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Original Iphone Handsfree Vs Fake

So at first glance in this photo, it is difficult to distinguish the original from the counterfeit and yet there is a huge risk of being wrong in making an online purchase

Original Apple Headphones: how to distinguish from a fake

> How to distinguish original Apple headphones from a fake is the most logical question that arises in the head of a person who intends to give a large sum for a branded device. The following article will not leave these questions unanswered, having received which a potential buyer of an accessory from Apple can be confident in their choice. Most often, one may encounter replicas of Apple earphones, EarPods, sold not only through online trading, but also located on the windows of city shops. The real device from the American corporation comes in a white square case with a clear engraving of the campaign logo (a bitten apple), the ideal execution of which is often neglected by the creators of fakes. The original EarPods wire must have the product serial number and the inscription: “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China.” It will not be difficult for the buyer to also distinguish the original headphones presented by the Apple campaign from their cheap fakes, carefully inspecting the device itself.

In identifying fake EarPods, it is important to check the quality of the presented design of wires, headphones, and the device’s control panel. It is not difficult to find out the original, since the button on its remote control is pressed smoothly, without obvious sound accompaniment.

A world-class manufacturer of premium electronics also provides a high-end low-frequency transmission, expressed in light vibration when listening to a bass track. It is logical that fakes are devoid of such properties and have the ability to provide only poor-quality sound, standard for the headset segment of the base set of smartphones. Since Apple headphones are designed in such a way that the user receives not only high-quality sound, but also a number of unique functions, the high demand for EarPods is quite explainable. In addition to the basic headset from Apple, wireless headphones of the California manufacturer AirPods are available for purchase, which have both positive and negative characteristics.

Intending to invest a considerable amount of money in the purchase of original headphones, it is important to consider the above features of the devices when choosing.

How to distinguish original EarPods from a copy or fake

Nevertheless, anything can happen in life: you want to buy it separately as a gift, the old ones are broken. I will make a reservation right away that it has become very difficult to recognize a fake by the box of the headphones themselves. The clone makers even sculpt localized stickers indicating the Russian office of Apple.

For example, the headphones that come with the iPhone have no case for a long time, but only a cardboard holder.

Also on the transparent lid, the clone may have “waves” visible in the sun. Fake plugs may have burrs, pieces of plastic and uneven joints.

It is from rough and curved joints that it is usually easiest to recognize a fake. And the clone may also have a different wire length for the right and left earphones.

On the original “earpods” directly on the cable it is written Designed by Apple California. Assembled in China, Vietnam or Brazil… After it comes the unique serial number of the headphones. This applies to very rough clones, because now the Chinese have gotten used to making the right bodies. It is important that counterfeits are almost always noticeably lighter than the original – almost weightless.

On fake headphones, joints in the plastic can be seen, which the original simply does not have, or they are practically invisible. For example, clones often have it on the outside and goes in an arc: from the entrance of the channel part to the base.

To reduce the cost of assembly, the Chinese can change the mesh of the speakers and diffusers of the copy. Image of a microphone on a fake pronounced black color… On the original it is gray.

Tactile sensations from the remote control buttons Copies are short-lived, work poorly, the sound wheezes, and using them is corny uncomfortable. The original will last for a long time, and the music will also sound normal. with 3.5 mm jack, and for the headphone version with Lightning port… That those that others are equally actively counterfeited.

11 Clues to Help You Identify Real Apple Earpods from Fake Apple Earpods

They are designed to fit the ear better than older versions and are sold along with iPod Touch products. Described as “revolutionary” at the time of their release, EarPods certainly do embody a unique aesthetic image. But, Apple’s reinvention of the earbud has also drawn criticisms of functionality, for example, a lack of rubber earpieces. Read on for a comprehensive list of little details you should look for before you buy from an unofficial Apple reseller.

There are so many fakes, copies, and knock-offs of Apple EarPods—especially for one of the most popular earbud sets on the market. If you research online shopping sites, you will see plenty of merchants selling the EarPods.

Generally, the original Apple EarPods are more expensive than the fake versions manufactured by third parties. If you observe any hint of an uneven or rough surface, then you can be sure that a third party made the “EarPods.”

If you closely observe the in-ear piece’s construction, note that real EarPods are made in two parts and join together without any excess plastic or roughness. Genuine ones will feel sturdier, better made, and slightly heavier (due to a premium build quality).

Fake EarPods tend to have a cheap design that doesn’t fit snugly in your ears. This factor is pretty difficult to differentiate unless you have a set of both original and fake EarPods with you.

The new design ensures that you get deeper lows and crisper highs while listening to music. For this, you have to connect your EarPods to your iPhone, call your friend, and ask them if they can hear your voice loud and clear and without any disturbance or unwanted noise.

In contrast, in fakes, the cable is more rigid and often snaps back to its original shape if folded. That’s all you need to know before you purchase brand new EarPods from any accessory shop or an unofficial Apple reseller.

How to Distinguish the Fake Apple Earpod from the Real One

Home » PARTS DETAILS » How to Distinguish the Fake Apple Earpod from the Real One Here in this article, we will walk you through some simple ways to distinguish the fake Apple EarPods from the real ones. The real EarPod package is flat and smooth in its surface, if you take a look at the light reflection, you would easily find out the differences. The OEM EarPods has much complicated inner structures to guarantee the bass sound, which makes it thicker than others.

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