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Jabra Motion Headset Review

Sporting a robust, over-ear design and a big, flip-down boom mic, the Jabra Motion isn’t what what I’d call fashionable. While Jabra took this bold approach for the sake of improved call quality and greater comfort, when using the Motion there’s no disguising you’ve got an earpiece strapped to side of your face. Thanks to a height-adjustable speaker, a back edge that properly balances the weight of the headset, and soft eargels, the Motion is very comfortable to wear. I especially like the eargel tips, Jabra includes three sizes in the box, which are meant to slip into the ear canal to form a tight audio seal.

Other buttons on the Motion include a big call answer/end key that’s hard to miss, on the outer speaker face, plus a small voice and mute toggle on the bottom lip of the boom arm. Connecting to phones and tablets via wireless Bluetooth version 4.0, the headset has dual microphones for noise cancellation in difficult audio environments.

Even surrounded by the vibrations of nearby construction, honking car horns, and roaring city buses, people I spoke to could discern my words easily. With it, the device is supposed to perform nifty tricks like automatically answering incoming calls when you pick the headset up, or kick in extra noise cancellation when it detects continuous movement such as walking.

Any premium Bluetooth headset worth its salt should offer internal voice commands, and the Jabra Motion doesn’t disappoint. Available for both iOS and Android, the app lets you pair with nearby Bluetooth devices, view the current battery level of the Motion, plus select sound profiles depending on the situation. I was able to go a full eight hour work day streaming stereo audio and placing test calls through the gadget without needing to plug into an outlet. The Motion’s ability to link with compatible phones quickly is also pretty slick, and a trick the Voyager Legend can’t tackle.

Aside from that, the Jabra Motion’s compelling combination of features, audio performance, and cushy fit put it in clear striking distance of the reigning Bluetooth headset king.

Jabra Motion Review – Pros, Cons and Verdict

This style was hit or miss for our testers, some of whom didn’t mind the bulkier headset while others strongly preferred smaller products. We checked to make sure the devices were paired correctly, played with settings and consulted the manual, but didn’t figure out the solution.

The headset features a call button over the speaker and a volume panel that runs across the back of the body. Its premium feature set offers much more than basic hands-free functionality, but we’re hesitant to recommend it, based on our experience.

Jabra Motion review

Only our reservations regards actually wearing and the physical fit of the device prevent it from scoring higher. Only our reservations regards actually wearing and the physical fit of the device prevent it from scoring higher. Put another way, it’s that Star Trek thing – the Jabra Motion is Lieutenant Uhura’s ear-dangling comms device productionised and available to buy. On paper, both that device and the Jabra Motion do the same basic job – allow you to connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth for hands-free calls.

Question is, then, does the Jabra Motion’s particular feature set and execution – its controls, its battery life, the quality of its noise cancellation – make it worth the price premium. That means its a Bluetooth hands-free headset that will connect to any Bluetooth-enabled phone for voice calls.

If this is the entry-level version, other variants add extras like a USB Bluetooth adapter to allow you to connect to PCs and support for Unified Communications (UC) which will be attractive to corporate users. Call quality, that’s surely one of the biggies for any Bluetooth headset and here the Jabra Motion scores pretty heavily.

The other major element of the user experience is ease of use and that’s a story of wins and losses for the Motion.

The voice control feature is an added boon and means you can have full access to your contacts on the move and hands-free. In our testing, there was no detectable loss of accuracy of Apple’s Siri voice control when on the move and using the Motion as an interface. The bottom line is that you want the device to last a day on a single charge and so long as you don’t spend literally every moment on calls, we reckon you’ll get just that.

Voor 23.59u, morgen in huis

Na een paar vergelijkingen op internet ben ik voor de Jabra Motion gegaan. Overigens is 23.44 uur bestellen idd volgende dag in huis, dus dat maken ze ook waar. Zowel inkomende als uitgaand is de audio prima, heb er nog geen enkele klacht over gehad en loop veel op drukke airports.

Groet en succes met je besluit, Robert PS ik heb geen aandelen Coolblue of Jabra, dus wat dat betreft ook no worries 🙂

Jabra Motion Review

New reasons to get excited every week Get the most important news, reviews and deals in mobile tech delivered straight to your inbox sign up Curious to know whether it has what it takes to justify its $100+ price tag, we took Jabra’s headset for a spin.The Jabra Motion is one of those behind-the-ear headsets – its speaker lays on top of the user’s ear canal creating a tight seal and a folding microphone boom extends forward where it is closer to the user’s mouth. Its grip is light enough to not put a strain on the wearer’s ear, yet sufficiently tight to prevent it from falling off accidentally. To be honest, we are quite frustrated with its design as it does not respond accurately to our input.In theory, pairing the Jabra Motion with an NFC-enabled device is as easy as tapping the two together.

You can always take care of the pairing manually via your phone’s Bluetooth menu, of course.The first thing we listened to was a YouTube video. There was, however, some sound quality deterioration once we moved further away from the paired device, but that’s normal for a Bluetooth headset.Speaking of which, we tested the maximum range at which the Jabra Motion could pick up a signal reliably. It lets you change many of the headset’s settings – its sound profile, for example, or to control its battery saving features. At least in theory – we tried it a few times and it didn’t work.The Jabra Motion is a voice-guided headset, meaning that it will speak out loud its current status and battery level when prompted.

Review: Jabra Motion UC+ (Headset)

Deze doet namelijk dienst als bewaardoos voor de Motion UC+ en alle bijbehorende accessoires. De knop om gesprekken aan te nemen zit op het oortje zelf.

Hierdoor moet vrijwel iedere gebruiker de headset goed op het oor kunnen plaatsen. Ook nu weer heeft Jabra nieuwe innovaties om ruisonderdrukking verder te verbeteren. Toch moet ik zeggen dat Jabra voor mijn gevoel enige tijd geleden al wel het punt heeft bereikt waarbij de kwaliteit van een niveau is dat verdere verbetering nauwelijks merkbaar is. Met de Motion UC+ heeft Jabra wederom laten zien dat het top of the market producten kan bouwen.

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset Review

Sporting a curve around the ear design, the Jabra Motion is rather large compared to its counterparts and is certainly noticeable when wearing. Weighing in at 17.5 grams, the Jabra Motion is extremely light and features an excellent design that allows for an almost custom fit experience. Even during extended periods of use, TG never found the headset to be uncomfortable; it was easy to forget the device was being worn at times before catching your reflection in a mirror. The microphone on the headset sits about a third of the way down one’s cheek, lining up nicely with the user’s mouth, which helps produce crisp audio that doesn\’t sound fuzzy or far away. Users can turn the wireless on and off by opening and closing the flip boom-arm, which makes for an easy setup when pairing a new device. The device charges via a microUSB port on its backside, while two status LEDs on the inside indicate battery level and Bluetooth connectivity.

Those with NFC-equipped smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S III, have an even easier setup, as users just have to tap the headset to the back of their phone. On top of its unique features, such as NFC support, the Jabra Motion headset also provides terrific sound quality. Though iPhone users can launch Siri via the Phone Commands, which in turn allows them to make calls, send a text or have their questions answered.

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