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Review Power Bank Veger 10000Mah

The best feature I loved is that it shows which output port I’m using 1.0A or 2.1A. & a Type-C would be great for fast charging of device.

VEGER VP1027PD 10000mAh Power Bank

1x Veger VP1027 1x USB Cable User Manual 1x iPhone Adapter Warranty Card VEGER is an international brand that offers a variety of portable batteries, or commonly known as power banks, for charging daily devices.

A 10,000mAh power bank that features a bidirectional USB Type-C 18W 3A Output and Quick Charge 3.0.

If you’re familiar with VEGER power banks, one of their signatures is their packaging.

A golden holographic sticker comes with the packaging as a proof authenticity. The back highlights product specification as well as brand information, factual claims, bar code, and more.

Lastly, it comes with a quic k guid e and a warranty card. On a closer look, this power bank features carbon fiber finish and a slim form factor.

The imprinted logo highlightings the brand name, QC3.0, and PD feature of this power bank.

Lastly, the I/O labels are located at the back of the power bank. Since the USB Type-C is a bidirectional port, it can be an input and output. The orange colored output features Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

A various test will be conducted to measure the overall performance of this power bank. Performance test will be done by using a smartphone and an electronic USB load.

Such occurrence is due to the technology involved within Quick Charge and Power Delivery. By computation, it will take about 5 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge this power bank.

On our recording, it still took about 5 hours and 24 minutes to fully charge this power bank from 0 to 100%. Charging with Micro Type-B Cable and 5A Power Brick Using a Micro Type-B cable gave us similar result. On our USB Meter, it shows “Mode QC2.0” which means Quick Charge 2.0 works.

The QC2.0 also works with a quality Micro Type-B cable and shows similar charging rate. By doing so, it prolongs the batteries life while minimizing energy lost. In the graph above, you’ll find that the power bank had a smaller capacity for Quick Charge technology. The USB Power Delivery basically lets two devices communicate.

One of the main feature of this power bank is its triple fast charging technology. The Type-C Output features Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Power Delivery technology. The one with the orange color USB port features Quick Charge 3.0 and the last one doesn’t feature any quick charge technology but has an output rating of 5V/2.4A, which, technically is still fast. According to the specs, the VEGER VP1027PD is limited to a total maximum output of 18W.

Meaning, the sum of the output of these 3 ports will not exceed 18W if you charge 3 devices simultaneously. As seen on the image above, our phone uses Quick Charge 2.0 protocol with a total output of ~17W. After plugging a second USB device, the charge rate dropped down to less than 9W from ~17W. However, the green LED on the power bank that indicates Quick Charge is working was turned off. You can purchase one from your local electronics store or from online shops. The maximum wattage of the Type-C Output for this power bank is 18W.

Charging a smartphone using the Type-C port was easy and fairly simple, so long as you have the correct cable. The power rate gradually lowers as our phone reaches 100%.

This plain USB port with no Quick Charge technology involved has a maximum rating of 5V at 2.4A. We did, however, test if we can draw 5V at 2.4A from it using our electric loader and USB meter.

Amazingly, we also found out that the higher current we draw, the lower the voltage gets. Similar results can be observed with its other output USB ports.

Quick Charge 3 basically supports 3.6 V to 20 V, dynamic with 200 mV increments and a maximum current of 2.6 A or 4.6 A. However, since this power bank is limited to 18W draw, the QC3 port can only support 5 to 12V with current ranging from 1.5A to 3A.

With our phone battery dead, we got an initial charge of 9V at 1.98A which is roughly around 18W. The key difference between these 2 USB ports is that QC3.0 is friendlier to your phone’s battery.

Power gradually lowers as battery reaches full capacity.

8 Review Power Bank Veger

Untuk power bank pnya saya veger 10000 mah sangat lma ngecarger nya biar full hrs ngisi smpai 45 jam lama ngecas batre ny. Merk power bank asal negeri tirai bambu ini ternyata sangat laris di tiongkok. Wajar saja android merupakan os yang haus akan daya baterai.

Dengan power bank anda tidak perlu takut lagi kehabisan baterai dijalan.

Veger merupakan salah satu merk power bank terbaik dan terlaris di negeri tirai bambu. Wajar saja android merupakan os yang haus akan daya baterai.

Dalam sehari pabrik veger bisa memproduksi kurang lebih 20 ribu unit power bank setiap harinya. The sophisticated designs are built to suit peoples modern lifestyles which is why its a hit with filipinos of all ages.

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