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Good Wireless Headphones For Gaming And Music

Throw some high-res audio, some outstanding gaming soundscapes, and hours of playtime at a headset and you get to know its joys and failings intimately. HyperX Cloud II Wireless A well rounded, well-balanced wireless headset Specifications Drivers: Dynamic, 53 mm with neodymium magnets Connectivity: USB Dongle Frequency response: 15–20,000 Hz Features: Detachable mic Weight : 300g Battery Life: 30 hours TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Crutchfield View at Best Buy Check Amazon Reasons to buy + Powerful but clear sound + Exceptional build quality Reasons to avoid – Old design – High price The HyperX Cloud II is one of the classic gaming headsets of the past 20 years, and this modern wireless spin has breathed new life into the old canine.

The 53mm with neodymium magnets are intended to give low, medium, and high frequencies space to resonate without interfering with each other, and you definitely do get a sense of that while listening to high-res music through them.

Elsewhere, it’s the usual impressive build quality, generous padding, clear mic, and high comfort levels over longer play sessions that the Cloud II design has always offered. Razer Blackshark V2 Pro The best wireless gaming headset for pure audio Specifications Drivers: Razer TriForce Titanium Connectivity: USB 2.4GHz wireless dongle Frequency response: 12–28,000 Hz Features: Detachable mic Weight : 320g Battery Life: 24 hours TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Best Buy View at Walmart Prime View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Fantastic wireless audio + Decent battery life + Comfortable Reasons to avoid – Relatively weak microphone

The wired Razer Blackshark V2 is our favourite gaming headset and the wireless ‘Pro’ version takes all of the best bits from those excellent headphones and snips off the cable. They’re also super comfortable too and, call me a luddite, but having a physical volume dial is incredibly useful, and saves me otherwise fumbling around for buttons on an earcup.

SteelSeries Arctis 9X The best wireless gaming headset for cross platform players Specifications Drivers: 40 mm neodymium drivers Connectivity: Wireless via USB, 3.5 mm wired, Bluetooth Frequency response: 20–20,000 Hz Features: Retractable noise cancelling mic, DTS Headphone:X, 7.1 surround Weight: 371g Battery life: 30 hours TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at GameStop View at Walmart View at Best Buy 11 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Solid gaming sound + Great Mic + Bluetooth Reasons to avoid – Heavy on the head – Headband slackens over time After a solid 12 months of daily usage, the headband has slacked off, making for a looser and slightly less comfortable fit, but the bands themselves are replaceable.

Xbox Wireless Headset The best Bluetooth headset for Xbox and PC Specifications Drivers: 40 mm neodymium Connectivity: Bluetooth, Xbox Wireless Protocol Frequency response: 20–20,000Hz Features: Bendable boom with dual mics Weight: 311g Battery Life: 15 Hours TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Best Buy Recommended View at Microsoft US View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Good Value + Nice, minimalist design + Solid Stereo Sound Reasons to avoid – Weak battery life While the battery life being on the lower end, the ability to get four hours of juice on a 30-minute charge is pretty clutch and makes up for not having 3.5mm connections.

It’s an easy-to-use Bluetooth headset that works well on multiple devices (except PS5s), and that isn’t an easy trick to pull off. The drivers are tuned in line with the modern trend for flatter EQs and thus better versatility when you close down PUBG and bring up that doom metal playlist you’ve been working on in Spotify. The build quality is what baffles us about the HS70’s lower end pricing, though—they feel sturdy enough to last years but light on the head and well-padded. EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 670 The best wireless headset for wannabe NFL coaches Specifications Drivers: Neodymium magnet Connectivity: Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless Frequency response: 10–23,000 Hz Features: USB audio station, true 7.1 surround, detachable mic, on-headset controls, Bluetooth Weight: 398g Battery life: 20+ Bluetooth, up to 16 hours 2.4GHz TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Best Buy View at Walmart View at Adorama 538 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Excellent sound quality + Dual connectivity Reasons to avoid – Not great battery life – Weighty

It’s all change for the GSP line-up in 2021 however, with the spin-off responsible for the range, Sennheiser Communications, coming to an end and a new company, called EPOS, taking the helm. While they were remarkably comfortable, even for extended periods while wearing glasses, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I looked like an NFL coach with their distinctive and bulky silhouette. Whether it’s an overly bulky design or aggressive RGB lighting, some headsets targeted at gamers look like ridiculous ancient alien headgear. The former is pretty self-explanatory, though, in addition to an ‘everyday use’ battery life test, we also run the headset at full volume to discover how quickly the charge drains under those conditions.

