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Jjc Led-60 Macro Led Ring Light Review

As can be seen from the photograph, the LED ring component attaches from the front of the camera lens using one of six possible adapters (thread sizes 49mm/52mm/55mm/58mm/62mm/67mm). Power is either from 4x AA batteries in a pack which attaches to the camera base via a standard tripod screw thread, or from a 240v mains A/C adapter. From these figures you can see that if you tend to use tiny apertures (eg f/64) and fast shutter speeds (eg 1/200 sec) at the same time, then this light probably isn’t sufficiently powerful on its own, unless you are willing to raise ISO and work very close to the subject. My take away from the test shots is that this product provides a great general purpose light source for macro work.

Review – JJC 60 led macro ring light

I see a lot of comparisons with other NIMH batteries, with some reviewers saying that Eneloops are all hype and that they are no better than others (or even not as good). However, I have used a lot of brands and have found that they often stop taking a charge after awhile (even less than a year, in some cases).

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