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Primark Power Bank 4000Mah Review

We want multiple ports for charging additional gadgets, and more efficient use of power outlets to free up sockets. Aside from those from big names such as Anker, power banks also tend to go on- and offsale pretty quickly.

There was a time when power banks with LCDs were rather expensive, and as prices started to come down they began to flood the market. When you’re dealing with relatively large amounts of power, it’s significantly more useful than trying to guess whether one or two lit LEDs worth of juice is going to get you through the day. There are two full-size USBs, plus a USB-C PD port that can act as both input and output, and all three support 18W Quick Charge – although only one at a time. Charmast supplies a soft mesh carry case and a short USB-A to USB-C cable in the box, a nice touch.

While it’s something of a throwback to power banks from a couple of years back, with its built-in LED flash (certainly useful for camping trips) and durable but plasticky design, it also takes us back to the days where you didn’t have to sacrifice ports for portability. The JIGA has USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning inputs, allowing you to fill its battery using whatever cable you have to hand.

Hailing from Anker, a respected brand in the power bank market, this 20,000mAh portable charger represents very good value at this capacity.

We’re pleased to find support for Power Delivery, but do note that it’s only up to 18W, and therefore not likely to be sufficient to charge a USB-C laptop.

On top is a power button with four integrated LEDs that reveal remaining capacity, and you can use this to enter a trickle-charging mode suitable for smartwatches and earbuds. You can use it at home or work plugged in, and carry it around with you for wired or wireless charging when you are away from a power socket.

As the name suggests, the PowerCore III 10K has a decent sized 10,000mAh battery, which should offer at least three charges from the power bank before it needs recharging itself. The power bank is nicely designed, with a rectangular body and rounded corners, plus a soft-touch black casing. Not that it’s going to take an age to recharge, thanks to a 10W Micro-USB input, but note that the power bank itself does not charge wirelessly. It’s lacking, for example, Quick Charge support, USB-C and an LCD display (none of which is yet standard in the power bank market).

These days that is a single charge for most phones, but with older iPhones and budget Androids you should expect to find a small amount of juice left over for emergencies. Almost identical in design to the IonGo 5K before it, but here with both USB-C and Lightning cables built-in (hence the name Duo), the Moshi is an undeniably cool-looking power bank that comes tucked away inside a vegan-friendly soft leather case with a magnetic clasp and an anodised aluminium faceplate. The additional cable means it’s now suited to Android as well as iPhone users, although as before this is Made For iPhone-certified. Use Lightning and USB-C together and you’ll see slightly slower charging speeds, with a max total output of 3.4A (17W).

You don’t need to understand what mAh means, only that if your phone spec says it has a 4,000mAh battery you are going to need at least a 4,000mAh bank in order to get a full charge.

As a rule of thumb, 5,000mAh is a single-use power bank that will be easily portable; 10,000mAh hits the sweet spot, both portable and offering around two charges; 20,000mAh is high-capacity, most useful for those who are going to be away from mains power for extended periods or will be charging multiple gadgets. Do note that if you’re travelling on a plane your portable charger must be in your hand luggage, and anything over 27,000mAh (100Wh) needs approval from the airline (over 43,000mAh/160Wh, forget it). Second, with most devices offering a row of four LEDs to denote how much power remains inside the bank, working out how much you’ve actually got left can be impossible.

An LCD screen will give you an exact readout of remaining capacity, though these are rarely found on low-capacity and cheap banks. These days even 10W, though marketed as ‘fast charging’, barely scratches the surface of what recent smartphones are capable of. That seems pretty straightforward, although power manufacturers rarely provide the speed of their outputs measured in watts. We’ve put together a range of articles to help you choose the best charging tech for the mobile devices you carry everywhere.

Primark pink powerbank in CR4 Merton for £6.00 for sale

Selling my Primark powerbank Only used one when I had an emergency Brand new sort of 4000mah RRP: £8 It works perfectly well as you can see in the first picture. Selling my Primark powerbank Only used one when I had an emergency Brand new sort of 4000mah RRP: £8 It works perfectly well as you can see in the first picture.

