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Original Ring Holder Necklace

Unconventional styles like wearing a ring as a pendant on your necklace are taking the shape of a big fashion trend. Men working in industries involving the usage of heavy tools and machinery often find a haven of their wedding or engagement rings around their necklaces. Other than causing discomfort while working, the chances of the ring getting tarnished also increases substantially if it gets constantly exposed to hazardous materials and environments. Often ladies opt for this stylish solution driven by health reasons like arthritis which can cause their fingers to become extremely swollen. Undertaking strenuous activities in the gym and natural body processes like pregnancy can also make it difficult to fit in your existing ring. Just like men, ladies often wear rings as sentimental symbols especially when it is in remembrance of their deceased partner or someone else, they hold dear.

The Best Ring Holder Necklaces You Can Buy

Surprisingly, it’s a big trend right now, particularly by newly engaged brides (and already-weds!) who want to keep their ring(s) close to their hearts and in a safe spot. Sidebar, I was watching the final episode of Breaking Bad (to get ready to watch El Camino, which was awesome) and Walt even had his wedding ring around his neck on a long string.

I highly doubt this is where the trend started (ha!)

Furthermore, some people wear a ring necklace holder to keep a family heirloom close to their hearts. To help you pick one that suits your style, we’re rounding up 10 of our fave ring holder necklaces to wear.

These make really great gifts for newly engaged brides and newlyweds, too. Or if you’re planning your honeymoon, a ring holder necklace makes a great gift to buy for yourself.

It will be helpful to know your ring is close at hand (without wearing a decoy like this instead, which a lot of people do). We did some digging and found beautiful ring holder necklace options, all of which are available online. This has a cool rough metal look to it and is shaped like a wishbone. This is a terrific ring holder necklace for men or women.

Mermaid tail ring keeper necklace, $15 Mountain themed ring holder necklace, $45 This outdoors-inspired mountain ring holder necklace is a perfect style for you. When your ring is added to the necklace, it becomes part of the style.

Another style from this shop is a stethoscope ring holder necklace for anyone who works in a hospital. Rose gold ring holder necklaces, $42+

This beautiful necklace holds your ring around your neck and is made in rose gold. Twist circle ring holder necklace, $33

Modern geometric ring holder necklace, $35+ Absolutely stunning craftsmanship; made of real, high-quality gold.

This necklace has a movable part that opens to add your ring to the sturdy pendant. This ring holder includes an initial charm and birthstone.

RN / Registered Nurse ring holder necklace, $42+ I have many friends who are registered nurses and they would adore this style. Tip: Before You Buy a Ring Holder Necklace If the price is very low, it may mean the quality is not as great on the chain or its durability; that means you could lose the very ring you’re trying to protect, simply if the chain breaks.

Original Ring Holder Necklace

It’s up to you which one of the 4 C’s is more important, however, you have a certain budget to spend and if you are looking for a larger diamond, you can go slightly lower in clarity as long as the inclusion is not eye visible but don’t sacrifice color.

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