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Original Slim Power Bank

Ultra-slim power banks are the best alternative to the usually bulky and heavy options you’re generally able to find. Even though it’s super sleek, LifeCard is equipped with a decent-sized 1500mAh battery that can charge your phone for an extra four hour of usage. Additionally, it supports fast-charging up to 1A and comes in two variants with either a built-in USB-C or Apple MFi certified output port. The device itself can be charged with micro-USB input and you can check the battery levels on the integrated LED indicator light.

The TNTOR Ultra Thin Power Bank is an excellent high-capacity device that weighs only 4.1 ounces, making it extremely portable. What we liked most about this power bank is the inclusion of several safety chips that protect your device against overheating and short-circuiting.

Supports Fast Charging (2A) Smart IC & short circuit protection Cons Low life expectancy It weighs only 3.87 ounces and is sleek enough to fit into your pocket but still manages to offer an impressive 5000mAh of battery capacity. Attom Tech’s power bank features 4 LED lights that tell its battery percentage, so you’ll know when it’s time to plug it into a charger.

Intelligent Control Circuit for device safety Has both USB-A and USB-C ports Cons Average build quality It comes with a built-in Apple-certified MFi lightning cable that works for all iPhone models ranging from the 12 Pro Max to the SE. The PowerEasy power bank has a 5000mAh battery capacity which is enough to charge an iPhone up to 2.5 times, depending on the model you use.

Luxtude PowerEasy is built with a premium aluminum alloy case that is sturdy enough to handle light hits and drops. Built-in cable Can charge phone and power bank simultaneously Cons It can only be used with Apple iPhones If you don’t like charging your power bank every day and want one that has a large battery, the Charmast Delivery is the best option on our list. These large batteries come packed in a slim body that is covered in a rubber oil surface, making it smooth and scratch-resistant.

Another great feature about this power bank is that it comes with multiple output ports which helps you take advantage of its high battery capacity. Its innovative technology automatically detects and adjusts its output current to deliver optimal charging speed for all the connected devices.

Additionally, it also features a Type-C input port apart from the micro-USB that allows you to charge it with any smartphone charger quickly. Soft and scratch-resistant rubber surface Multiple input and output options Cons Quite heavy

If you’re still not sold on the idea of purchasing a slim power bank, here are a few pros that will help you decide. If you want to charge heavy devices such as your laptop with a power bank, you’re better off buying a bulky alternative with high-power output. However, slim power banks such as the Charmast Delivery do break this mold with their massive battery life. If you are still thinking about which ultra slim power bank to purchase from this list, here are some of the best among the options we have mentioned.

What Is a Power Bank? Everything You Need To Know About Charging On The-Go

A power bank can keep your phone full of battery without an outlet, so you’ll never have to miss a selfie opportunity or a call from your mom.

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the battery is ok. the inbuilt usb goes with most android phones.i bought it but i am not being able to use with my own phone cause it is not compatible with IPHONE guys.

Best power banks 2021: portable chargers to keep your gadgets going

Whether you’re looking to charge your phone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, or other devices, there’s a lot to consider before buying a power bank though. As a final note, what you won’t find are any power banks from RavPower, Aukey or Mpow. These have all been removed from Amazon, seemingly due to the companies incentivizing people to write reviews by offering gift cards and the like.

While these reviews might still be honest, the promise of money could spur people into writing overly positive and unrepresentative ones.

So while you can still find power banks from these companies elsewhere, we can’t recommend them on the basis of this business practice. This is a slightly smaller power bank than others on offer, and that’s great for people who only want a lightweight portable charger that can easily fit into a small bag or pocket.

Offering mostly everything you could need at this price, the iMuto 20,000mah power bank has a 20,000mAh capacity that means you can charge the average smartphone over four times without a problem. The price is that it’s a fairly bulky power bank and it’s certainly heavy but with two ports and a screen that shows you how much charge is remaining, it’s certainly practical if not particularly portable.

The Anker PowerCore 20,100mAh power bank is a bit more stylish for the price, and still offers a huge 20,100mAh battery so you can recharge multiple times without issue. Mophie Powerstation Wireless XL 10,000mAh power bank Plenty of options with style too TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon View at invisibleSHIELD 33 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Extensive port options + Wireless charging Reasons to avoid – Expensive – Large

The Mophie Powerstation Plus XL 10,000mAh power bank is ideally designed for iPhones and iPads thanks to its embedded Lightning cable. Veho Pebble P1 Pro 10,400mAh power bank Fast charging and a sleek design TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Walmart Check Amazon Reasons to buy + Two USB ports + Fast charging Reasons to avoid – Unusual design

The Omars Mini Power Bank 10,000mAh Battery allows you to charge up to three devices at once thanks to its one USB-C and two USB-A ports. While you won’t be using them to recharge your laptop or games console, they’re good for a quick boost to your phone when you’ve realized you overestimated your battery’s capabilities. Anker Astro E1 5,200mAh power bank Incredibly small yet quite potent for the size TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Walmart Check Amazon 27 Walmart customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Very small design + Lightweight Reasons to avoid – Limited capacity – No Qualcomm Quick Charge support

The Anker Astro E1 5,200mAh power bank isn’t going to be a long term solution but if your smartphone simply needs an electronic pep talk of sorts, this will do the job.