The 7 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets – Fall 2021 Reviews

Their boom mic makes your voice sound full-bodied and natural, and it has an impressive noise handling performance, so your teammates can hear you clearly even if you’re gaming in a noisy environment. Unfortunately, like many gaming headsets, they leak a lot of audio and don’t isolate you from very much noise, meaning they may be better suited for quieter environments.

The best wireless gaming headsets 2021

Tom’s Guide has reviewed some of the very best wireless gaming headsets for the PC, PS5 , Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch , and ranked the top performers here. No matter your budget or your preferred platforms, you should find something here to hear every line, sound effect and musical note in your favorite games with perfect clarity.

This update of the similarly excellent SteelSeries Arctis 7 is compatible with just about every system on the market, from PC to consoles to mobile devices, all via a handy USB-C dongle.

The sound quality is good for both gaming and music, and the battery life will last you through at least three marathon sessions, or a dozen smaller ones.

One helpful hint to keep in mind is that PC and PS5 use the same wireless protocol; Xbox consoles require a different one; the Switch is a bit of a wild card, especially in handheld mode. SteelSeries Arctis 7P/7X The best wireless gaming headset overall Specifications Compatibility: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, mobile Drivers: 40 mm Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz Weight: 12.5 ounces TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Best Buy Prime View at Amazon View at Walmart 93 Walmart customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Works with just about every system + Great gaming sound + Comfortable fit Reasons to avoid – Music quality could be better – 7P model is less versatile than 7X It has a retractable microphone; it has distinct volume and game/chat mix dials; it has an elastic headband that guarantees a perfect fit every time. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless The best budget wireless gaming headset Specifications Compatibility: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, mobile Drivers: 40 mm Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz Weight: 8.8 ounces TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Walmart Prime View at Amazon View at Best Buy 17 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Excellent wireless connectivity + Compatibility with almost everything + Decent sound for gaming and music Reasons to avoid – No elastic headband – No iOS compatibility

The Arctis 1 Wireless is a no-frills peripheral, lacking the subtle sound quality and comfortable elastic headband of SteelSeries’ fancier models.

Still, the Arctis 1 Wireless is the headset that pioneered the company’s excellent USB-C dongle, making it compatible with almost every modern gaming system, from the PS5 to Android tablets.

(It doesn’t work with iOS, however, and you’ll need the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox variant if you own Microsoft’s latest consoles.) Astro A20 Gaming Headset Gen 2 Specifications Compatibility: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, mobile Drivers: 40 mm Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz Weight: 11.2 ounces TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon View at Walmart View at Staples Reasons to buy + Great sound + Comfortable earcups + Clear microphone + Reasonable price Reasons to avoid – Pairing can be frustrating – Unappealing design

By plugging in a simple dongle, you can make the A20 compatible with both Sony and Microsoft consoles — a rare feat among console-centric gaming gear. In addition to a comfortable fit and good sound quality, the Kaira Pro offers a real rarity among wireless gaming headsets: Bluetooth connectivity.

On top of that, the Kaira Pro is a gorgeous device, combining a restrained chassis with a tasteful black-and-green color scheme. The pairing process couldn’t be easier, and the mic is good for both heated multiplayer matches and everyday conversations with friends and family.

