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How To Check Original Veger Power Bank

There is no denying to the fact that aside from our phones, power bank is also considered as a necessity nowadays especially when it comes to smartphones and tablets that need to recharge its battery at least once a day. Because of this demand, multiple companies were encouraged to develop and sell their own version of the power bank.

The consumer can also open and lift the front cover of the box to reveal the product and see how the actual unit looks like before buying it.

With the unique feature that was mentioned, a consumer can rest assured that its device is protected while using the power bank and vice versa.

Veger has made some anti-fake campaign initiatives and solutions for consumers to know if the product they bought is authentic or original.

Review: Veger Power Bank VP 1056 10000mAh

As the smartphone industry across the globe are increasing each year, it also came in as a surprise the rise in demand of the power bank market segment urged some companies to develop and sell the product.

How to avoid buying a fake power bank – Techjaja

Power banks are very essential to smartphone owners, when shopping for one in Uganda, you should be wary of fake products which have far less capacity than they claim on their packaging or could have a faulty battery that has potential to explode at anytime. There are many suspicious power banks listed for sale, usually having tags that depict very high capacities and surprisingly very affordable. In the western market, and many other countries, power bank manufacturers are required to print the device’s capacity in watt-hours (Wh) on their packaging in addition to mAh. Not only power banks, but smartphones and laptops also comply with this standard, listing Wh when stating battery capacity and never just mAh alone. To put thins in perspective, Watt-hours (Wh) is equal to amp-hours (Ah) multiplied by voltage (V). This figure will not change, no matter the voltage at which the mAh is calculated, as it reflects the number of hours the device can provide 1W of energy.

Whether they have calculated their mAh using a voltage which is lower than the 3.7V or have simply misstated the capacity, it is important to beware of equating these devices with those labelled correctly. An original power bank like those made by Xiaomi called Mi support pass-through charging.

Jual Power Bank Veger 12800 Mah Terbaru

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