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Headset Edifier W800Bt Plus Review

With the success obtained, the company decided to launch the W800BT Plus, with the same look, but bringing significant improvements in connectivity thanks to the QCC3024 chipset, from Qualcomm. In my opinion, this is the right strategy, after all the brand doesn’t let the product’s popularity go down the drain — you can be sure that many people can easily spot a W800BT on the street. But only from a distance, because, like most headphones in this category, the gadget is constructed entirely of plain plastic, without giving off a feeling of resistance. As for the controls, the right shell holds the USB-C power connection, the volume and play/pause buttons that stick out, and is also used to turn headphones on and off.

On the other side, on the left shell, the brand added the P2 cable entry — and they already make the accessory available in the package. The delay, in fact, does not exist and, on a daily basis, the W800BT Plus is a good phone for those who consume a lot of videos on YouTube and streaming platforms.

Just add a pop to notice that there is a certain glow on the drum cymbals, on top of the piano, violin and vocals, especially in female voices. Bass and sub-bass are not preferred here, which somehow conveys the idea that the W800BT Plus is a balanced headphone, but both are felt vividly when placing a beat track. The British singer’s music on the W800BT Plus tends to generate strident chorus and, at high volumes, the annoyance is even greater, as there is a lot of conflict between vocals and treble instruments. Already Take My Breath, by The Weeknd, which has very challenging nuances (with Abel’s treble and lots of background beats), reverberates with life and balanced at low intensity, but soon clumps when there is a rise in volume.

In the case of this headphone from Edifier, the voice doesn’t metallize and you’ll be able to use it during a video call or to send audio on messengers without problems. But, if you ask me if it’s worth migrating from the conventional W800BT to the Plus, I would say no, because Edifier didn’t deliver relevant upgrades that justify the switch.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of purchasing a new headphone for everyday life, with an interesting sound and a generous price, this model may please. On the cons, it would be nice if the structure allowed you to “fold” the headphone to improve the gadget’s transport and passive noise cancellation could be more efficient. If you think flexibility is important, then it’s worth looking at the JBL Tune 500 BT, the Philips UpBeat TAUH202 or the Sony WH-CH510, which are competitors to the W800BT Plus.

Edifier W800BT Plus | Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 Headphones

Thanks to the over-ear design and the soft, breathable ear cushions you can listen all day to your favorite playlists without any fatigue. If you receive a phone call on the go, you can converse in crystal clear sound quality thanks to CvC noise cancelling for the microphone.

Edifier W800BT Review

Leave a lasting impression with a potential customer and they are more likely to buy the product than not. A white box with a bright red image of the headphones in question. It’s a real attention grabber and you sure wouldn’t miss them on a shelf at a technology store.

Having good quality packaging was a blessing, as the outer box took a bit of a battering in the mail. One thing to note (and it’s something we’re trying to be more aware of on the blog) is that these headphones don’t have an overuse of single use plastic packaging, which is always great to see. They’re a lot more subtle than the red ones and the silver Edifier logo looks good in contrast with the black.

The earcups have a spiraled texture to them which slightly reflects the light, making them really ‘pop’. There’s a silver ring around the ear cups which is a another subtle styling addition too.

Don’t be alarmed though, it’s nothing to worry about and certainly not something that’d put me off buying these with my own hard earned cash.

Twisting the headphones (as I usually do to test their strength) and generally abusing them gave the feeling that they’d break if given enough force. This makes them an excellent choice for long listening sessions. The sound quality produced by Edifier products always seems to impress me.

If you’re looking for super heavy kicks and chest hurting thumps these might not be what you’re looking for. I’ve sometimes found that some generic budget headphones over-inflate the bass to drown out the sub-par quality of the other frequencies, but the W800BT’s do not need to. The overall sound quality is better than what you’d expect from a budget headphone and well worth the asking price in my opinion.

Brand: Edifier Model: W800BT Frequency: 20Hz – 20KHz Bluetooth Version: Version 4.2 Impedance: 32 Ohms Sensitivity: 100 dB Protocol: HSP HFP A2DP AVRCP Bluetooth Distance: 10m Battery: 1400 mAh Battery Life: 35 Hours Charging Time: 3 Hours Input: Micro USB

The headphones will also work via the 3.5mm wired connection, useful for if you ever forget your charger, which might be easily doable considering the battery life on these things! But, the over-ear fit and lightweight construction ensure the headphones are extremely comfortable to wear. They look great and produce a detailed, crisp, clean clear sound. In my opinion they could be made a bit stronger without inflating the price too much.

Edifier W800BT Plus Review

But it’s not over yet for headphones because the likes of Edifier W800BT Plus offer some high-end quality at an affordable price point which is one thing no one can take away from the device. The main reason for this is to submerge myself and focus on whatever it is I’m doing thanks to the ANC technology that blocks out environmental chatters and ambient noises.