What’s even more impressive is that the Kaira Pro came out more or less alongside the latest Xbox consoles, meaning they had a fantastic wireless headset right from the start. While the earcups can feel a little tight, that’s about the only major criticism I can lobby against this headset, which provides robust, nuanced sound profiles and a crystal-clear mic. Using the Logitech G Hub software, you can customize your own sound profiles, or use a variety of helpful presets for games, movies and music. The Xbox Wireless Headset provides clean profiles for both game audio and music, and it has intuitive controls built right into the earcups, rather than relying on imprecise dials.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Specifications Compatibility: PC, PlayStation, Switch Drivers: 50 mm Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz Weight: 13.8 ounces TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Microsoft US Prime Low Stock View at Amazon 1 Amazon customer review ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Comfortable fit + Fantastic gaming and music sound + Compatible with many systems Reasons to avoid – Crowded controls – Could use a few more presets

The only real downside to the Elite Atlas Aero is that its earcup controls get a little crowded, with a lot of dials and buttons in relatively little space.

But once you learn your way around the interface, you can look forward to simple connectivity, long battery life and extremely generous padding for both your ears and the top of your head. HyperX Cloud Flight S Specifications Compatibility: PC, PlayStation, Switch Drivers: 50 mm Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz Weight: 10.9 ounces TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Walmart View at Best Buy Check Amazon Reasons to buy + Comfortable fit + Good sound for games and music + Convenient wireless features Reasons to avoid – Touchy wireless charging – Inconsistent mic

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Specifications Compatibility: PC, PlayStation, Switch Drivers: 50 mm Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz Weight: 10.0 ounces TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon View at Walmart View at Best Buy 237 Walmart customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Good sound quality + Two kinds of wireless connectivity + Great mic Reasons to avoid – Tight fit – Inconsistent volume levels If you want a no-nonsense console headset that also functions as a mobile accessory, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 is a solid option. Truth be told, the Stealth 700 feels a bit tight, making it a tough sell for marathon gaming sessions.

But with good audio quality for both games and music, as well as 20 hours of battery life and some handy customization options, it’s worth a look from console aficionados. The Stealth 700 is hardly as fancy as headsets get, but if you can finagle a comfortable fit out of it, it provides every feature that a good multiplayer match needs.

The best PC gaming headsets of 2021

The best PC gaming headsets can be a blessing for anyone looking to declutter their workspace, combing the benefits of the best headphones and a fantastic microphone into a single, convenient product. Beyond being useful, they can also be styled for the rest of your gaming PC setup, with a plethora of colors, materials and designs to choose from. You also get things like fantastic surround sound, Dolby Atmos capability, and a crisp, full-sounding mic. Of course, just because PC gaming headsets offer the best of both worlds doesn’t mean they’ll be the best solution for everyone, but if you have your eyes on a particular pair then keep a look out for Black Friday deals as we enter the fall sales.

Save $30 – Enjoy Dolby Atmos sound with custom-tuned 50mm audio drivers for the PC, Mac, PS4, and PS5 thanks to this Corsair Black Friday deal from Best Buy. Save $40 – Get one of the most premium PC gaming headsets around with the Corsair Virtuoso RGB SE Wireless and enjoy 7.1 surround sound and 50mm audio drivers for PCs, Macs, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Save $20 – Get this premium gaming headset for less and enjoy high-fidelity 7.1 surround sound, broadcast-quality microphone, 20 hour battery life, and more – all for 11% off thanks to this Corsair Black Friday deal at Amazon. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Premium wireless gaming headset Specifications Interface: 2.4GHz USB wireless, 3.5mm audio jack Features: THX Spatial Audio, noise cancellation, TriForce Titanium 50mm drivers, removable HyperClear Supercardioid mic TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Walmart View at Best Buy Prime View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Great sound quality + Razer’s THX Spatial audio app for fine audio customization + 24-hour battery life Reasons to avoid – Isn’t fully compatible with consoles – Could use a better battery level indicator

