to 1200 lumens of white light on driveways, backyards and large areas when motion is detected.

Solar Floodlight | Smart Lighting

This bundle includes Solar Floodlight and Ring Bridge. Solar-powered Floodlight that shines up to 1200 lumens of white light on driveways, backyards and large areas when motion is detected.

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