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Review Powerbank Anker

Anker is a very prominent company in the consumer electronic charging area and of the market. This is for good though and we really think that Anker has earned their way through the mediocre products that plague the charging electronic industry.

Instead, Anker has set an example to its consumers and competitors that you have to provide value and by doing so, people will automatically love your products. Not only that, Anker is able to equip their portable chargers with all the right tech that able to back their power bank capabilities.

Their portable chargers aren’t made of anything special, rather it’s how they’re put together is what makes them very durable.

Review Power Bank Anker PowerCore Select 10000

Padahal power bank dari merk lain misal zola, delcell, acmic, uneed, dll. Nah, akhirnya beberapa waktu lalu saya kesampaian membeli power bank merk Anker. Nama Kapasitas Total Daya Input Output 1 & 2 Dimensi Berat : Anker PowerCore Select 10000 : 10.000 mAh : 37 Wh : 5V – 2A : 5V – 2,4A (Max) : 10,4 x 6,4 x 2,5 cm : 211 g

Permukaan body power bank dibalut warna hitam dengan permukaan bodynya berpola garis-garis yang timbul untuk sisi depan dan bertekstur halus, hitam dove untuk sisi-sisi yang lain. Bentuk mencekung tersebut meminimalisir tombol tertekan saat power bank terjepit di tempat penyimpangan. Untuk lampu indikator pun pas tata letaknya, melengkung mengikuti bentuk tombol power.

Dalam paket penjualan, power bank Anker PowerCore Select ini berisi unit power bank, kabel charger merk Anker, dan user manual yang dilengkap dengan keterangan garansi. Ya memang itu saja sih isi pokok dari box power bank.

Tidak hanya itu, menurut keterangan yang ada di user manual, Anker juga memberikan dukungan teknis seumur hidup. Informasi yang ingin diketahui oleh orang yang hendak membeli sebuah power bank adalah kemampuan pengisian dayanya, baik self-charging maupun charging perangkat lain, berapa kecepatan charging-nya, dan berapa kali power bank bisa digunakan untuk mengisi daya sebuah perangkat.

Anker PowerCore Select hanya memiliki sebuah port input berjenis Micro USB. Anker PowerCore Select hanya memiliki sebuah port input berjenis Micro USB.

Berikut ini adalah kondisi power bank dan perangkat yang diisi dayanya: Dengan kondisi seperti di atas, berikut data pengisian daya yang diperoleh:

Karena tidak sepenuhnya 7.400 mAh tersalurkan ke perangkat lain yang diisi dayanya. Cara Memperkirakan Kapasitas Real Power Bank dengan Smartphone yang Tidak lagi Baru

Kalau pada review-review sebelumnya saya melakukan perhitungan menggunakan dasar kapasitas baterai smartphone sesuai spesifikasi pabrik, yaitu 3.010 mAh untuk Xiaomi Mi A2. Kapasitas aktual sebuah baterai pertama kali saya temui pada Menu Service smartphone Sony Xperia seri X dan sebelumnya dengan men-dial *#*#7378423#*#*.

Nah, dengan menggunakan aplikasi AccuBattery kita bisa mengukur perkiraan kapasitas aktual sebuah baterai smartphone. Berdasarkan data yang disajikan oleh aplikasi, kapasitas aktual dari baterai Xiaomi Mi A2 yang saya pakai adalah 90-93% dari kapasitas awal 3.010 mAh, di kisaran angka 2.900-an mAh. Jadi, mempertimbangkan kondisi baterai smartphone, saya akan menentukan kapasitas power bank yang bisa disalurkan ke perangkat lain bukan dalam bentuk angka dengan satuan mAh seperti saat smartphone yang saya gunakan mengambil data masih tergolong baru. Kapasitas Real Power Bank Anker PowerCore Select 10000 diukur dengan smartphone Xiaomi Mi A2 Dari sini kita bisa memperkirakan kapasitas Real power bank dengan mempertimbangkan kondisi smartphone yang diisi dayanya. Pada tulisan ini adalah smartphone Xiaomi Mi A2 yang umurnya 1 tahunan pemakaian dan kapasitas aktual baterainya 90% – 93% berdasarkan aplikasi AccuBattery.

Harganya hampir seperempat harga smartphone yang saya pakai dengan kondisi baru dan garansi resmi 😀

Should I buy an Anker Powercore power bank? A look at the charging tech brand

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the history of the Anker brand, how they stand up against rival options, and how to choose the right model of power bank for your personal needs. Anker began back in 2011, when founder Steven Yang quit his job as a software engineer at Google with a singular mission in mind: to build the products he felt tech giants like Apple and Samsung weren’t providing. The name of his company Anker, which means anchor in German, gives you an idea of his vision: solid, functional and durable products that people could rely on.

Anker products are typically light, conveniently sized, well-made, and do what they claim to do, very dependably. Two rival mid-market brands, Aukey and RAVPower, both come very close to matching Anker products in terms of quality, speed and features, and often exceed them. In which case, our advice is not to worry: basically any power bank you buy from any of these three companies is going to be very decent quality.