Focusing primarily on three attributes: positional audio, communication clarity and noise cancellation, the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is a premium wireless gaming headset in every sense of the word. You bet Specifications Interface: Wireless / Wired (USB) Features: Dolby Atmos, 20 hour battery life, 60-foot rang, custom-tuned 50mm high density neodymium audio drivers TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon View at Best Buy View at CORSAIR Reasons to buy + Nice design + Fantastic sound quality + Comfortable + Dolby Atmos works well Reasons to avoid – Expensive and out of most budgets – Mic arm not easily positioned With its excellent build quality, comfortable design, 20-hour-long battery life, range of around 60 feet (18.3m), and fully customizeable RGB lighting through Corsair’s iCUE software, this is the premium gaming headset that ever serious PC gamer should check out. Corsair HS60 Haptic One of our favorite headsets ever, hands-down Specifications Interface: Wired (USB) Features: Haptic bass powered by Taction Technology, custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers, noise-cancelling unidirectional mic TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon Low Stock View at Walmart View at Best Buy Reasons to buy + Excellent sound + Haptic feedback is like wrapping your head with a subwoofer + Excellent noise-cancelling microphone Reasons to avoid – In theory, you can lose the detachable mic – Some might prefer a wireless headset

It actually feels like you’ve just strapped a subwoofer comfortably to your head, and that’s without compromising the sound quality. Logitech G Pro X Wireless Wireless freedom Specifications Interface: Wireless Features: up to 20h battery life, Detachable mic with foam windscreen, 1.8m USB A to USB C charging cable TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Walmart View at Best Buy View at Amazon Reasons to buy + Excellent sound quality + Superb build quality + Comfortable Reasons to avoid – Expensive for what you’re getting – Weak microphone One of the best gaming headsets out there, this pair of cans gives you wireless freedom alongside low latency, robust build quality and, most importantly, excellent sound.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro PC gaming’s best kept secret Specifications Interface:: Wired (USB) Features:: 40mm drivers, Retractable boom microphone, DTS Headphone:X v2.0, RGB lighting, included DAC TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon View at Best Buy View at Walmart 31 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Included DAC + Audiophile worthy sound Reasons to avoid – Surround sound not great

Astro A50 Wireless (2019) Like the Cadillac of PC gaming headsets Specifications Interface: Wireless (5.8GHz) Features:: Dolby Audio, Works with PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC and mobile; Astro Audio; 5.8GHz wireless tech with MixAmp; USB charging with base station TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon View at Best Buy View at Walmart Reasons to buy + Dolby Audio sounds amazing + Supremely comfortable Reasons to avoid – Edgy aesthetics The Astro A50 Wireless isn’t just an appealing choice for the best gaming headset because of its edgy aesthetic – that is, if you’re into that sort of look. This is a multi-use headset boasting excellent and immersive – if not audiophile-level – sound quality as well as fantastic wireless connectivity so latency is no issue. SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless Excellent sound for both your PC and PS5 Specifications Interface: 2.4 GHz wireless, Bluetooth Features: Discord-certified microphone, 20+ hour battery life, On-ear ChatMix control, DTS Headphone:X v2.0 TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon View at SteelSeries View at SteelSeries Reasons to buy + Excellent sound quality + Lag-free Reasons to avoid – Expensive

Beyerdynamic Custom Game Gaming never sounded so good Specifications Interface:: Wired (3.5mm) Features: Sound slider; Soft ear pads; Changeable design covers; Detachable cable TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime Low Stock View at Amazon 401 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Extremely comfortable + Impressive audio quality Reasons to avoid – Kind of expensive

Corsair HS50 The budget king Specifications Interface: Wired (analog) Features: 50mm drivers; Easy on-ear volume and mute controls; Multi-platform compatibility TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon View at Walmart View at Adorama 333 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Strong stereo sound + Excellent value Reasons to avoid – Mic easily misplaced If you don’t mind forgoing some extra bells and whistles – like 7.1 surround and Bluetooth connectivity, for example – then you need to take a look at the Corsair HS50. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless A wireless headset with wired sound Specifications Interface: Wireless (Bluetooth) Features: Dual-battery charging system, Bluetooth connectivity, 40mm drivers TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime Low Stock View at Amazon View at Walmart View at Best Buy 18 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Lossless audio + Convenient dual-battery system Reasons to avoid – Expensive

Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition Improving a perfect formula Specifications Interface: Wired (USB and Analog) Features: 50mm drivers; Reinforced steel and aluminum build; Detachable and flexible mic TODAY’S BEST DEALS Check Amazon 403 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Very comfortable + Clear, accurate sound Reasons to avoid – Mids and highs unbalanced Specifications Interface: Wireless Features: Metal headband; Powerful desktop software; Enables Waves NX 3D Audio; ProSpecs Glasses Relief system TODAY’S BEST DEALS View at Microsoft US Prime Low Stock View at Amazon 1 Amazon customer review ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + ProSpecs Glasses Relief system + Plenty of features Reasons to avoid – Questionable aesthetic Yes, there might be a few things that hold the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero back from true greatness – namely, its tight fit and not-so-appealing aesthetic. With great sound quality to start, coupled with its ProSpecs Glasses Relief system to make it more comfortable for wearers with glasses, plethora of features and incredibly powerful software, this is one of the best gaming headsets we’ve ever put over our ears.

Beyerdynamic Tygr 300 R No gimmicks, just excellent sound Specifications Interface: Wired (3.5mm with 6.35 adapter) Features: Open-back design, extended frequency response TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon View at Adorama Reasons to buy + Amazing sound quality + Comfortable Reasons to avoid – No built-in mic Razer Nari Ultimate Feel the game Specifications Interface: Wireless Features: 8-hour battery life; HyperSense haptic feedback; Compatible with many devices; 50mm drivers TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon View at Best Buy View at Walmart 5 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Great sound + Tons of connectivity Reasons to avoid – Haptic vibrations are divisive

Asus ROG Strix Fusion 700 Shiny Specifications Interface: Wireless (Bluetooth) Features: 7.1-channel surround sound; 50mm Neodymium drivers; Bluetooth; Built-in DAC TODAY’S BEST DEALS Prime View at Amazon 453 Amazon customer reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Reasons to buy + Great sound quality + Aesthetic Reasons to avoid – Expensive With its Republic of Gamers brand, Asus has built a reputation for being the name behind some of the best gaming peripherals to constantly meet consumer standards. Packed with 50mm Neodymium drivers and Bluetooth compatibility, this gaming headset provides fantastic sound quality without being tethered with a wire.

Likewise, Logitech may not always reach the same heights in audio quality as SteelSeries but it always puts out a good sounding, comfortable product at a reasonable price. Not only do they offer pairs for most every budget, but they come with all sorts of features like THX or Dolby Atmos, haptic feedback, and great battery life for the wireless options. As proven by our picks here, Astro, Turtle Beach, and the typically non-gaming focused Beyerdynamic all make some excellent headsets.

And, if you plan on gaming for hours, you need to choose one that won’t hurt your head when you wear it for long periods. Finally, there are things like type of interface (wireless or wired), connectivity and range, and RGB lighting to consider as well. They might not be as exciting as the latest graphics cards or the newest gaming PCs , but they can be just as fun to try out and appraise.

10 Best Headphones for Music and Gaming (Is one enough?) – Ear Rockers

You might go to the market to shop for headphones and end up buying the wrong one if you do not understand the difference. A good headphone, which will make you enjoy your game session and music time, must be able to stand well on your ears without discomforting you. Therefore, to ensure full concentration, buy a headphone that can reduce noise and side sounds. Furthermore, when you want to buy a headphone that can work for both music and gaming, you should note whether it is wired and wireless.

Buy a headphone that has the wire and can also work as wireless so that it can be used for a wide range of things. Although most of the gadgets that are produced in recent times are using Bluetooth, a headphone that is wireless and is also using wire would be beneficial. This tag-line is a simple summary of this headphone as it offers a clear sound that is loud enough for everyone. As an added advantage, it is packed with 3 other Turtle Beach preset audio equalization settings.

This mic is removable in case you want to listen to songs in your music library or watch a movie. In addition, Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 is android compatible.

