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Review Headphone Audio Technica Ath S100Is

Its configuration, speed, image processing capabilities, and audio-only make it playable, so if you have a good set of speakers or a good headset that plugs straight up the computer, the card sound on the computer will reduce the sound quality a lot. In-ear headphones with a built-in microphone and volume control on the wires give you hands free of movement when listening to music. But not necessarily strong bass enthusiasts are interested in; the music requires subtleties. The ability to reproduce the truth like Gravity – Alison Krauss, Kari, Color to the Moon by Allan Taylor very good at this to see the use, the effect of a Dac / Ibasso D-zero.

The ATH S100iS features a strong midrange, slightly backward mid-bass detail, sweetness and brightness of the vocal, the treble of the ear just enough to help listeners feel the vibration rich and sound effects. And certainly, the ATH S100iS will work with such vibrant music genres as Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, EDM, Trance, House ….. if you are looking for a beautifully designed headset with a moderate level of head to use with the iPhone, iPod, iPad.

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the cushioning on the ear part of the headphones ensures it never gets uncomfortable to wear for a longer duration.

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Very Good sound quality (instruments and voice both are clear) Good Bass (Though not Mind blowing but enough to keep up the thump)

Mic with call attend button (button doubles as remote for pausing music and bringing next track)

Volume levels are adequate to today’s reqiurement.

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