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Review Ring Light Selfie

Long used by professional portrait and macro photographers as well as makeup artists, and perfect for selfies, streaming, vlogging and most photo and video tasks, they have become favorites of social media influencers and content creators of all kinds. But you don’t have to be a top Twitch streamer or overnight TikTok sensation to appreciate being cast in a better light on Zoom calls — they’re also the perfect addition to work-from-home office setups. The convenient clip mounting fits on your phone or laptop, and won’t scratch your screen. It brings it all together at an affordable price point, making it a clear winner among the ring lights we tested. This flexibility gave the EMart major bonus points, as it was the only ring light we tested that peeked above laptop height even at its lowest setting. But what, er, shone brightest during our tests was the flattering light cast by the EMart, which came across as natural sunlight in both portraits and selfies.

In photos taken during both day and night, the lighting gave us high-quality images, highlighting everything it was supposed to without producing distracting shadows. One of them is quite handy, clipping onto the thinnest part of the tripod stand with a small metal clasp that wraps around the pole; it can hold your phone vertically or horizontally.

This isn’t a deal breaker since the other phone holder gives you plenty of options, but it is annoying nonetheless.

Whether you’re using this light for a professional appearance in virtual meetings or for fun and creative content making, this is a great option.

The Whellen Selfie Ring Light is extremely lightweight and small, so it easily fits in pockets, purses, backpacks — you name it. We stuffed it in a purse while grocery shopping, and even with keys, a phone, a wallet and some spare change around it, the light didn’t so much as get scratched.

The Whellen’s clip has rubber padding on the reverse side to prevent it from scratching your screen. Once the light is at its dimmest, you can click and hold the top button again for it to come back to brighter levels until you reach the brightest setting. While on par with the entire field (almost all averaged the same life span), the included USB charging cable is only 10 inches long.

We then established parameters to test, looking in particular at brightness, color options and results in photos and videos. Portable lights were carried in purses while running errands and checked for scratches or cracks. This is a bright LED light that has a cold shoe mount for a camera, a tripod mount and a magnetic back to attach to other surfaces, but it isn’t easily usable with a phone, and you’ll have to supply a small tripod to use it with a laptop.

The photos we took with this light seemed to have a white film over them that made them look unnatural or poorly edited. Fotodiox Selfie Starlite Vlog Pro Ring Light and Tabletop Set ($99.95;

This is a good desktop option if you’re looking for a ring light to use while applying makeup, while filming videos or during virtual meetings. The tripod included is very short, so it sits at a good height on a desk but doesn’t adjust tall enough for use with a laptop’s built-in camera. The light looked great in photos and worked really well for video calls, but overall was overly bright and distracting during use.

Best Selfie Light ~ Top Models in 2021

To help you find the best selfie lights in a sea of cheap knock offs and unreliable options, we spent 15 hours testing 25 individual models. We also judged each selfie light on its ability to adjust brightness and work with smartphones as well as digital cameras for the best user experience. With all these features in mind, we chose the UBeesize Selfie Ring Light as our top pick. It’s also sturdy and durable, making for a long-lasting light that you won’t need to replace anytime soon.

Within each of those modes, you have 10 levels of brightness, providing the perfect light source for your selfies. We were also pleased to find that the UBeesize includes an adjustable tripod for easier setup and stability.

Be aware that the tripod gets a little unstable at the highest setting, but on a hard floor, it typically does alright. WHY WE LIKE IT: The Auxiwa Clip On Selfie Ring Light was built with portability and convenience in mind.

Simply squeeze to open the clip, place it as desired on your phone (make sure you don’t cover the front facing camera!)

The ring light even includes a soft gel strip to protect your phone from being scratched during use. The clip on ring light for smartphones is powered by rechargeable batteries that you can charge directly from your phone, which is a nice touch. The remote is reliable and the holder keeps your phone in place so you don’t get any blurry selfies during a shoot.

The most useful feature of the tripod is its 360-degree panning head that allows you to place the light in whatever configuration you need to capture the best selfie possible. Simply open the clip and position the light in the appropriate spot over the front-facing camera, then get your selfie game on.

