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Motorcycle Phone Mount Reviews Uk

Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this page, we never allow this to influence product selections – read why you should trust us With modern smartphones assuming more and more of the tasks and functionality we need in our lives – communication, music, camera, navigation – using one on your motorcycle has huge benefits. The front window works with the touchscreen and there’s a cut-out on the back for the rear camera while a waterproof port on the bottom can be removed to allow a charging lead to connect when on the bike. Quad Lock Mount MCN Recommended View offer Tested by Michael Guy for two years, 18,000 miles – Quality 5, Value 4 We’ve reviewed the RAM Mount Quick-Grip XL Phone Holder and found it incredibly solid – if a little fiddly to initially set up. That said, once you’ve got it locked down, it feels like a piece of OEM equipment and translates very little vibration from the road or engine into your screen.

Quadlock vibration damper MCN Rated View offer Tested by Jordan Gibbons, for two months, over 1,000 miles. “There’s a plethora of phone mounting systems, but when you’re attaching your latest big-money smartphone to a bike’s bars you need to be confident it’s going to stay put.

“With Apple recently warning users to steer clear of motorcycle vibrations as they can ruin the image stabilisation on your smartphone camera, now seems the perfect time to point out that Quadlock solved this issue a while back. “Sold separately from the case and mounting systems, the damper simply installs between the two and protects your phone from harmful vibrations.

Obviously it offers no weather protection or vibration insulation, so beware if your smartphone isn’t waterproof, or if its camera has optical image stabilisation. Several strips of plastic are supplied to cater for different sizes of mounting tubes and a quick-release bracket allows it to be removed from the bike easily.

It will also give you some handy storage space for all sorts of useful bits and bobs, such as wallet, keys or essentials like visor cleaner. It uses a flexible silicone mount to grip the phone, then clip into the holder on the handlebars and won’t interfere with either fingerprint or facial recognition, according to the manufacturer.

Get A Grip: Guide To The Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

Many riders used to these luxuries from their cars want to be able to see, at a glance, information on a screen – be it what music they’re listening to, their navigation system or to see who’s calling them. Unique ball and socket connection for great adjustability Incredibly strong and made from resilient materials Incredibly strong and made from resilient materials Takes phones of all sizes, even with bulky cases attached Givi earned their stripes with market-leading topboxes and panniers, but do their phone mounts live up to the reputation? Comes with rainguard to keep phone safe in downpours Has an extra safety strap just in case the main mount comes loose Has an extra safety strap just in case the main mount comes loose Quality materials mean screen glare is reduced Quality materials mean screen glare is reduced Easy to mount, quick to attach and detach phones Full-cover system makes it good at protecting from rainfall Mid-range in price so won’t break the bank

Is one-size-fits-all so if you’ve got a tiny mobile, it may jostle around Materials don’t feel incredibly sturdy Materials don’t feel incredibly sturdy To ensure waterproofing, there’s no gap for a charging cable Very adjustable, meaning you can always get good visibility Silicon bands make for extra security that will reduce vibration Silicon bands make for extra security that will reduce vibration Nice red and black colour scheme

Nice red and black colour scheme Easy to rotate phone between portrait and landscape modes What you get at the top end of the price spectrum is something that will do the same job as a £20 model, just better; with less vibration, better waterproofing and snazzy, yet generally unnecessary, extras like magnetic mounting.

Usually, and more often on cheaper models, the mount will be one unit that clamps around your handlebars, with a screw system to tighten up, and a bracket to place your phone into. It’s important to check the listings of the mount you’re looking at to ensure it fits your handset – most are adjustable, but some may not house larger ‘phablet’ style phones. Finding a mount with metal components made of zinc alloy or aluminium will help with sturdiness, while ABS plastic will also do just fine. Track your distance – If you’re riding a bike without a fuel gauge, it’s handy to know exactly how far you’ve travelled since your last fill-up. Music – If you do have a Bluetooth headset connected, you’ll be able to skip songs and adjust volume more easily. Thousands of bikers can’t all be wrong – and if you can get past its looks, you’re left with a seriously sturdy phone mount that will last you for plenty of riding seasons.

But if you’re someone who commutes through all seasons and wants to have a screen in front of them come rain or shine, the Givi S957B can do it all with added peace-of-mind in the event of an unexpected storm.

Tested: Ultimate Addons bike phone mount review

Date reviewed: December 2018 | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: Complete kit from £34.99 | While I’m a big fan of dedicated motorcycle sat-navs, there are plenty of situations where this expensive device simply isn’t needed, or can’t be quickly installed; I’m often riding different bikes and need some basic navigation, but don’t have time to strip the motorcycle down to fit the power leads. For the many people who don’t need the performance and features of a TomTom or Garmin, a mobile phone can give very usable navigation with the highly regarded and free Here WeGo, as well as the £35 MyRoute app. Ultimate Addons started producing accessories for PDAs back in 2008, but with the advances in smartphone technology, and the fact that many members of the company are cyclists and motorcyclists, the brand has evolved to become known for its vehicle mounting solutions, covering phones, tablets, action-cameras and sat-navs. The £22.99 case for my iPhone SE is one of the earlier designs, and having looked at those available for the newer phones, it’s not quite as slim or easy to use as those for the latest Samsung and Apple devices; a long clip on either side flips open, then a tab is pulled on the front to lift the lid and insert the phone, which sits very securely in a shock-resistant surround.

