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Ps4 Gold Headset Review Reddit

A disclaimer, I am not huge into audio quality and really only have the Bose Quiet Comfort 15 and Razer Carcharias to compare to. PS4 Sound Quality: For my comparrison I played AC:Black Flag, and Hercules on Netflix.

As others mentioned there isn’t much Bass boost, but they did sound better than the Bose and Razer headsets. They were able to pick up a lot of sound and detail, and seemed to block out background noise pretty well.

After messing around found there were advanced features in the wireless headset device for Bass boost and a couple other things. However the Bose has a bit better noise cancellation since it was designed for that, but the PS4 headset does a decent job as well.

My Review of Sony Playstation Gold Headset: 6.5

The PS4 only has 2 precious usb ports, and a sony made headset should not require an additional receiver to link with their own console. However, the lack of deepness in the sound quality is quiet disappointing and at this price tag leaves much to be desired.

Review for TLOU Part Ii Gold Wireless Headset : thelastofus

I saw a lot of people asking about the headset and before I got mine, i was pretty curious myself. This is subjective while I grew to like the fact that it’s so subtle, at first it really kinda bugged me that it’s not super easy to see right off the bat. (This might be because I put the usb drive in the back port instead of the front but I have yet to test it) I think the price is definitely inflated because its TLOU themed because I feel this is more of a $60-$80 headset rather than a hundred. So if youre looking for a super snazzy headset, you might wanna look elsewhere.

Anyone with first hand experience of new Sony Gold headset? : PS4

I ask because I have the Turtle Beach stealth 600’s and am wondering if the new Golds even though they’re basically the same spec wise, are better.

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