Mophie Powerstation Mini Universal Battery Easily grippable and very lightweight TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Very lightweight + Easy to grip Reasons to avoid – Limited capacity The Mophie Powerstation Mini Universal Battery looks pretty nice for the price and it’s certainly lightweight. Capacity is a mere 5,000mAh but that’s fine for daily use and you can charge multiple devices at once via the USB-C and USB-A ports. An integrated four-light LED power indicator shows you the charging status and current battery life at all times which is useful.

It feels good in your hands too with a premium fabric finish and textured perimeter for an easy grip. EAFU Power Bank Lightweight design with a built-in flashlight TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Charges up to 3 devices + Built-in flashlight Reasons to avoid – Not the most powerful Small enough to fit into your hand, the JvGoal Power Banks 12000mAh will still charge your iPhone a few times and let you know exactly what’s going on via its LCD display. The display shows the remaining power so you’re in control with two USB output ports to give you some flexibility.

Anker PowerCore 13000 Power Bank Lightweight if not particularly slim TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Walmart View at Walmart Check Amazon Reasons to buy + Decent capacity for price + Lightweight design Reasons to avoid – No Qualcomm Quick Charge support Packing in plenty of juice for the price and size, it can charge an iPhone a couple of times without a problem as well as a tablet from 0% to 100%. That means they’re typically fairly bulky and sometimes unwieldy things that you’re definitely going to notice in your bag but they’re built to last which is a huge help. MAXOAK 50,000mAh power bank A huge array of ports for the price TODAY’S BEST DEALS Low Stock View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Six ports + Huge battery Reasons to avoid – It’s pretty big

It’s capable of dealing with laptops and the Nintendo switch as easily as it is your smartphone or tablet so it’s great if you’re off the grid for a while Its capacity isn’t as vast as some options here but it’s surprisingly slim and lightweight for what it offers meaning it’s pretty convenient.

Alongside that is a a useful flashlight feature for camping and a 5-segment LED indicator so you know how much power you have remaining at all times. Bextoo Power Bank 30,000mAh Surprisingly stylish for a power bank TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Walmart Check Amazon Reasons to buy + Stylish design + Good capacity Reasons to avoid – Only two USB ports

The PowerOak 50,000 mAh Power Bank isn’t designed for tossing in your bag without thinking about it because it’s huge. It also crams in six output ports with one aimed at laptops, one for digital cameras, two for smartphones and tablets, and another couple too for good measure.

You’ll still be able to charge your phone a couple of times and it’s MFI certified so you know it’ll work well with all your Apple devices, as well as anything else you throw at it. Still reasonably slimline, it has a built-in flashlight, the ability to charge up to three devices at once, plus bundles in a USB-C cable.

Anker Power Bank 20,000 A more potent slimline Anker power bank TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Two USB ports + High capacity for size Reasons to avoid – No Qualcomm Quick Charge Despite that small stature, it still packs in USB-C, USB-A and micro-USB ports and can charge your phone over once throughout the day.

It makes up for it with key features like a thin design, both Micro-USB and USB-C inputs and 10,000mAh of juice. The best wireless power banks mean you don’t need to worry about carrying too many cables with you to recharge your devices. Utilizing many Apple and Android devices’ abilities to charge wirelessly, you get all the convenience of a wire-free existence while on the move. Like with the everyday power banks, capacity can vary massively here depending on your budget but don’t count on it being too high given the technology used. Mophie Powerstation all-in-one 20,000mAh power bank The best option for Apple devices by far TODAY’S BEST DEALS Check Amazon Reasons to buy + Charges up to four devices + Built-in magnetic Apple Watch charger Reasons to avoid – Bit expensive Anker Magnetic Wireless 5,000mAh power bank The ideal solution for the iPhone 12 users amongst us TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Magnetic attachment + Charges through cases Reasons to avoid – Limited functionality for non-iPhone 12 users

4. iWALK Magnetic Wireless Power Bank A neat way of keeping things wireless TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Finger Holder + Simple design Reasons to avoid – Low-ish capacity

Its 6,000mAh capacity should mean you won’t ahem to worry about finding power too soon either, plus there’s a LED that lets you know what’s going on.