With it correctly seated, there’s a good, tactile feel, but I did end up shaving a small amount off the bottom of the button (inside) with a scalpel, which has meant it’s a lot quicker and easier to drop the phone in now. The strap has a finger hole that makes it very easy to pull tight, and while you’re usually left with a fair bit of slack, it’s so universally handy for swapping between various bikes and cycles that you really don’t care.

Fitting the ball is simply a matter of removing one bolt and replacing it, before topping off with a blanking cap Waterproofing The case is rated IPX4, which means it protects from splashing water, but mustn’t be immersed.

5 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts Reviews of 2021 in the UK

Givi S957B is the best solution for mounting your smartphone onto different motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, quad, and other similar vehicles. The transparent window and touch-sensitive front surface will keep the phone’s screen protected, all while providing you with clear, unobstructed view.

The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

While we don’t recommend paying too much attention to your smartphone while riding, a quick glimpse of your sat nav app to check you’re taking the right route is worth its weight in gold if you’re touring around unknown (or uncharted!) It’s essential to ensure you’re choosing a durable design as it’s up against the elements each ride.

Motorbike Phone Holders Review

We’ve already written a comprehensive guide to the best motorcycle phone mount but this guide differs as it is focused on the type of phone holder that allows you to easily snap your smartphone into place and know it’s secure. Some of the mounts also come with cases which are either billed as universal (larger) or they’re designed for your specific make and model of phone, i.e. the Apple iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy series.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount (Review & Buying Guide) 2021

With decades of combined experience covering the latest news, reviewing the greatest gear, and advising you on your next car purchase, The Drive is the leading authority on all things automotive. A motorcycle phone mount can bring all the power of your smartphone into plain view so you can say goodbye to trying to remember exactly which exit you were supposed to take. People might think you’re a moto YouTuber Best Overall RAM Mount X-Grip Check Latest Price Best Value iOttie Active Edge Check Latest Price LEARN MORE Summary Summary You don’t have to spend a lot to make navigation easier when you’re in the saddle. Sena provides excellent security for your phone alongside premium features and build quality.

Oversized plastic nuts require lots of clearance Honorable Mention Sena PowerPro Check Latest Price Why Trust Us Our reviews are driven by a combination of hands-on testing, expert input, “wisdom of the crowd” assessments from actual buyers, and our own expertise.

How We Tested Pretty pictures and slick marketing jargon only go so far, and we’ve all been let down by something that looked awesome in an advertisement and turned out to be junk — just like every fast food menu item ever. If they fell off the first time I hit a rough patch of pavement or set down an alleged wheelie, you deserve to hear about it.

During the test period, I logged miles on city streets, highways, and what passes for twisty country roads in Texas. During testing, the internal springs and soft rubber grips hold my phone in place, whether I was cutting across town on city streets or cruising down the highway. Anyone who’s used Sena headsets knows the brand doesn’t skimp on quality, and the PowerPro phone mount is no exception. The handlebar attachment works well and provides a strong grip, but the plastic fasteners need lots of space; fitting this to my naked Ducati Monster took a bit of creativity.

Riders who log lots of miles and require navigation and communication aids they can trust will definitely appreciate the attention to detail that went into this phone mount. Mount the simple plastic clamp to your handlebar to create a stable platform for your phone or GoPro. The phone mount squeezes tight until a release switch is pressed to prevent wiggling loose over bumps and potholes, which is a nice touch.

Those of you looking for a longer-lasting product might want to spend the extra money to upgrade to a stronger alternative.

Honorable Mention Techmount Techgripper Stem Mount Kit Check Latest Price Those clip-on bars are great for tucking in and looking awesome on the front straight, but they don’t leave much room for street-oriented accessories, do they? Don’t sweat it, because TechMount has a clever way to mount phones to sportbikes so you can enjoy the same tech as someone jamming out to surround sound on their full dresser. As long as your steering stem is open, just plug in the right adapter and click the phone holder onto the ball mount. If there’s one downside, it’s that the mount attachment isn’t quite as robust as some of the alternatives and doesn’t provide top-level security for your phone. Obviously, this mount isn’t going anywhere near a dirt trail, so as long as you aren’t pounding the front end on the ground after sky-high wheelies all the time you should be fine. The price also makes it tempting, and having a little extra space for small items like a garage door opener, access card, or toll transponder is awfully convenient. Pack not just your phone, but a few other necessities with this bag’s five-liter capacity and let the semi-rigid body keep fragile belongings like sunglasses nice and safe. Unlike magnetic panels or straps that can scuff your tank’s paint, this bag uses a heavy-duty hard mount that can be installed around your gas cap.