You won’t have to worry about damage to any of your devices either with the light’s padding strips on the clip portion.

We were pleased to find that this light is compatible with all smartphones and most other devices, too, making it one of the most versatile options on our list.

The light itself performs well, too, with 36 individual LED bulbs that provide comprehensive, bright coverage, ideal for use with smartphones, iPhones, pads, and makeup mirrors. If you find the highest brightness to be too much, you have two lower settings as well, which is great for such a compact and portable ring light.

Fortunately, the GLOUE selfie light’s batteries charge quicker than other models we tested, so you’ll get back up and running in no time once plugged in. The Qiaya also includes a sturdy tripod that’s one of the strongest and most stable options we’ve tested to date.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The KobraTech MiLite is the most well-built smartphone ring light we tested on our list, with a unique design that gives you crystal clear selfies every time. It’s built with portability and durability in mind, which is apparent in its sturdy materials and solid clip mechanism.

Also, this mini ring light is universally compatible with any laptop, smartphone, iPad, or tablet. As we tested the top options you can buy today, we looked for the perfect balance between all of these aspects.

Things like tripods, remotes, or clip-on designs for smartphones all make these lights easier and more convenient to use so you can focus solely on snapping the perfect picture. Finally, we didn’t include any selfie lights that we thought were cheaply made or that were likely to fall apart after just a few photo shoots.

Best Ring Light of 2021

Extremely bright Digital readout Battery-powered option Easily mounts DSLR + phones Stepless dimmer Fully adjustable via remote Quite large (though it’s lighter than the other large options) Batteries not included Having the ability to set your ring light to an exact brightness and temperature every time you use it allows for a level of standardization you wouldn’t otherwise have. The second useful feature this ring light offers is its two high-capacity batteries (sold separately), which allow for stress-free outdoor shooting.

The Neewer Digital is also extremely bright, feels well-made, comes with a nice carry-bag, and has various attachment points for both DSLRs and phones.

The UBeesize 10″ Table Top is a well-designed and easy-to-use ring light at an amicable price. Unlike many cheap ball joint tripods, this one actually stays put once you tighten it in place, so you don’t have to worry about it dumping your phone or expensive camera.

Its simple design and easily adjustable leg height allow for a speedy 10-second setup, while its size is conducive to tabletop photo shoots and traveling. Whenever we needed a small tripod for our DSLR, we reached for this one because it’s generally easy to use, and the stability is trustworthy. On the downside, we wish the phone mount worked a bit more seamlessly with chunky Otterbox cases. Additionally, this smaller ring light is a fraction of the price of some of the others in our test suite and, as a result, simply does not provide the brightness that larger, more expensive options do. This is a great option if you want to be small and simple while on the move, all at an unbeatable price point. This ball joint on the UBeesize 10″ Table Top is textured and grips well when it’s tightened Credit: Richard Forbes

Extremely bright Well made Can mount a DSLR Stepless dimmer Large and bulky Requires AC plug-in This strong LED ring light is sure to brighten up any photo set to your liking and will create great catchlights in your subjects’ eyes.

The solid tripod holds a heavy (five-ish lbs) DSLR set up well, and we’re confident that it can handle more. Additionally, we like its stepless dimmer, which lets you set the exact level of brightness you want.

As a result, you’ll need to have access to an outlet, but if you’re looking to buy a larger light without all the bells and whistles, this one is a great choice. Includes a useful tripod with a level Very versatile Slightly dimmer than competitors Heaviest USB light

There’s a separate carry bag for the tripod, and it includes an easy-to-use remote trigger for your phone as well. It also features the same phone holder as the UBeesize 10″ Tabletop, which is easy to twist to whatever angle you want.

Lets you choose from an almost infinite number of colors Heavier duty tripod than competitors Very lightweight Even on brightest setting, it’s slightly dimmer than similarly-sized lights Light control can be finicky until you figure it out Won’t work with a DSLR – you’ll need a separate tripod

If you like artsy color options, the Lavkow is a great choice at a fair price.