Selling my Primark powerbank Only used one when I had an emergency Brand new sort of 4000mah RRP: £8 It works perfectly well as you can see in the first picture.

Genuine Primark Powerbank Charger 6000 mAh Supar Slimline Brand New

(variable) 21.9% Representative APR (variable) 21.9% APR Assumed Credit Limit £1,200 eBay Marketplaces GmbH (of Helvetiastraße15-17, 3005, Bern, Switzerland) is authorised by the FCA to conduct credit broking for a restricted range of finance providers.

Primark is selling PIZZA phone power banks costing £9… and shoppers are very excited

Each charger looks like a slice of pepperoni and mushroom pizza and, if you and your mates join forces, you can complete the circle. Commenting on the snap, shoppers wrote: “Yano I’m gonna buy one”, and: “omg i need oneee”.


Hier mee kun je de powerbank opladen met een tussen stukje voor het stopcontact. Als je de powerbank oplaadt begint er een blauw lampje te knipperen, deze stopt met knipperen en schijnt continu zodra de powerbank helemaal vol is! Het geheel opladen van deze powerbank duurde ongeveer twee uur. En voor degene die het niet erg vinden om iets groots aan hun sleutelbos te hebben (zoals ik), kun je ‘m zelfs aan je sleutelbos hangen.

Hij kon mijn telefoon net niet helemaal opladen met een start batterij van 28%. Qua prijs/kwaliteit verhouding hoef je een powerbank niet persé te kopen bij de Primark.

De kost namelijk €7,- en dat is niet veel goedkoper dan bij andere winkels, dus je zou de powerbank ook ergens anders kunnen kopen.

Wayona WI40 4000mAh Power Bank Price in India, Specs, Reviews, Offers, Coupons

The website for seems to show that their ICP filling is not up to date. *Hi Doston Aapake Pass Konsi PowerBank hai Abhi…* Vai Mi a 2 mobaile Power Bank me chars hoti he eya nehi pizz bata do🙏🙏🙏🙏 Kya ham ek company ka power bank se kisi aur company ke phone ko charge kr sakte hai, and laptop ko bhi?

Mera powerbank me 2 input or 3 inbuilt output 1.type normal 2 type C3 type iphone or 1 extra koibhi cable laga vo minix 10000 mah 700 rs Samsung mobile ke liye konsa acha hai

Rialme c3 me wireless Power Bank support karta hai ya You are saying that the cell are lipo and the slim battery are li ion

Can the batteries be replaced with higher capacity 18650 cells and if so will the PCB work ok with them ? My local cheap jack store in Aus has a 4000 mill amp “Power Bank ” for $5- it’s the usual double cell black square design case and ALSO has torch function . its fine i guess, good for when my phone dies while im outside. Any advice on what to install to stop blowing them when put in in wrong polarity?

Hey Clive love your videos I been watching for years. Wee question do you think these 18650 cells would be safe to pull out and use in a vape mod as its a cheap way of getting batteries. It would be nice if one day we opened these cheaper power banks up only to find Samsung or Panasonic lithium cells inside, that would be a nice surprise and would probably sell out instantly, not going to hold my breath though.

So, Clive, you can now happily replace this one with the bent tip AND keep one or eight for spares!

Even more the rate charge number in the cel doesn’t increase; rather it decrease! I have one that no charge my cel, even when it shows that the pocket power is completely charged🤣 The little user guide sheet did not say anything about the indicator lights or the flashlight, so the explanation really helps. While it is charging a blue and a red light flashes in the inside.

I just got 1 this Xmas I plugged it to get it charged then unplugged it and hooked it to my galaxy s6 phone and its down to the 3rd blue light blinking do it means it’s low Cuz if so it’s been connected to the phone for less than 10mins I added a 2 dollar 2 watt usb led from ebay. power button: hold a few seconds, flashlight turns on; will also show how much battery is left in battery pack with blue LED lights, stays lit for approx. 5 seconds; hold power button again, flashlight turns off.

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