The first thing that drew me to the Edifier W800BT Plus is the 55 hours of battery life which to me is amazing in the first place and then there are other cool features I find amusing such as the ability to connect the headphone to multiple devices at the same. This is the perfect device that triple your sedentary life since you no longer have to leave where you are to do anything – not even picking your phone when it rings. But that is just one of the many features and cool things I love about the Edifier W800BT Plus but it lacks the active noise cancellation (ANC) technology. Then there is the cushioned head support which often leads to a pattern on my hair after wearing it for a long time. Okay back to the designs, the Edifier W800BT Plus offers support for a 3.5mm audio jack so you can make use of this in situations like music recording or podcasts since Bluetooth may have some latencies. It doesn’t look bigger than my head and it looks pretty unique – because it’s not so common I guess so many people often stare trying to figure out the brand. However, I was expecting the same aggressive bass from my previous earbuds on the bigger Edifier W800BT Plus with its 40mm driver – I was a little disappointed at first but got used to it eventually. This may be good because you’re at least aware of your environment however, there is no way the audio sound coming from the headphones is able to mask out the ambient noise so it often becomes an unwanted mix and that can be annoying. I think the lack of ANC caused this, unlike my tiny TWS earbuds, the protruding ear tips themselves are enough to block out ambient noise as it sticks inside your ear canal, and then there is ANC which makes blocking external noise possible. Compared to a headphone that doesn’t have anything that protrudes into your ear canals, sound waves will often escape into the earcups and will disturb your experience.

But let’s forget about the market noise, what if you’re in your office or at home working or just chilling with the Edifier W800BT Plus on your head, well, you can expect a C+ quality audio output from the device. It’s not bass-heavy as I would expect even though holding the headphones closer to my ears with my hands gives that bass feeling. However, the audio output is very consistent, and sound separation is one thing I find interesting about the headphone.

So if you want to win the next Guinness World Record of the longest headphone usage (if it hasn’t been gotten), then the Edifier W800BT Plus will help you achieve that. Battery percentage can also be seen on the accompanying mobile application or within the Bluetooth area of your device (smartphone or PC). If you want something that is affordable, stylish with long-lasting battery life as well as durability and nice audio quality all-in-one. Aside from that, it also comes with the great build quality and has some pretty cool specifications such as Bluetooth version 5.1 which serves its purpose. The fact that it uses a 3.5mm headphone jack alternative to Bluetooth, Gamers can definitely use the Edifier W800BT Plus as there won’t be any lag whatsoever.

Overall, this is a pretty decent Bluetooth headphone with some nice technology and high-end quality all at an affordable price tag.

Edifier W800BT Headphones Review

It’s been said a thousand times, with the infamous iPhone 7 leading charge of the 3.5mm jack genocide, that Bluetooth headphones have never been more pertinent to the audio community than now. Of course, the market is fresh and not all of these products have acclimatised quite so well to the ever increasing demand for lower prices; wireless headphones have always been either incredibly compromised or out of the regular buyer’s budget. They are currently available from Edifier’s official Aliexpress store (ships internationally) for just over $30 AU or around $23 US, making them incredibly cheap for a Bluetooth headphone, especially one with an over-ear fit. There is no monetary incentive for a positive review and despite receiving the headphones free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.

Edifier W800BT – Reviews

Sound isolation isn’t perfect but it did block some of my loud case noise.Adjusting the headphones to fit a larger head is a snap, When you pull down the sides extend and locks into place with a click. Which is good because there are times where headphones that do not had this feature, would always slide out of the setting you had it, causing you to readjust it for your head.

One of the main problem that I ran into while accessing the buttons, is the location that they are in, I had a hard time changing songs due to holding down the Multi button and hitting volume, I had to put my hand in a certain way to do it and I ended up pausing the song instead of skipping to the next one.

Lack of a good placement for the controls, as well lack of seperate buttons for the controls made it painful to use them.Tim Ismag – Bumble BeeEgopool – ControlKenji Kawai – Utai IV: Reawakening (Steve Aoki Remix)CSR 4.0 BT adapter(PC)Sound blasterX AE-5 (Direct HP) AnalogComcast X5I Box/Ipod Mini mp3 player(Bluetooth)Right off the back hit hats,snares are not that clear,some times its an tad harsh depending on the song and other times it not clean.

The separation I would say is avg as some cases the instruments run into each other.I paired the W800BT up with the Comcast X5i-p Box and with the Ipod mini, with the Comcast box I used the EDM music choice channel, and the sound quality was improved, the bass has improved, and it was smoother in the highs. So The bass could use an bit of tweaking.The first thing I notice is the highs, they are clearer and cleaner, but the down side is they are harsh and too detailed.

Drums, snares and hit hats are also heard cleanly but they do have an slight tinny sound.Separation and sound stage has improved a lot, Instruments are no longer bunched together and I can hear there location easier, which also includes voices. Which is an problem for those who rely on having the 3.5mm as an backup, when they run out of charge, as I can still see that happen.Now if they work on the analog quality and maybe tweak the Bluetooth bass freq then they would have something good.

Edifier W800BT Plus – Draadloze over-ear koptelefoon – Zwart

Over-het-oor ontwerp heeft een comfortabele pasvorm gemaakt uit ademende elastische spons en kunstlederen bekleding. Op-het-oor bediening laat je het volume aanpassen, volgende of vorige nummer kiezen, en een telefoongesprek aannemen. Bereik een niveau van comfort zonder naar je verbonden apparaat te moeten grijpen. Deze functies is er nuttig wanneer de batterij in je hoofdtelefoon leeg is. De W800BT Plus biedt 40mm neodymium magneet drivers die een fantastisch basgeluid bezorgen aan je oren.

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