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Review Ihome Bluetooth Speaker

My family was looking for an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker to listen to music from an iPhone. It works great to hear music in the living room or bedroom.

Customer Reviews: iHome IBT68 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Translucent gray IBT68BC

I’ve been wanting a replacement bluetooth speaker for one of my ancient ones that finally bit the dust but had been hem hawing around about it. One day while at the store I needed a few more dollars to spend to get the special financing deal taking place so I read some different reviews and looked at all the bluetooth speakers on the shelf and decided to grab this one since it is reasonably priced. Keep in mind, this is a teeny weeny speaker and does not reproduce bass at an audible or feelable level.

This $50 Bluetooth speaker with Alexa has great sound and a cool color-changing light-show feature — I love using it at night to relax

I’ve been using iHome’s Bluetooth Color-Changing Speaker ($53.34), which essentially creates a light show while you listen to music. For beach days where I need a rugged and powerful speaker that also happens to hold my phone and open beer bottles, I bring the Scosche BoomBottle ($89.99). Lately, I’ve been experimenting more with using voice commands to make everyday tasks easier by talking to my Google Home Mini ($49). Sometimes, I’ll forego bringing a speaker to gatherings because it adds too much weight to my already-heavy bag, but I really don’t mind carrying this one — it’s not too heavy. The charging port in the back is protected by a cover, and the front is lined with buttons to control the power, volume, and light show. Indoors within closed walls, it provides a full and balanced sound that keeps up with deep bass, light instrumentals, and the comforting voices of podcast hosts.

I think its outdoor capabilities are weaker and the sound can get a little lost if you have an especially rambunctious party, but if you’re entertaining a few dozen people in your backyard, it’ll do the trick. On too many occasions to count, I’ve found myself simply sitting on my bed watching the colors change or pulse as I listened to music or a podcast.

iHome iDM11 review: iHome iDM11

The iDM11 has a boxy design (it looks a little like a miniature version of the Boxee Box) with a corner shaved off so the speaker sits at an angle. You could put the iDM11 anywhere, but its design lends itself well to a home office, and the inclusion of a built-in microphone means you can use this as a speakerphone like you can the Jambox.

It’ll fill a small room or office with sound, but you won’t want to crank your tunes to the max because you’ll get some distortion at high volumes, especially with bass-heavy music. We would’ve preferred a dedicated 3.5mm input jack; instead, you’ll need to use the proprietary USB cable to play audio from non-Bluetooth devices.

While the Mini Boombox is easier to slip into a bag for transport thanks to its shape, the iHome iDM11 is arguably more stylish and swankier-looking overall, though they sound about the same.

Reviews for iHome Weather Tough Portable Bluetooth Rechargeable Waterproof Sandproof Speaker with 360-Degree Stereo Sound

The only time I lost it is when I went down stairs to the basement and then I had concrete walls between me and the speaker. I would highly recommend this speaker for outdoors like around the pool/spa, beach, lake or just chilling on the deck.

Bluetooth Rechargeable Waterproof Speaker with 18-Hour Mega Battery

The iHome iBT155 Weather Tough speaker features a rugged design and is IP67 rated so it is waterproof, shockproof and sand-proof.

iHome iBT751 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Mediocrity at its finest

iHome iBT751 Bluetooth Speaker Price: $41 Bottom line: The iHome iBT751 bites off a little more than it can chew, and while it has some exciting features for a low-cost Bluetooth speaker — like limited Smart Home control, cool lighting modes, and an integrated app — it fails to impress in a saturated market. Siri integration The Bad Poor app interface

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