We recommend this model if you don’t have much desk/storage space or plan to travel a lot with your setup and want to keep it small and low weight. However, since ring lights are generally placed around the camera lens you’re using, the double tripod arrangement makes lining things up a bit tricky to achieve the desired effect.

Still, if a tiny and portable setup is what you need, this one is a decent choice, but keep in mind that a ring light should be larger for an optimal effect. Richard is joined by Hayley Thomas, a lover of photography since she was a child, growing up with her photographer mother. We played with each light’s different features, timed setups and breakdowns to assess ease of use, and monitored stability by attaching our phones and cameras to each product. They provide a kind and diffused light that removes shadows and helps subjects stand out from their backgrounds.

Our expert testers subjected each product to a series of rigorous tests designed to reveal any strengths or weaknesses then sorted the results into four weighted categories. The Neewer 18″ Bi-Color Digital may be one of the most expensive ring lights we have tested, but it performed extremely well across all of our metrics. If you are looking for something of the same caliber but don’t need or want to pay for extra features, the Neewer 18″ Kit is a solid runner-up. On the other hand, if you are looking for the bare minimum, the UBeesize 10″ Table Top is a quality option.

With the significant cut in price, you forfeit features that the more expensive options offer; however, you still receive a decent quality of light, stellar stability, and good durability.

To measure and compare sheer brightness between these often very similar devices, we used the LT300 Light Meter by EXTECH. When it comes to sheer brightness, the Neewer 18″ Kit wins by a landslide, emitting a whopping 2065 lumens. The Neewer 18″ Bi-Color Digital falls behind at 1393 lumens, which is still extremely impressive compared to the rest of the products in our test suite.

Part of the reason for the out-of-this-world brightness is their size; they both have roughly 25 times the lighting surface area as the tiny Auxiwa Clip-On, which gives them quite the advantage. Big and bright, the Neewer models we tested will help you transform your media presence, from videos to photos to Zoom meetings.

However, it would be disingenuous to ignore the obvious issue with a “brightness only” approach — there’s a huge range of sizes in this test, from the enormous 18″ Neewer models to the tiny Auxiwa Clip-On. This 10″ ring light offers 240 lumens and 11 dimmer steps and three different tones ranging from cool to warm.

What it lacks in sheer brightness, emitting just 168 lumens, it makes up for with a unique set of light colors. If you’re looking to spice up your selfies and videos with edgy lighting, the Lavkow is a fun option. In the middle of the pack, some lights were unnecessarily fiddly: in particular, the AIXPI 10″ with Tripod took 50 seconds to set up just because the parts didn’t fit together super well. We set up each model, attached the largest camera or phone possible, and then jostled it vigorously to see whether it could stay up. We also assessed whether each could support a phone or DSLR and whether we felt confident that our electronics were actually going to stay where we put them. Durability is a difficult metric to measure because there’s no way to figure out how long a product might last without literally using it for years. That said, we spent time setting up and breaking down each light repeatedly to identify any weak spots they might have and supplemented our own assessments by reading user reviews to see if there were any common problems. We also weren’t overly gentle with any of the lights, making sure to put them through all the paces that a busy videographer or photographer might.

Best ring light in 2021: beautiful lighting for vlogging, video calls and selfies

Even if you don’t have aspirations of making it big on YouTube, ring lights also come into their own in the new world of increased home working. Indeed, pair them with the best webcams and your home setup will instantly look more professional – vital for making the best impression when on an important video conference! They haven’t skimped on build quality either, unlike a lot of ring lights, the Razer feels very sturdy and reliable. It’s a fantastic 12-inch ring light perfect for video conferencing, vlogging or streaming and you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

Lume Cube Wireless Light The best portable ring light packs a powerful punch Specifications Color temperature: 3200-5600K Power source: Li-Ion batteries, mains Dimensions: 18 inches TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon View at Walmart View at Moment Reasons to buy + Mains or 90 minutes of wireless power + LED readout for settings + 6.5-foot light stand included Reasons to avoid – Pricier than rivals If you’re looking for a ring light to shoot flat lays or unboxing videos, we’re not convinced the plastic mounting bracket is the best but if you’re using it in a normal upright position, look no further. It’s on the smaller side for a ring light, but still a perfectly good size for self-taping, vlogging, TikToks and other quick and easy uses. It plugs in via USB, and comes with a 54-inch tripod, meaning it’s very easy to get started the instant you take the Neewer 10-inch LED Ring Light out of its box.