The MagSafe Battery Pack is the Apple accessory you grudgingly buy knowing it’ll do the best job for your iPhone 12. Anker PowerCore III Wireless Power Bank The one stop shop solution with some bulk TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Wired and wireless charging options + Reliable brand Reasons to avoid – Not the lightest

There’s no device the Anker PowerCore III Wireless Power Bank can’t cope with which is sure to be useful. Kilponen Solar Power Bank, 26800mAh High capacity with a solar power flare TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Amazon Reasons to buy + High capacity + LED indicators Reasons to avoid – Only two ports Pxwaxpy Solar Power Bank 26800mAh Good capacity with some decent port options TODAY’S BEST DEALS Check Amazon Reasons to buy + High capacity + USB-C and micro-USB options Reasons to avoid – Bulky

Capable of charging your devices a good half a dozen times, it won’t let you down either.

It’s well-designed for the outdoor experience although its panels can take a bit of effort to set up and arrange appropriately. That includes a whopping 36,000mAh capacity which will help you charge your phone multiple times without a problem as well as tablets. A built-in flashlight with emergency modes and simple hooks for attaching the solar panel complete the package. Appreciating you’re outdoors, the Anker PowerCore Solar 20,000mAh is designed to handle dust, rain, and a few knocks thanks to its IP65 rating.

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The best 10,000mAh power banks you can buy

Table of contents 01 Buying guidelines 02 Anker PowerCore III Wireless 03 InfinityLab InstantGo 04 Otterbox Folding Wireless Power Bank 05 Mophie PowerStation PD XL 06 Anker PowerCore Slim PD 07 Crave Plus portable charger 08 Otterbox Wireless Power Pack 09 Honorable mentions Many modern smartphones rely on some form of USB Power Delivery to recharge at top speeds. You may also want to ensure that your bank of choice supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2 or 3 for older devices. Many modern smartphones rely on some form of USB Power Delivery to recharge at top speeds.

You may also want to ensure that your bank of choice supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2 or 3 for older devices. It’s one of few to offer USB PD PPS support so it can charge the Galaxy S21 series at full speeds. Samsung’s premium offering costs a pretty penny at $79.99, but it’s well-built with plenty of charging flexibility. If you want a well-built power bank with great speeds, it’s tough to look past the Samsung Wireless Portable Battery.

Check out our full review to learn more about the Samsung 25W Wireless Portable Battery. While the Samsung 25W Wireless Portable Battery is our top recommendation, keep reading below for additional choices worth considering.

It’s an odd option in that it packs a micro-USB port, but it still offers solid speeds. It swaps the metal finish for a predominantly plastic one and trades one of the USB-C ports for a USB-A option.

Anker includes a handy drawstring pouch for your power bank and charging cables too. You can use Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ from the USB-A port, and the charging pad on top maxes out at 10W.

Anker even built a small sliding kickstand into the side, although you have to use it on a completely flat surface, or your phone will fall out. Our charging tests showed reliable speeds from both the USB-A and USB-C ports, but they slow down to nearly 8W when you try to use both at once.

Anker PowerCore III 10K Wireless power bank Anker’s PowerCore III is an all-in-one charging solution with up to 18W wired speeds and 10W wireless speeds thanks to the Qi charging pad and PowerIQ technology. Anker even added a small stand so you can catch up on your favorite shows while you charge. InfinityLab’s InstantGo family is on the expensive side, starting at $69, but it offers impressive features for you to choose from. You can either grab a power bank with a built-in USB-C or Lightning cable or pick up an option with a 10W wireless charging pad. It’s pretty impressive for a power bank and offers better laptop support than some of our previous picks.

However, the lack of USB PD PPS means you won’t be able to use the total 30W for the Galaxy S21 or Pixel 6 series.

It may be large, but the Otterbox Folding Wireless Power Bank packs an impressive charge. If you’re a die-hard mobile gamer, you can set your phone on the gold-ringed charging pad and keep enjoying the action.

The USB-A and USB-C ports can push up to 18W speeds, and the Otterbox Folding Wireless Power Bank offers solid charging options. Just be ready to make extra room in your bag — this is one of the thickest and heaviest power banks on our list at 320g. Check out our full review to learn more about the Otterbox Folding Wireless Power Bank. It’s shorter and thinner than a Google Pixel 5, which means it’s easy to shove in a pocket for life on the go.

