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Plantronics Headset Setup With Polycom Phone

Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) is a feature that allows users to start and end calls by pressing buttons on their headset. Enable Headset Memory Mode on Polycom phones Press the Menu button.

Polycom Headsets – Everything You Need to Know for Polycom Telephones

Numerous headsets are compatible with Polycom telephones, but finding the correct amplifier or direct connect cable is the key to getting a headset to work properly with your Polycom phone. The following guide will explain the compatible equipment you need, including many pictures to simplify the process of finding a Polycom headset for your application. Business grade wireless headsets come in many different wearing styles, with different talk-times (battery life), covering different distances, and technological features. To greatly improve your experience with a wireless headset, most users also purchase an EHS cable or lifter to automate the process of handling calls, preserving battery and remote capabilities.

On newer Polycom phones, you will find a built-in USB port. This allows for use of USB wireless headsets and eliminate the need for an additional EHS cable or lifter for remote capabilities. KEY POINT: Newer Polycom phones have USB ports and will allow remote alerts and answering/hanging up without an EHS cable or lifter. For more info visit: Understanding a Wireless Polycom Headset Solution Business grade corded headsets come in many different wearing styles and technological features. KEY POINT: A corded headset requires a Direct Connect cable or amplifier Numerous Direct Connect cables are available, each made for specific phone models. Amplifiers provide the best audio, and are more universal allowing customization of microphone and speaker volumes.

Combining a headset with a compatible Direct Connect cable or amplifier will provide you with everything you need. For more info visit: Understanding a Corded Polycom Headset Solution

You can alternatively use the U10P cable or M22 amplifier with Polycom Part Number 2200-11095-002 which adapts the RJ9 connection to 2.5mm. Wireless Solutions: If you choose to use the APP-51 EHS cable you will also need Polycom Part Number 2200-11095-002 which adapts the RJ9 connection to 2.5mm.

Wireless Headsets without EHS Cable or Handset Lifter (CS510, CS520, CS530, CS540, Savi Series): Optionally a Handset Lifter or Electronic Hookswitch Cable (EHS) will need to be purchased to answer and hang up calls remotely.

With newer Polycom phones, using the USB port will allow remote operation without the need for additional EHS cables or lifters. Both will sense when your phone is ringing and generate beeps in your headset to alert you of a call.

The EHS electronically establishes calls on newer phones without the mechanical motor and physical movement of your handset, but otherwise accomplishes the same thing. This saves you a tremendous amount of time playing phone tag with customers or co-workers. You can view your options in our Polycom Headset compatibility chart located on this page. This eliminated the use of an amplifier and allowed a less expensive direct connect cable to be used with standard H-series headsets.

The only negative to using a direct connect cable is you lose your ability to control your outgoing voice volume. For the latest models: Plantronics H-Series Headsets for Polycom Phones

Most Polycom phones will need the headset port activated for EHS use, giving you remote answer/hangup capabilities. Make sure the EHS cable is NOT plugged into your Polycom phone From your phone select: Menu-> Settings-> Basic-> Preferences->Headset-> Analog Headset Mode or Electronic Hook Switch Mode Scroll Down to Plantronics Mode, and then press Select – Press Menu to return to the idle display Now that the port is activated, you may plug the EHS cable into your phone and headset base.

We have also implemented the following on a few Polycom VVX phones for corded headsets to function correctly. 2) Polycom VVX 500 speaker phone volume setting using corded USB headsets.

ML10: How to Pair

On your cell phone, go to the Bluetooth menu and search for (or add) a device. Press and hold the call control button for about 5-6 seconds until the light on the headset starts flashing an alternating red-blue. On your cell phone, go to the Bluetooth menu and search for (or add) a device. The ML10 features QuickPair technology, which means that the first time you turn the headset on, it automatically goes into pairing (discoverable) mode.

APP-5/APP-50/APP-51 (Polycom EHS Cable): How to Install

This procedure explains how to install the APP-5/APP-50/APP-51 EHS cable, which is compatible with the following Polycom phone models: On your base, set your compatibility switch and speaking and listening volumes to the following:

All of the phone models must run SIP application 3.1 or higher and BootROM 4.1.0 or later, except for the SoundPoint IP 670, which must SIP application 3.0.2 or higher and BootROM 4.1.0 or later.Set the headset mode on your phone to “Plantronics Mode” before connecting your Plantronics headset system to your phone. To do so,The following phone models require an adapter (Part Number 2200-11095-002; available from Polycom) for the 2.5mm headset port: Click here for adapter installation information.

Polycom VVX 411 headset setup – How to?

Setting up your VVX 411 to accept any headset is (in most cases) super easy. The Polycom VVX 411 IP phone will accept 3 different types of headset: Standard Wired Headset with an RJ9 square type jack Standard wired USB headset with a USB type A (the traditional larger USB plug) A wireless DECT headset + EHS lead or cable (otional for remote answering)

We get asked a lot if you can just do a work around and simply just plug a USB dongle in to the USB port then pair a bluetooth headset to that BUT thats not what Polycom recommend and they know there phones so dont do it folks…(you have been warned!)

After you connect a headset to your vvx 411 IP Phone you can set up your Phone to use the headset automatically when answering and placing calls How to place or answer calls Navigate to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset > Hookswitch Mode.For VVX 1500 phones, navigate to Menu > Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset > Hookswitch Mode.

When using a wireless dect headset with or without an electronic hook switch or EHS as it’s called then please use your headset documentation and basic set up guide that came with your wireless headset.for remote answering. For details, refer to the guide that comes with your headset.set the first DIP switch labelled 1 (DHSG) to the down position on the back of the headset base unit.

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