But the Neewer 10-inch LED Ring Light is an all-around solid choice that will suit the vast majority of users perfectly, and that’s why it nabs our top spot.

ESDDI PLV-R432 18-inch Ring Light Best ring light for YouTube – big, bright and bicolor Specifications Color temperature: 3000K-6500K Power source: Mains power Dimensions: 458mm outer dia / 318mm inner dia TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Walmart Check Amazon Reasons to buy + 18-inch diameter with 48W power + Includes light stand, case, phone clip Reasons to avoid – Requires lots of space – Phone holder isn’t great Its sheer size makes it perfect for beauty and makeup work, too, giving you plenty of room and abundant light. Prominent dials adjust brightness and temperature, and the light can even rotate 180°, making it useful for shooting flat lays or macro work.

For example, it delivers a massive 1,840 lux at a distance of 3 feet which makes it perfect as a key or fill light for both stills and videos. Rotolight Ultimate Vlogging Kit Best ring light for streaming with a smartphone Specifications Color temperature: 6300K, 5600K, 4100K, 3200K (using filters) Power source: 3x AA batteries Dimensions: 130mm outer dia / 38mm inner dia Weight: 170g TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon Low Stock View at Walmart View at BHPhoto Reasons to buy + 80W equivalent power + Ultra compact + Includes filters to adjust temp Reasons to avoid – Changing filters is fiddly

Now it’s back in an all-in-one kit, which also includes a Rotolight mini tripod, stand adapter, phone clip and accessory bar – making it the perfect partner for a tabletop smartphone setup. The Neo 2 is a bit heavy and unwieldy for the hotshoe, but this smaller model is just the right size (though this kit doesn’t include a foot for the shoe), and the hole in the middle is perfect to poke a microphone through!

While it’s the largest ring light on offer here, with 44W of dimmable output from 352 LEDs, it doesn’t have quite as much power or temperature range as ESDDI’s 18-inch 48W model. Also bundled are a 6’5″ light stand, ball head adapter and vertical / horizontal phone holder, wireless remote and carry case.

The ESDDI 10-inch ring light is Ideal for smartphone shooters, with a two-way grip that holds your handset both horizontally and vertically, along with a Bluetooth remote for stills and video. They’re great for taking on nights out so you can capture well-lit selfies, on holiday or even when travelling away from home so that you can Facetime loved ones no matter how much light is around you.

Smoovie Flexi Selfie Ring Light Best mount-anywhere ring light that can also hold your phone Specifications Color temperature: (Three white light settings) Power source: USB Dimensions: 6-inch TODAY’S BEST DEALS Check Amazon Reasons to buy + Flexible clip arm mounts anywhere + Second flexi arm can hold smartphone + 3 tone settings & adjustable brightness + USB powered Reasons to avoid – Less color temp control Ring Lights are fantastic but, unless you’re sitting at a desk or table, you might struggle to find a surface or enough space to erect a tripod. The clip also has a second flexible arm that can hold your camera phone, so this can either be used strictly as an adaptable ring light or as a dedicated smartphone setup.

The best ring lights in 2021

The best ring lights offer a simple and effective way to improve the quality of your videos and photos, whether you’re streaming to YouTube, creating a TikTok or simply on a Zoom call. Black Friday deals are already here and we’re seeing big discounts on all types of cameras and accessories — including some of the best ring lights. We’re tracking the best sales in our Black Friday camera deals hub, so bookmark it now to make sure you don’t miss out on a bargain.

The Nanolite Halo 16C is another good choice, offering touch controls and lots of versatility in terms of light output.

