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Luvo Ring Light Review

The DRL 12 can be adjusted in many angles which makes it a good fit for vlogging, live streaming and clicking face-centric pictures. The 220 LED bulbs in the form of a ring produce an ample amount of light to improve the brightness of your video.

The Osaka LED ring light is a suitable option for shooting video even in low-lit areas. It features an angle-adjusting handle that makes it easier to shoot videos in different frames.

Venganza ring light is a viable choice for content creators who looking to reduce the shadow and have a blemish-free appearance. The big 10-inch LED ring light comes at an affordable price and promises to have good results.

Ring lights are used to reduce the shadow and to put the focus on the subject.

Ring Lights | LED Selfie Ring Lights | Phone Ring Lights with Stand

Not all LED light rings are created equal – some are better suited for photography and selfies, whereas others are specifically designed for makeup application. Some are much more powerful and put out a better quality light than others, so always check the specs and compare to other models before ultimately making a purchase. Once you’re ready to buy your LED ring light – be it for makeup, photography, or videography – there is only one place worth shopping – and that’s right here at Luvo. With over 5,000 five-star reviews, it should come as no surprise we’ve earned a reputation as the best place to buy a ring light in Australia!

Plus, we offer free parcel insurance, a 60-day return policy – that’s how confident we are you’re going to love your new photography or makeup light ring. With so many different options, it can make choosing the best LED ring light in Australia pretty difficult.

Compatible with both front and rear cameras on all models of smartphones, just clip onto your phone and snap away! Luvo Beauty Light Ring DUO: Features 32 Built-in LED bulbs with buttons to adjust the temperature from warm to cool, USB chargeable (cable included), available in White and Rose Gold.

Those looking for a ring light with a stand will be happy to hear that we have plenty of options, and additional add ons!

Should You Buy a Ring Light?

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If you’re taking any sort of photos or videos at home, a ring light might be a worthwhile investment. Ring lights gained popularity from the photography community, but they’ve quickly become a must-have for all types of content creators thanks to their versatility. Make sure the light can hold your camera or phone if you’re planning to use it for photography or videos.

GlowPro 2 18″ Ring Light

The easy-to-use controls allow you modify the lighting from a warm 3200K all the way to a cool 5800K, giving you the freedom to select the appropriate temperature setting for the perfect look you are aiming for. GlowPRO 2 features 5 extra mounting slots, a detachable double-sided mirror (Standard and 5x Magnification), a new slim and chic compact design makes it lightweight, portable and versatile for all you beauty professionals.

Beauty Ring Light

Our clip-on Beauty Ring Light features 32 built-in white LED bulbs and three levels of brightness intensity, no wonder this handy device gives off amazing ultra-clear lighting. Secure, Easy Clip-On for Convenient Use on Mobile Devices

Best ring light for video

Keep watching until the end because I’ll also do a product demo and share some tips on how to get a beautiful video with your ring light. Luvo 12 ” LED Table ring light (Local supplier for the Aussies! Hi, I’m Sara Nguyen, and on this channel, I make tech and social media easier for awesome entrepreneurs like yourself. If you’re new to this channel, consider subscribing for all of the latest product reviews, social media marketing tips and training. The smaller 12-inch ring light I use for Facebook live streaming with my desktop or smartphone. You don’t need to mess with any of the bulbs with the LED ring lights, and they last for a very long time, which is why I prefer them.

The ring lights don’t take up much space when they’re in use, and they come with a bag, making them easy to carry around and tidy when stored as well. If you wear glasses on your videos, the halo effect from the ring light doesn’t look so great, even glasses with anti-glare coating aren’t able to escape the reflection from these lights. I’ve put the links to different ring light budget options so you can have a look and research them for yourself as well. I have the ring lot about a metre and a bit away from me, and we’re going to turn it on and slowly adjust the dial until I get the lighting level that I like. You do want to avoid positioning the light from underneath you or above you as this create spots on your face, and we don’t want that. We looked at the pros, the cons, I did a demo and shared some tips to get some beautiful lighting.