Due to its unique features such as comfortable ear pads, the adjustable headband, and the modern woven fabric, this is the perfect headphone for long-term use as you will feel no pain when using it. Driver 40mm Frequency Response 8 Hz to 25 kHz Cable 10’/3m coiled cable Earcups Swiveling Design Dynamic, closed-back design Cushions Leatherette Headband Padded, adjustable headband Circumaural/sound isolating -32 dB

The design of its rotating earcups is space-saving collapsible and its ambient noise attenuation is up to 32 dB. Drivers 40mm Battery life 30+ hours of playback Hinges Ergonomic rotating 3D Cable 3.5mm cable with built-in mic/remote Connectivity Bluetooth aptX wireless technology Design Collapsible Not just that, it has a built-in and multi-directional control knob, which allows you to manage the audio playback and phone calls. The texture of the exterior of the headband, earcup and ear cushion edges is the unique vinyl. It has support for Bluetooth aptX which makes it possible for you to stream audio in high quality when it is paired with a compatible device. Due to the presence of inbuilt 40mm dynamic drivers, it has been tuned and engineered for a smooth miss, enhanced bass and clear highs.

This headphone has some special features that make it a great option for lovers of games. It has been specially made to give balanced audio and also block out the background noise.

The essence of this is to create real-world audio deprivation which will make the game more real like you are experiencing it. Premium materials were used for its crafting to make it beautiful and to provide luxurious high-end comfort.

Frequency Response range 15 – 25,000 Hz Dimensions 7.5 x 3.4 x 7.4 inches Weight 0.69 lbs Mic Removable microphone Battery life 30 hours Connectivity Wireless

It is good for game and music connections Cons The quality of the microphone is kind of drowned out This headphone produces excellent quality sound and works very well for PC and PS4. It gives an accurate audio quality with drivers that are perfect for handling the high output while playing a game.

This headphone comes with a sturdy steel headband that is covered with a rubberized poly-carbonate that helps to resist damage. It also boasts of having a detachable wire which assists in prolonging its life as it gets wear and tear. It works perfectly with consoles, Macs, Gaming PCs, and Android devices. Drivers 40mm Neodymium Frequency Response 10 Hz – 20,000 kHz Design Circumaural closed-back stereo Cable Coiled, single-sided Earcups Swiveling Additional feature Soft case

This design makes it easier for Sony MDR-7506 to perform a good job in cutting down background noise while it still provides enough volume in the field or in the studio.

As an added advantage, the closed-ear can eliminate headphone bleed when you are overdubbing in the studio. The coiled cable enhances its mobility and also prevents snags from tugging the headset. For deeper bass, wider dynamic range and lower distortion, there are 40mm diameter drive units.

Sony MDR-7506 makes use of OFC cable and gold plated Unimatch plug to enhance its connectivity. Its frequency response is highly impressive Cons It looks cheap, so if you are looking for a luxurious product, this is not for you. Sol Republic Master Tracks X3 is a modernly designed, clean and comfortable. It produces a good quality sound and gives you the opportunity to control the device connected with it.

Headband Steel headband sliders with 90-degree swivel Drivers 40mm Mic Detachable boom mic Connectivity Wireless Sound system 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound The headset will be locked when you buy it, which limits your enjoyment to the full set of features.

If you have not downloaded the Logitech’s gaming software, you cannot use it with a PC, and moreover, you need to use a USB digital audio converter (DAC) with it. Logitech’s Pro-G 40mm audio drivers are made with hybrid mesh materials and deliver clean and accurate highs as well as deep, rich bass.

Moreover, the G433 features an acoustic port positioned behind the driver that resonates and amplifies audio for dynamic, cinematic sound. It has a deep and rich bass Cons It is too technical because you need to download Logitech’s gaming Software for the PC With this headphone, gamers can hear all the movement of your enemies because its sound is so accurate and clear. Drivers 45mm Neodymium Earcups 90-degree swiveling with single-ear monitoring Cable Detachable single-sided, straight and short cable Frequency The extended frequency range for clarity Design Circumaural, Sound-Isolating Adapter Screw-On 1/4″ adapter Extra feature Pouch

It has a circumaural and around-the-ear design which is helpful in providing sound isolation when you are in a loud environment. As we are aware that it has 45mm Neodymium drivers that have copper-clad aluminum voice coils to extend its frequency response from the range of 15Hz to 28kHz. For those who love to go about with their headphone, it is can be folded and store in its carry pouch for mobility. These two headphones produce a quality sound with deep bass and accurate highs.