It’s ideal for overnight and weekend runs on a naked bike, and on road trips you’ll appreciate the extra portage capacity. The semi-rigid shell will keep its shape when empty, but there are certainly times you’ll want your phone but may not care to deal with the extra bulk. This sturdy attachment mounts to your handlebar to create a stable platform for things like phones and GPS units. The Smart Bar mounting platform upholds the brand’s reputation for quality and value with easy installation, high-end components, and practicality that makes your motorcycle more versatile.

The metal construction should be strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it, but one- and two-year extended warranties are available for a reasonable price. It’s fairly expensive, but the added capability and longevity of this Givi accessory make it worthwhile for distance-minded riders.

With as many accessories as are available direct from the manufacturer, you’ll be able to fit one of these on your own bike (or ATV, or boat, or airplane) with no problem. As for the other phone mounts I researched, and the Sena I tested, you can save a few bucks and still get a quality product with the iOttie Active Edge. In addition to being easy on the wallet, it looks like a breeze to install and works with other accessories like action cameras. I know you’ll be eager to hit the road with your new phone mount, but take a minute to double-check the installation first.

Best bike phone mount: 7 popular phone cases and holders tested

Smartphones are becoming increasingly useful to us riders thanks to a ton of ride-friendly training and navigation cycling apps. A dedicated bike computer won’t drain your phone’s battery, is designed specifically for the job in hand and offers connectivity (typically both ANT+ and Bluetooth) to a wide range of accessories. Using a smartphone, on the other hand, means you don’t have to splash out on a separate device and normally offers a user-friendly interface. Plus there’s a growing number of apps and, generally speaking, you’ve always got your phone on you for quick trips by bike, so it’s a popular choice for cycling to work.

We’ve pitched the most popular bike phone mounts head-to-head to find out which are worth buying. Best bike phone mounts, as rated by our expert testers The following products scored at least 4 out of 5 in our test.

To release, pull down the retaining ring and twist – even though the lock is firm, it’s an easy operation. With its high-quality construction and a kit system that allows you to buy only the parts you need, the Quad Lock feels worth its relatively high price.

The padded bag sits on the top tube, attaching around that and the stem with Velcro straps.

The phone goes easily in the lid section and is held firmly in place against the cover by Velcro flaps, which help to ensure a good connection with the touchscreen and reduce reflection. It would be a tight fit to get a spare tube and tools in there too, but a small grab-strap makes it easy to take all your valuables with you when you leave the bike. The Zefal Bike Kit is relatively simple to fit and rock-solid in use, thanks to a no-tools-needed setup that uses rubber O-rings to attach the mount to a bar or stem.

The snap-on phone case has an integral fitting that allows you to swap it between different mounts and uses – although it’s a bit too chunky to persuade us to leave it on all the time. The phone goes onto the mount with a simple twist through 45 degrees and a good positive lock.

We tested the Bike Bundle version of the SP Connect, which includes a stem cap/bar mount plus a weather cover as standard, making this good value. For another £10 the Road Bike Bundle has an improved mount that holds the phone out front, with space for a light/camera.

This is one of the better phone cases: it has a tactile feel and the integral mount is low profile enough not to get in the way during everyday use. But there isn’t a positive click when locking it in place and it requires a firm hand to release it. The mount on the back of the case can be used as a stand – it works better in portrait mode but is useful enough to consider leaving on permanently, removing a hassle factor when setting out. There is an upgrade bracket available as an extra that holds the phone out front, with space for a light or camera. While it’s not very sleek or hi-tech, we found ourselves warming to the Riverside 520 way more than anticipated simply because the tube-mounted twin bags are very convenient. The kicker is that the straps could be longer, which means some ingenuity is required to fix it securely in place. The phone goes into its holder easily, but because it isn’t held firmly against the cover, reflection from the plastic can sometimes make it hard to see the screen. These sorts of mounts, generally speaking, will allow you to align your phone in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Although for the sake of keeping it out of the way of errant knees, it’s best to use portrait orientation if the phone is mounted on the stem. Instead, they use a universal mount that attaches to your handlebars or stem, and will grip practically any phone even if it’s already in a protective case.

The obvious advantage is that you don’t need to buy a new mount when you change phones (and you can lend it to people), but therein lies its disadvantage, too: we reckon they’re a lot less secure.

If you’d rather keep the real estate on your bar clear, then carrying your phone in a frame bag is the alternative. The key consideration is whether the transparent window provides sufficient protection from the elements while also allowing you to operate the phone’s touchscreen. So if you can’t hear the audio alerts, the frame-bag option may be more suitable for riders who are willing to stop when they want to use their phones.

Most mounts come in various sizes and guises to accommodate as many varieties of phone as possible, but double-check before you plough ahead with your purchase.

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