If you found this video useful, give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. It’s a super simple guide to get you up and streaming on Facebook live, even if you’ve never hit record before.


So before I even knew about this product I already owned some beauty ring light thing that I bought on eBay for whatever bucks. Thank you and hopefully, you enjoyed the video and post.Product mentioned:LUVO STORE Beauty Ring [Rose Gold] –

Best ring light in 2021: beautiful lighting for vlogging, video calls and selfies

Even if you don’t have aspirations of making it big on YouTube, ring lights also come into their own in the new world of increased home working. Indeed, pair them with the best webcams and your home setup will instantly look more professional – vital for making the best impression when on an important video conference! They haven’t skimped on build quality either, unlike a lot of ring lights, the Razer feels very sturdy and reliable. It’s a fantastic 12-inch ring light perfect for video conferencing, vlogging or streaming and you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Lume Cube Wireless Light The best portable ring light packs a powerful punch Specifications Color temperature: 3200-5600K Power source: Li-Ion batteries, mains Dimensions: 18 inches TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon View at Walmart View at Moment Reasons to buy + Mains or 90 minutes of wireless power + LED readout for settings + 6.5-foot light stand included Reasons to avoid – Pricier than rivals If you’re looking for a ring light to shoot flat lays or unboxing videos, we’re not convinced the plastic mounting bracket is the best but if you’re using it in a normal upright position, look no further.

It’s on the smaller side for a ring light, but still a perfectly good size for self-taping, vlogging, TikToks and other quick and easy uses. It plugs in via USB, and comes with a 54-inch tripod, meaning it’s very easy to get started the instant you take the Neewer 10-inch LED Ring Light out of its box.

But the Neewer 10-inch LED Ring Light is an all-around solid choice that will suit the vast majority of users perfectly, and that’s why it nabs our top spot. ESDDI PLV-R432 18-inch Ring Light Best ring light for YouTube – big, bright and bicolor Specifications Color temperature: 3000K-6500K Power source: Mains power Dimensions: 458mm outer dia / 318mm inner dia TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Walmart Check Amazon Reasons to buy + 18-inch diameter with 48W power + Includes light stand, case, phone clip Reasons to avoid – Requires lots of space – Phone holder isn’t great Its sheer size makes it perfect for beauty and makeup work, too, giving you plenty of room and abundant light. Prominent dials adjust brightness and temperature, and the light can even rotate 180°, making it useful for shooting flat lays or macro work.

For example, it delivers a massive 1,840 lux at a distance of 3 feet which makes it perfect as a key or fill light for both stills and videos. Rotolight Ultimate Vlogging Kit Best ring light for streaming with a smartphone Specifications Color temperature: 6300K, 5600K, 4100K, 3200K (using filters) Power source: 3x AA batteries Dimensions: 130mm outer dia / 38mm inner dia Weight: 170g TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon Low Stock View at Walmart View at BHPhoto Reasons to buy + 80W equivalent power + Ultra compact + Includes filters to adjust temp Reasons to avoid – Changing filters is fiddly Now it’s back in an all-in-one kit, which also includes a Rotolight mini tripod, stand adapter, phone clip and accessory bar – making it the perfect partner for a tabletop smartphone setup. The Neo 2 is a bit heavy and unwieldy for the hotshoe, but this smaller model is just the right size (though this kit doesn’t include a foot for the shoe), and the hole in the middle is perfect to poke a microphone through! While it’s the largest ring light on offer here, with 44W of dimmable output from 352 LEDs, it doesn’t have quite as much power or temperature range as ESDDI’s 18-inch 48W model. Also bundled are a 6’5″ light stand, ball head adapter and vertical / horizontal phone holder, wireless remote and carry case.

The ESDDI 10-inch ring light is Ideal for smartphone shooters, with a two-way grip that holds your handset both horizontally and vertically, along with a Bluetooth remote for stills and video. They’re great for taking on nights out so you can capture well-lit selfies, on holiday or even when travelling away from home so that you can Facetime loved ones no matter how much light is around you.