The Best Wireless Gaming Headsets for 2021

Wireless gaming headsets let you cut the cord and enjoy two-way audio that’s unfettered by wires. Bluetooth is a nice backup for gaming headsets, but it’s rarely the main method of wireless connection.

However, Bluetooth doesn’t offer the same audio quality and latency performance as a 2.4GHz connection, which is why most wireless gaming headsets have their own transmitters/receivers. A good headset mic should provide clear voice communication at a minimum, but it probably won’t be broadcast quality.

Others simply let you be heard in voice chat, but might have wireless artifacts, sibilance, or subpar clarity. See our story on how to make your podcast sound better for general tips that apply to all recording and broadcasting scenarios.

Best Wireless Gaming Headset 2021: The Best Game Audio Without Wires

The best wireless gaming headsets rely primarily on high-bandwidth, 2.4GHz connections that can deliver full-quality audio with next to no latency. Wireless gaming headsets have been proliferating in recent years, so you can actually find some fairly affordable options that get the job done. There are plenty of premium models as well that may offer more sturdy designs or extra connection options and features like surround sound. You can also find a lot of options at a discount with these deals on certified refurbished video game accessories from eBay . Compatibility: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4/PS5, PC/Mac, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS● Interface: wireless, wired ● Connections: 2.4GHz wireless USB-C dongle, USB-C wired, 3.5mm audio cable ● Drivers: 40mm Neodymium ● Frequency response: 20Hz – 20,000Hz ● Surround sound modes: 7.1 ● Battery Life: 24 hours Packing in all that potential, the Razer Barracuda X still maintains a lightweight design and uses a breathable material called BlowKnit. You might think battery life had to take a hit for that low weight, but the headset can run for 20 hours on a charge. Compatibility: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch, Mobile ● Interface: Wireless, wired ● Connections: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHz USB dongle, 3.5mm audio cable, USB-C (charging) ● Drivers: 100mm Planar ● Frequency response: 10Hz – 50,000Hz ● Battery Life: 15 hours ● Weight: 320g

These headphones provide a latency-free wireless audio experience to enjoy your games free from the leash that so often ties us to our desks. This technology is known for its incredible sound with high precision across a wide frequency response range, and the Audeze Penrose X delivers.

There’s one drawback of the headset’s impressive speaker drivers, though: they take some power to drive, and that sees them limited to a 15-hour run time, which applies whether you’re using a wireless or wired connection. A 3.5mm jack will let you use the Sony Pulse 3D headset with virtually any device, and it can save you in a pinch if you run out of battery.

If you want a great wireless headset for the Xbox Series X or S, you can’t settle for one that requires a cumbersome solution for connecting. The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 (read our review) gets around all that by using Xbox Wireless to pair directly with the console – no dongle needed. The headset features large earcups with plenty of space for your ears and loads of cushion to keep the fit comfy.

Compatibility: PC, Mac, Playstation, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, VR ● Interface: Wireless, Wired ● Connections: 2.4GHz Wireless USB Dongle, Bluetooth 4.1, 3.5mm wired ● Drivers: 40mm Neodymium ● Frequency response: 20Hz – 20,000Hz ● Surround sound modes: DTS Headphones:X v2.0 ● Battery life: 20 hours

And, SteelSeries will help you tune into the right sounds, as you can use the ChatMix dial on PC and Mac to shift the balance between voice chat and game audio, making it much easier to hear your teammates or your enemies as the situation requires. At 244 grams, its weight is almost imperceptible while you’re wearing it, and it manages a mild enough clamping force to stay fairly comfortable over long play sessions.

When it’s time to charge it back up, the USB-C port means you won’t have to keep an outdated micro USB cable on hand. Sennheiser’s GSP 370 wireless gaming headset (read our review) is a special one, as it truly nails a couple things.

Your teammates or streaming audience will hear you loud and clear, and you’ll get top-notch sound from games, movies, and music.

