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Qiaya Selfie Ring Light Review

Most ring lights are used for taking selfie photos, making YouTube videos, live streaming, makeup, and so on. It offers excellent illumination for photography and recording with cell phone, laptop camera, and other devices. Adjustable tripod stand with phone holder Cons Requires a power supply

The adjustable tripod also houses the circle light cell phone mount, which can rotate 360 degrees. The Aptoyu 8” LED Selfie Ring Light is another great value for money product that comes with similar features. The easy brightness adjustments, and the tripod with phone holder, make this a great buy.

QIAYA Selfie Light Ring Lights LED Circle Light Cell Phone Laptop Camera Photography Video Lighting Clip On Rechargeable

The product gives off good lighting but the battery is useless and the charging cord is laughable.

QIAYA Selfie Light Ring review

You have always wanted to take those perfect selfies and your photos turn out great, but the lighting feels too sharp or just a bit off. In today’s review, we are checking out the QIAYA Selfie Light Ring and finding out if it can help you get better pictures and just how easy it is to use. QIAYA Selfie Light Ring doesn’t back any fancy features or design. On top of the light, you find the Mini USB port for loading the Selfie Light Rings battery and a power button that also works as a mode selection.

In conclusion, it’s a great little device to get a better lighting for your photos and videos when using your smartphone.

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