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Phenom Headset Ps4 Review

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9 Best Gaming Headsets for Switch, PC, Xbox, PS5, and PS4 (2021)

Whether you want to charge your phone or slip on a pair of earbuds for your morning commute, most of us use wireless gadgets. You can hear your environment and your allies with clarity, without worrying about charging or compatibility issues.

Phenom Exp 15 PS4 Headset

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Phenom Next Headset Review

Well, if your driver is large like the Phenom’s Next headset, you should expect more power and a good output frequency range. They also let you answer or end a call, and if you are listening to music, they can mute the audio or skip tracks on your playlist. The Phenom Next also features some cool aesthetics, and this is the led glow lights on the backside of the speaker housing and on the mic. The feature makes the headsets really cool when worn at night and somehow enhances the gaming atmosphere.

And if it has been made with low-quality material, you will sweat around the ears, which will prevent you from gaming for long hours. We all agree that all the games don’t have the same needs as some are quite intense and will, therefore, demand accurate directional sound cues to both you and your team members.

What’s more, no matter what level of gamer you are either beginner, intermediate, or expert, you can never miss a headset in the wired section. You can never go off the air; the thing is wireless headsets need to be charged, and if the battery is not sufficient, then brace yourself for disappointments because sound production and communication will be cut short unawares.

There is also the problem of pairing when using the Bluetooth feature; this is something that you will not have to deal with if you are using a wired headset, as you will only need to plug and play. A rule of thumb will be to purchase a high-end wireless gaming headset if you are a serious gamer because the cheap models tend to compromise on many features. You will find that the build quality and audio have been compromised to achieve a seamless wireless performance in most cases. As innovations continue to bombard the gaming industry, it wouldn’t be a wonder if the wired headphones become a thing of the past.

The simple reason is that gamers will interact with different platforms provided that the headsets support the wireless standards. If you are this type of player, then ensure that the headphones you are investing in have a noise-canceling feature because your background noise can be quite irritating. To which end, there are those headsets that can be used with different systems, and there are those that will restrict you from using your microphone even if the audio jack is compatible with the gaming platform. So, to be on the safe side, ensure that your headset is compatible with the USB gaming systems, can comfortably accommodate a 3.5mm or a dual 3.5mm jack.

The recommended service time for a good battery is 10hours, and most headsets have well outdone the above and will give you either a clean 20 or 30 hours. Different headset brands offer varying sound qualities, so while others will make you feel like you are in the battleground, others provide a more subtle effect. A good gaming headset is costly; however, some budget-friendly units have incorporated the essential features to provide an immersive experience. The Phenom Next headset is not exactly high end but does have some exciting features and aesthetics to match the gaming environment.

The Best Gaming Headsets

The Cloud Alpha sounds great, with a spacious soundstage and clear distinction across bass, mids, and highs so you can hear light footsteps, dialogue, and rumbling explosions. It’s light and comfortable for a wide range of head sizes, it has an airier soundstage than the HyperX Cloud Alpha, and it sounds more accurate (if less bassy, which some people who play games tend to prefer) than our other picks.

The microphone muffles voices slightly, but they remain clear enough for you to converse with other players, and the ATH-PDG1 is compatible with PC, consoles, and any tablet or smartphone with a headphone jack. The Cloud Flight S also offers mic monitoring, has chat balance (on PC only), and supports Qi charging and surround sound, features our other picks don’t have.

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