However, if you’re not looking to spend quite as much or need something smaller and more portable, consider the 10-inch Raya Bendie-Brite Folding USB Bi-Color LED Ring Light. It’s relatively inexpensive (in fact see above for a Black Friday discount on it), weighs just a little over one pound and gives you the ability to adjust both the color temperature and the brightness.

(DC) / Unlimited (AC) Watt-Hours: 32.6Wh Removable Battery: Yes Color: Bi-Color Dimensions: 21.8 x 21.0 x 4.0 inches Weight: 11.1 pounds. Westcott has a long history producing top-notch lighting equipment for pros, and is an excellent choice, whether you’re using it for vlogging, live streaming, capturing video or shooting still photos for portraits, food, still life and many other types of genres.

It also has a built-in diffuser which produces soft, beautiful lighting that fills in shadows on your subject’s face with iconic catchlights in the eyes. Nanlite Halo 16C Bicolor and Tunable RGB 16-Inch LED Ring Light A very versatile ring light with touch controls and Wi-Fi capabilities Specifications Brightness—Dimmable Range: 1-100 percent Mount Type: 5/8-inch Receiver Color Render Index (CRI): Up To 97 CRI Color Temperature (K)—Range: 2700-6500K CRI: 95 TLCI: 93 Lumen Output 6500K: 2340 Lumens Lux @ 1m 6500K: 490 Lux Power Source: 15v DC Max Power Draw: 31w Dimensions: 16 inches diameter (12 inches inner) Weight: 5 pounds. Warranty: Limited 2 Year Warranty TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon View at BHPhoto Reasons to buy + Unique touch-control design to adjust settings + USB pass-through feature lets you power a phone while in the fixture + Wireless capabilities Reasons to avoid – A bit pricey, but worth the price The USB pass-through feature is another useful addition, as this lets you charge a phone while it’s positioned in the fixture, ensuring you won’t lose power during your shoot.

Other interesting touches include a unique touch-control design — rather than traditional knobs — for adjusting the color of the light, and built-in wireless (so you can control the fixture remotely from your phone or other mobile device). In addition to the ring light, this model comes with a mirror, carrying case, AC adapter and smartphone bracket. TODAY’S BEST DEALS Check Amazon View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Stepless dimming from 1-100 percent + Kit includes a 61-inch light stand + Includes Bluetooth for remotely controlling the ring light Reasons to avoid – Color temperature is fixed at 5500K This portable LED kit also comes with a 61-inch light stand, constructed from aluminum alloy, giving it exceptional strength.

As you might expect from its name, the Rotolight Ultimate Vlogging Kit is designed for content creators making videos or streaming to YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. With that in mind, it comes with a mini tripod that can turn into an extended camera grip: very helpful if you often switch between shooting in a studio and on the go.

TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at BHPhoto View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Light head rotates 180 degrees + USB ports can charge phones and devices + Offers a variety of mounting options for phones and stand-alone cameras Reasons to avoid – Doesn’t have an option to run on battery power Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Lightweight, portable and folds for easy carrying + Touch controls Reasons to avoid – Build isn’t as sturdy as pro-level models – On-camera labels and decals may fall off over time

It’s lightweight (weighing less than a pound) and can fold in half, so you can take it with you to shoot your vlogs or video chats or capture some casual selfies. However, although it’s small, it has some more advanced features, such as the ability to adjust the color temperature and brightness for your project via touch-sensitive controls.

(The manufacturer recommends that If you’re only carrying a smartphone, use a small power bank to run the light when you’re ready to record or talk.) It can also be used with a variety of devices, including a smartphone or laptop, which can be useful when you have a meeting and want to make the lighting look soft and natural.

XINBAOHONG Rechargeable Portable Clip-on Selfie Ring Light A very good value for a budget ring light Specifications Color temperature: 6000K (one setting) Brightness: 3 modes: low, normal, high Power: B built-in, rechargeable, lithium-ion battery Cable: 1 USB-micro cable Dimensions: 3.4 x 3.4 x 1.2 inches Weight: 2.4 ounces. Although this inexpensive ring light has a barebones design and feature set, it can be used on various mobile devices, including most phones and tablets, as well as on laptops.

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