Smoovie Flexi Selfie Ring Light Best mount-anywhere ring light that can also hold your phone Specifications Color temperature: (Three white light settings) Power source: USB Dimensions: 6-inch TODAY’S BEST DEALS Check Amazon Reasons to buy + Flexible clip arm mounts anywhere + Second flexi arm can hold smartphone + 3 tone settings & adjustable brightness + USB powered Reasons to avoid – Less color temp control Ring Lights are fantastic but, unless you’re sitting at a desk or table, you might struggle to find a surface or enough space to erect a tripod. The clip also has a second flexible arm that can hold your camera phone, so this can either be used strictly as an adaptable ring light or as a dedicated smartphone setup.

The best ring lights for YouTube, Zoom, videos and more

Powered by specially designed fluorescent tubes, ring lights were big, heavy and cumbersome. The benefit of a ring light though is that is produces effortlessly soft shadows that complement portraits by reducing the appearance of blemishes, spots and other skin issues. Since all of today’s best ring lights are powered by LEDs, it’s LED-count and control over color and intensity that separate basic models from more sophisticated versions. Whatever your needs, you should be able to find the right ring light for you and quickly upgrade the look of your videos, photos and even Zoom calls.

Fositan 18-inch LED Ring Light Kit The best ring light for YouTube Specifications Colour temperature: 3200-5500k Weight: 3.92kg Power source: Mains Dimensions: 52 x 11 x 52cm Today’s best Fositan 18-inch LED Ring Light Kit deals Amazon UK View Similar Amazon No price information Check Amazon Reasons to buy + Super bright + Phone holder + 1/4″ hot shoe adapter Reasons to avoid – Mains power only – Light gels only to change color A general purpose 1/4″ hot shoe mount and phone holder come with the kit, and it even includes a Bluetooth self-timer for smartphones. Neewer Table Top 10-inch USB LED Ring Light The best ring light for Zoom calls Specifications Colour temperature: 3200K-5600K Weight: 467g Power source: USB Dimensions: 29 x 27 x 5cm TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Built for desktop use + Lots of settings + Built-in phone holder Reasons to avoid – Not as versatile as other ring lights For users who want to take things up a notch, this professional-style ring light from Neewer should fit the bill nicely.

It’s a monstrous 20-inch model that features 352 LEDs capable of covering a wide colour temperature range controllable with a knob on the unit, and while it’ll take mains power at home or in your studio, if you need to go portable it can also run off Li-ion batteries.

The Neewer 20″ is a little bigger than most on this list and so requires a sturdy base, luckily the heavy-duty stand is adjustable from a minimum height of 90cm up to a maximum of two metres.

Extras come in the form of a phone holder for faff-free videos and a hot shoe for mounting other digital cameras or accessories. Mactrem LED Ring Light 6″ The best ring light for iPhone Specifications Colour temperature: Not specified Weight: 440g Power source: USB Dimensions: 29x 19 x 4.2cm TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Compact and lightweight + Adjustable settings + Lots of extras Reasons to avoid – Not as powerful as other models – Separate phone holder

Neewer 12-inch RGB Ring Light The best ring light for added colour Specifications Colour temperature: Not specified Weight: 1.5kg Power source: USB Dimensions: 38 x 28.3 x 9.5cm TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon Reasons to buy + 16 colours + Four lighting modes + Tripod, remotes and phone holders included Reasons to avoid – Lacks full RGB control Ideal as a home studio ring light, this 18-inch model from Neewer is filled with 240 LEDs balanced to a colour temperature of 5500K.

When budget is no concern this monster ring light from Ivisii is perfect for filming direct to iPad thanks to its wide 19″ diameter and large tablet holder. Of course, users can also use smartphones or digital cameras such as DSLRs or mirrorless devices, thanks to the multiple adapter options that come with the kit.

The benefit of the Neo 2 is that it has controls for dimming and colour temperature with extreme accuracy making it ideal for continuous lighting for filmmakers or photographers. It also has a High Speed Sync (HSS) functions to freeze moving photography subjects at up to 1/8000 sec.

Ring lights offer different colour temperatures either through the use of dimming specific LEDs or snap-on filters, but do I need this?

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