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H390 Usb Computer Headset Review

With the Covid outbreak in 2020, that forced countless numbers of people to become displaced from their normal work environments. Many found themselves abruptly working from home, and companies were scrambling to secure the necessary tools to allow employees to do their jobs remotely. And, a real success story has been the universal adoption of video conferencing as a tool to stay connected with coworkers and Management.

These are just a couple of examples as to why headsets in our new normal working conditions have risen to the forefront in terms of need.

But, before I begin, I did want to mention that I recorded a seven minute video where I discuss the features of this product. In this video I also do a microphone and speaker test where it allows you to hear how the headset sounds, and how well it does to remove unwanted background noise. So, if you’re one of the many people who prefer to consume content via video rather than reading it, I’ll put it below so you can check it out. This means that the microphone is made to help eliminate unwanted background noise. Most office headsets, whether they’re a wired or wireless model, allow the microphone boom arm to move so it can be positioned on the wearer’s right or left side.

This isn’t a major issue at all, but something to be aware of if the Logitech H390 is a wired USB headset you’re considering, especially if your preference is to locate the microphone on the right side of your face.

The headband is adjustable so it can accommodate people of varying head sizes and shapes. This is so the speakers can pitch at the appropriate angle according to the shape and size of the head of the person wearing it.

The ear cushions on the Logitech H390 are made of a synthetic leather like material which is pretty common for office headsets. As with any office headset, the real test is how it feels after a long day of wearing it.

It did struggle a bit to remove background noise compared to other office headset models costing more. If you’d like to hear how this headset sounds so you can determine if it would be suitable for your needs, go here to watch the video review that includes the microphone and speaker test. If you’re looking for a very inexpensive USB wired headset that sounds decent and has a good warranty, the H390 might be the perfect choice. But these things aside, you do get an acceptable USB double ear wired headset that can have you up and running on your next Softphone or Video call a matter of minutes.

And, speaking of price, the Logitech H390 won’t break the bank if you want one for yourself, or for your team.

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Customer Reviews: Logitech H390 Wired USB Noise-Cancelling Over-the-Ear Headset Black 981-000014

I love how people never say they can’t hear me like with my previous headphones from another company. I hate large overbearing ear parts of headphones.

Logitech H390 – USB headset met ruisonderdrukkende microfoon – Zwart

Qua prijs kwaliteit is deze headset te doen, maar in vergelijking met mijn oude B530 is het echt prullaria.

Logitech H390 Stereo USB-A Headset

Ik heb deze headset aangeschaft voor een taalcursus die gebruikt maakt van taalherkenning, dus ik had een microfoon nodig die het geluid zeer duidelijk opneemt en de ruis en achtergrondgeluiden er uit kon filteren. De kwaliteit voelt als zeer degelijk en dat vind ik ook heel belangrijk.

Logitech H390 USB Headset with Noise Canceling

Home-Based customer service, for instance, can develop into a marketplace when the calls start streaming in.

Logitech H390 USB Headset Review: Crystal clear audio with handy in-line controls

The Logitech H390 USB headset with noise-cancelling mic is a pretty handy productivity tool for any office. In point of fact, most people associate the brand with gaming equipment, where their success is utterly evident.

Unlike most office communication headsets this pair of headphones provides unparalleled audio performance especially in terms of clarity. When wearing these corded office headsets you can hardly feel the weight of the inline remote control, yet it is located within your reach right below your chest.

Apart from being a sleek, modernistic pair of office headphones, these headsets are engineered to provide the user with a cozy experience. For example, the Earcups, as well as their headbands, are padded with soft durable foam to reduce strain especially after long hours of use.

A customer service center for instance can develop into a marketplace when the calls start streaming in. In spite of this, a good pair of noise cancelling headsets for office can cope really well in these kinds of environments.

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