Modern Anker power banks all have the word ‘Powercore’ in the title, and can be grouped into four main categories. These have only the traditional micro-USB port and don’t offer fast charging, but are pretty cheap as a result. Consequently, Anker Powercore power banks are neither super-cheap or stupidly expensive, but closely match the price of high-quality rivals such as Aukey and RAVPower. That said, if you’re very short of cash, you could wait until the autumn, as Anker often offers decent savings in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Anker Powercore 20100 Power Bank Review

Anker PowerCore 20100 is a large-capacity sleek and compact power bank with 2.4 amp charging and a reasonable price. For similar price, Anker’s latest PowerCore Essential 20000 is more modern, lighter, slimmer, portable chargers that can also be charged via USB-C. Solid build quality with double-layer inner metal & outer polycarbonate shell

It takes about about 12 hours to recharge this power bank using a 2 Amp wall charger.

If you have a phone that comes with a USB-C charger, we recommend buying the new PowerCore Essential 20000 PD. (Note: Anker offers a total of six Powercore brand 20000 mAh powerbanks currently!!

Refer the Anker PowerCore 20000 mah comparison table in this article for features of each.) The newer PowerCore Essential 20000 USB-C PD can be charged in just 6 hours with a PD wall charger such as iPhone 11 Pro/Max charger while the plain vanilla PowerCore 20100 takes minimum 10-12 hours to charge fully.

This excellent power bank has a long, narrow and slim design that makes it very pocketable and portable. 20,100 mAH is some serious battery capacity but the low weight (about 12 oz) of this mobile USB power bank makes it perfectly suited for your backpack, handbag or carry-on luggage. It gets charged in about 6 hrs using a USB-C PD charger and charges latest iPhones 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XR, XS, X/8/8+ and latest Samsung S10, S9/S8, S7, Note 10/9/8 and most other Android phones from zero to 50% in 30 minutes. PowerCore Essential 20000 USB-C PD also supports 18-watt Quickcharging and this makes it suitable for the widest range of modern smartphones – both iPhones and Samsung/LG/Moto/Xiaomi Androids.

Both Google and Apple are both moving towards 18-watt USB-C PD fast charging in latest and upcoming Android phones and iPhones as well as Macbooks. The combined wall charger/powerbank deal of PowerCore 20000 Speed PD is also much more reasonably priced as well. PowerCore Essential 20000 – 2.4 amp or 12-watt charging supported by almost all Android phones and iPhones – About 40-50% in 50 minutes It comes in two matte colors – black and a very cool looking white – with four blue LED indicators. The matte finish ensures that the outer surface remains fingerprint free and looks subtly beautiful as well. The high qualities batteries are reassuring and promise long life and safety.

Anker PowerCore 20100 USB battery bank comes with two 2.4 amp fast charging ports. Anker claims that the voltage boost feature senses the resistance of the cable and increase current accordingly.

Anker PowerCore 20100 review

A power bank is a necessity for some to keep their phone charged up throughout a whole day, and there’s a huge selection of products on the market to choose from. The version of the Anker PowerCore 20100 we’ve tried costs $49.99 / £32.99 / AU$89.95 from major retailers, but you’re sure to be able to find it for a bit less around sales periods. The edges of this are rounded so it’s easy to carry, and considering how much battery is hidden inside here you’ll be impressed by how light it is at just over 350 grams. It won’t be heavy enough to really notice in a bag, but it’s also not light enough to comfortably carry in your back pocket even though it’ll probably fit.

We ran our iPhone X down to dry and plugged in the phone and found it took two hours and 15 minutes to charge up our handset. Your phone will likely charge quicker if you opt for a power bank with Qualcomm QuickCharge 3 technology and you’ve got a compatible device (which the iPhone X isn’t).

This may be slightly different depending on how quickly your phone will charge from the power bank, but you can be safe in the knowledge this charger will be able to recharge an iPhone X at least seven six times. That probably means you won’t get seven charges for your phone, but it’ll still be quite a lot depending on how big the battery inside your device is. If you’re worried about the Anker Powercore overheating, the company has a technology used here called MultiProtect Safety System. If you can find this Anker charger for a suitable price, it’s a good option to have sitting in the bottom of your bag for those times you’re going to need to pump up your devices.

Customer Reviews: Anker PowerCore 20,000 mAh Portable Charger for Most USB-Enabled Devices Black A1272H11

if you want long-lasting (in regards to the available charge capacity and product itself) thats issue free on every level and lasts days even with constant use and over years, compatible with every type of phone even ones yet to be introduced to the market – the size pails in comparison and the price is remarkable AND DONT BUY ANY OTHER EXTERNAL BATTERY! I’ve purchased 3 of these over the last few years and countless other external batteries of every brand through owning an iPhone 7plus and Samsung note 9. Before realizing the difference in the charging speed associated with the output when I switched to a Samsung note 9, I already loved my anker and this SPECIFIC model.

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