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Logitech Usb Headset H340 Review

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Customer Reviews: Logitech H340 On-Ear USB Headset Black 981-000507

I needed to ensure that the microphone was good and captured your voice recording with clarity and the sound quality received was streamed well.

Logitech H340 Headset Review (1000+ Skype Hours)

My headset and I become one, a symbiotic relationship of comfort, great audio and crystal clear microphone quality for my students. Whether you use Skype for work, to call your family or you’re an awesome online teacher like me, choosing a good headset has its challenges. I’ve been a long-time user of this Plantronics headsets (Amazon) for years, but after having the same wire wiggly loose several times, frustration got the better of me.

Even with the low price-tag, the Logitech H340 headset offers a noise-cancelling microphone and a lightweight design, which was enough to tempt me over. One issue that I often suffer as an online English teacher is a poor internet connection from my students. The Logitech H340 doesn’t disappoint, cranking up to an impressively high volume, especially considering it’s not designed for music. Another pre-purchase concern I had was that the small 15cm boom wouldn’t pick up my voice clearly, as it’s not as close to my mouth. This also means that it won’t pinch the top of your ears and doesn’t need adjusting as often as heavier headsets.

The 1.8m cable length allows more freedom whilst plugged in so you’re free to stand up and stretch your legs while on your call. But the curved design means it slides into the gap comfortably, without any ear irritation on the right side.

The Logitech H340 headset has a minimalist black design with a thin headband running over the top. If you’re meeting clients online, having an interview over Skype or teaching your students, you’ll want to look the part.

Another bonus is that the foam ear cushions are removable letting you wash or replace them when needed. A feature that I’d love to see on the H340 headset is inline controls as a mute button on the wire is super useful when making Skype calls.

Logitech USB Headset H340 Review

Logitech delivers premium headsets for both professionals and casual users and also ensures high sound quality and is cost-effective. The Logitech USB Headset H340 doesn’t frustrate, turning up to a stunningly high volume, particularly considering it’s not intended for music. The Logitech USB Headset H340 comes with a promise to serve the professionals for video conferencing and calls with high sound quality.

This product from Logitech is an all-rounder headset as it doesn’t serve poor audio for jamming with music, and is also good for gaming.

Workspaces are always busy and crowded, with the noise-canceling microphone of this headset you will be able to talk with your clients without catching much disturbance from the background, and they will hear you loud and clear. Owing to its great sound quality this headset is perfect for making conference calls and also listening to music.

The headset also offers very high volume making it perfect for internet calling in busy spaces. The microphone doesn’t pick up any background noises, making it perfect for use in a busy workspace.

This headset doesn’t require any extra software, you can connect it to your PC via its USB and you are good to go for calls and music.

Additionally, you can also use this headset for casual gaming as it features a noise-canceling microphone and provides good sound quality with medium bass. The microphone is bendable and perfectly fits in the gap without giving you any distress while listening to music. Its microphone doesn’t pick up any unwanted background noise so that your clients and callers can hear you clearly.

It features a long dark plastic covered wire, as a result, you can stand up and stretch while on calls to relieve the stress.

Logitech Usb Headset H340 Mic Reviews: Latest Review of Logitech Usb Headset H340 Mic

It’s a plug and play VOIP digital headset with no additional software required to install or configure.

Logitech H340 – USB Headset

Qua prijs kwaliteit is deze headset te doen, maar in vergelijking met mijn oude B530 is het echt prullaria. Voor iemand die hem langer dan 30 minuten aan een stuk wil gebeuren zeg ik, besteed 16 euro extra en koop iets als een B530, die headset kan je uren achtereen op je hoofd houden zonder enig probleem.

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