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Original Mi Power Bank Vs Fake

Owing to its quality built, better specifications and cheaper prices, Xiaomi has gained a lot of attention. Depending on the company manufacturing the fakes, there can be some cases where it works similarly to the genuine one, but it will surely fail most of the following tests. Entering the code on the Xiaomi website (link below) would confirm the genuine product. However, the power banks sold outside of China via official channels will not carry this sticker.

Even if it carries one, the ‘times queried‘ on the Xiaomi website will show a very high number because the fake guys want to save costs by printing the code on multiple stickers. For 20000mAh Power Bank – The length of USB cable is longer at around 13-inches with a lightning icon printed on the MicroUSB end. Many of us would take this as a sign of genuine product and apparently that’s what these fake sellers want to achieve by printing Mi on the USB cable. Genuine: The original Mi power bank supports pass-through charging.

Only necessity is that the input charger must supply enough power and as such, charging via a PC’s USB Port will not help.

If you are still not able to determine the originality, open up the power bank and check the inbuilt batteries:

Fake – Locally produced or counterfeit batteries which are generally of pink color. So if you see a retailer from China or on eBay selling a Mi power bank of such capacity, you know it is a fake one.

The first place to check is your regional website and chances are that the store will have power banks in stock for anybody to purchase. Check (a lot of readers mentioned they received genuine Mi products from

If you’ve purchased a Mi power bank from somewhere else and it is found to be genuine, do drop a mention in the comments section and we’ll add the seller here.

How to check if your Xiaomi phone is an authentic global version?

And is that, the growing demand that has been generated around the Xiaomi smartphones in recent years, has made some few reliable sellers try to camouflage Chinese versions by attracting the attention of potential buyers through really striking low prices. This is why we are going to explain how to use the product verification tool that Xiaomi makes available on its official website.

Therefore, if you buy a new Xiaomi phone from online stores, please don’t forget to use the methods above to check if it’s an official global version first.

The Risks of Using Counterfeit Power Banks – Gadget Pilipinas

As such, the business has boomed so much that you’ll find one from online markets to your local street corner store. However, it’s also because of this reason that counterfeit products have become rampant, and sometimes, differentiating the real one from the fake one isn’t so easy to the untrained eye. Legitimate manufacturers usually offer other ways of determining the authenticity or their products, such as serial number registration.

When tested, a counterfeit power bank’s batteries could only charge up to half of their advertised capacity. Authentic power banks deliver reliable charging speeds, as well as real, high-capacity lithium ion cells inside. The ASUS ZenPower 10050 gives you the safety, great build quality, portability, capacity, and charging speed that you need to get through your daily activities without going near a power socket.

It features a lightweight, yet rigorously-tested aluminium casing, up to 2.4A fast-charging, a huge 10,050 capacity, and ASUS PowerSafe Technology with 11 safety checkpoints.

Xiaomi Sold Over 1 Crore Mi Power Banks Assembled in India, Company Announces

Xiaomi has sold over 1 crore Mi Power Banks, the company tweeted on November 3. All units of power banks sold by Xiaomi in India since then have been produced locally in the country. The news comes a day after Xiaomi announced the launch of its most compact Mi Power Bank in India. The new Mi Power Bank is expected to support charging from both Micro-USB and USB Type-C ports.

Best Xiaomi powerbanks

Power banks or external batteries are devices that allow the charging of our mobile, laptop, tablet… As long as we do not have a plug at hand. This will have a direct impact on its weight, but typically we will carry this device in a suitcase or backpack, although it is not a very big problem, it is also something to take into account.

Real vs Fake Xiaomi Power Banks: Here are 10 ways to identify

Nowadays Everyone wants more battery life for their smartphone so that they can enjoy more your favorite movies, comedy videos, Gaming, etc. here we will show 10 points to identify the original Xiaomi Power Bank. In the original Mi power bank, Li-poly batteries are placed securely. but in fake power banks, batteries are quite loosely placed, which allows the circuits to be more open causing short circuits and it can also damage your phone on prolonged usage. Mi Logo inside the USB Port Many people might not know this, but if you have a keen eye then you can actually, spot the tiny Mi Logo appearing inside the USB ports. but if you look in Fake Mi power banks, the lights appearing are too bright or flashy and if you look at them for a few seconds, they will start to hurt your eyes. But this feature is not available on the fake Xiaomi Mi Power banks. Now I am sure, you can easily identify the Mi Power banks that which is Real or Fake.

Genuine Versus Fake Xiaomi (Mi) Power Bank

Xiaomi powerbanks are getting so much love and response because of their Size, Specifications and the Affordable prices. The chassis of the standard USB port on the original product carries a small but distinctly visible Xiaomi Mi branding. The sticker can be scratched to reveal a 20 digit package code which when entered on the website confirms the originality of the product. The logo printed on the bottom of the Xiaomi battery pack can be used to tell the difference as well

Pressing the power button in the fake does not cause any change in the function of led lights. The micro USB cable provided in the original Xiaomi power bank has a black interior and does not carry any branding whereas the counterfeit one has a white interior and carries Mi branding. The sellers of the fake products wish to prey on the unsuspecting and trusting buyers with this trick. The manufacturers of the genuine Xiaomi power banks have used LG or Samsung battery cells whereas the fake products contain the miscellaneous local made battery cells usually pink in color.

Check Out These Best Power Banks In India You wolud Like to Buy Other than xiaomi :

How to Identify a Genuine or Fake Mi Power Bank

Even if it carries one, it will fail the genuinity test on the Xiaomi website.Website to check the code – CLICK HERE Fake Power Banks usually ship with a MicroUSB Cable which has Mi printed on it. Many of us would take this as a sign of genuine product and apparently that’s what these fake sellers want to achieve by printing Mi on the USB cable. Only necessity is that the input charger must supply enough power and as such, charging via a PC’s USB Port will not help.

The fake power bank does not have this capability and it will just charge itself and won’t pass on any current to the mobile phone connected to it. It is pretty small, but is easily visible while looking under natural lightning.Fakes do not carry any such branding.Has a printing in greyish ink which is lighter and clear.

It is also well textured which can be felt by moving the fingers over it.Usually darker and blurry in black ink and sometimes unclear printing. There would only be a very rare case where a fake Power Bank passes this test.Genuine – Majority of the genuine Mi power banks sold in China come with a sticker on the packaging which can be scratched off to reveal a 20-digit code.

However, the power banks sold outside of China via official channels will not carry this sticker.Your product packaging will not contain the 20-digit code.

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