The Powerstation PD XL also advertises 5W USB-A charging with multiple devices plugged in, but our testing showed it’s capable of better speeds — around 8W. It packs 18W PD charging and a 12W USB-A port to get your devices back to full power. The PowerCore Slim PD skips most of the bells and whistles and focuses on refining the basics. The power bank itself packs a USB-A and a USB-C port, with one round button to show the remaining charge. It tops out at 18W speeds from the USB-C port, though the Power Delivery support stops short of USB PD PPS.

You get similar Quick Charge options to other power banks on our list, and the USB-A port relies on Qualcomm’s proprietary PowerIQ.

Anker’s PowerCore Slim PD is light, it’s fast, and it’s among the most affordable power banks around. On the bright side, the Anker PowerCore Slim PD is about the size of a Pixel 5 and weighs just 212g.

Check out our full review to learn more about the Anker PowerCore Slim PD. While the Anker PowerCore Slim PD was a small and light power bank, the Crave Plus heads in a decidedly different direction. Although the Crave Plus falls on the heavy side, its thin design does make it easy to slip into a purse or backpack whenever you need to travel.

The Crave Plus is a unique power bank on our list in that it offers a micro-USB port for recharging.

Crave skipped USB PD PPS, making this a more reliable power bank for Apple’s iPhones than Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series. It’s large for a 10,000mAh power bank — look at it in comparison to the Galaxy S20 Ultra — but it’s the only option on our list with an IP rating.

Specifically, this Otterbox power bank is IP54 rated against most dust and water sprays from all angles. The rest of the power bank is also coated in a rubber layer reminiscent of a classic Otterbox case.

Best power banks 2021: Reviews and buying advice

(You might also be interested in our our roundup of USB car chargers if you spend a lot of time in transit.) Building on the success of the Powerstation Plus XL (our previous pick for best overall power bank), Mophie’s Powerstation XXL matches its predecessor in efficiency, achieving 92.51 percent of its stated maximum current, plus it’s stylish, portable, and affordable price. The combination wall charger and portable power bank format makes the Powercore Fusion 5000 exceedingly convenient.

It’s limited to two USB-A ports for device charging, but that doesn’t dimish its great handiness-to-cost ratio. Sherpa 100AC Portable Power Bank Read our review MSRP: $299.95 Best Prices Today: If you spend a lot of time on the road and value device preparedness, the Sherpa 100AC makes a trusty, if pricey, companion. But that buys you two USB-C ports capable of fast-charging speeds, two standard USB ports, a Qi wireless charging pad, a standard U.S. 110V outlet, a full complement of cables, and a nifty status display and buttons for controlling various functions of the pack. Sporting the sort of sleek yet rugged exterior you’d expect from Otterbox, the Fast Charge 20,000mAh is both handsome and utilitarian.

With a capacity near 252.7Wh, a nice complement of ports, a built-in flashlight, and an included carrying case, this highly portable power station makes a great travel companion for road trips.

Determining whether a power bank lives up to a company’s promise entails more than simply connecting it to a phone and charging.

Then to track efficiency, we use an AVHzY USB Power Meter in tandem with a DROK Micro Load Tester. As we use the DROK load tester to drain the pack of power, we are able to test against a battery’s stated maximum current, and verify that proper shutdown mechanisms are in place should something go wrong during a charging session (such as a device drawing over the maximum amps).

We are able to run that test and get an instant readout to confirm support for QC 3.0, for example, without needing to have compatible phones or devices on hand. For those with a compatible device, make sure the battery pack is Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, or PD certified.

Don’t put 100 percent confidence in a company’s claims of a pack being able to charge, say, a Galaxy S8 or iPhone X six times over. You can find more information at the Consumer Products Safety Commission, as well as Amazon’s own recall site.

Cell Phone Power Banks for sale

For anyone who is always using their smartphone or other mobile devices, it is important to make sure you always have an adequate charge to get through the day. Every power bank will come with at least one USB port to plug in the charging cable of your device.

Charging time for the power bank itself depends on the specific model and its mAh capacity. Always make sure to charge a brand-new bank before using it for the first time to get maximum output from your battery.

The Best Portable Chargers and Power Banks for Phones and Tablets

Whether you’re a glued-to-your-screen smartphone owner who can never make it through a day on a full charge, or you just need an occasional battery boost, USB power banks are a panacea for low-battery anxiety. The Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux lacks the built-in cables that set the TravelCard models apart, but its capacity (10,000 mAh, or enough to fully charge most smartphones three times) is a lot higher. The Anker PowerCore III Fusion 5K is handy if you want a single, reliable charger that you can plug in the wall to charge your devices overnight and then pack up and carry with you during the day.

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