The company also added the newest DTS Headphone: X 2.0 technology, and it far surpasses the previous version in providing spacial awareness. The Razer Nari Ultimate (read our review) surprised us not only with its smart industrial design, but also for just how well it implemented its headlining feature. The onboard haptics are the closest to simulating a subwoofer on our skull that we’ve ever encountered in our experience testing headphones.

They’re great for games and movies, and if you need a killer way to wirelessly listen to Spotify around the house, they can handle that too. Your wireless gaming headset’s battery life is of course intrinsically tied to how long your play sessions will be.

The only real exception to this is the Razer Nari, which only lasts around eight hours due to its integrated lighting and haptic feedback systems.

The added Bluetooth connection is a nifty feature if you like to listen to music or podcasts and take calls while you game.

Best wireless gaming headsets

Editor’s note: this article was updated on September 28, 2021 to include the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT to the notable mentions. The headphone pads are leatherette covering thick memory foam, which is very comfortable but doesn’t do a lot for gamers with glasses. The HyperX Cloud Flight S uses a wireless RF connection with a 2.4GHz USB dongle for transmitting audio between it and your platform of choice. This is good because it means audio lag won’t be an issue, and generally, this connection takes less power to maintain.

That saved juice doesn’t go to waste here, as the Cloud Flight S lasted around 35 hours during our testing—better than just about any other gaming headset on the market. It’s too bad this doesn’t work with the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, but if you’re looking for something that checks all the boxes on either the PlayStation 4 or PC, this is your best bet.

It’s also compatible with the HyperX NGenuity app, but you don’t really need it if setting custom EQ presets isn’t your thing. Wireless gaming headsets generally don’t use Bluetooth, due to lag and inconsistent console support. Wireless gaming headsets generally don’t use Bluetooth, due to lag and inconsistent console support. The Arctis 7 uses a 2.4GHz USB wireless RF dongle to transmit audio between the headset and whatever it’s connected to, so lag isn’t an issue. SteelSeries claims its battery can last up to 24 hours on a single charge, though in our review we found it landed somewhere closer to 16—still nothing to sneeze at. And top of all that hardware, the SteelSeries Engine app brings surround sound and custom EQ balancing, to boot.

Recently, a software update to the Nintendo Switch opened up the USB ports on its dock to support wireless audio, allowing an additional level of convenience for gamers. Just plug the USB-C dongle into the USB port on the bottom of the Switch and you’re all set for wireless, undocked listening. Featuring an aluminum body construction finished with a gunmetal coating, this wireless gaming headset looks and feels like a million bucks… or at least what you’d expect for $200. If you’re a gamer who wants as many features as a company can fit in a gaming headset (or companion app), look no further than the Logitech G Pro X Wireless. The headset comes with plush memory foam ear pads covered in leatherette, as well as velour-covered alternates—great for gamers with glasses. Its frame is a little loose, but it’s got solid battery life, and you can customize the color of the headset’s LED lights, if you’re into that sort of thing.

PC gamers get additional customization options via Synapse 3, including EQ controls to fine-tune your listening experience. SteelSeries Arctis 9X: This headset features Xbox Wireless support for a cable-free and dongle-free connection—complete with Windows Sonic Surround Sound.

It features a great microphone, an accurate frequency response, and is slated to have forward compatibility with upcoming consoles like the PlayStation 5. The mic doesn’t work when the USB-C Dongle is connected, but there’s no audio lag, good sound, and battery life long enough for decent play sessions. The gaming headset space, much like many other parts of the audio industry, is rife with exaggerated language and gimmicky features that often don’t add much of anything to your experience. It’s easy to get caught up in the flashy lights and promises of immersive audio and bass so intense it’ll rupture your eardrums (in a good way, somehow), but most of that stuff flat out doesn’t matter.

Best wireless gaming headset 2021

Let’s face it, there’s something truly comforting about putting on a set of headphones, silencing the outside world, and burying ourselves in the sounds of the best PC games. Picking the best wireless headset from Razer, Logitech, Corsair, and SteelSeries can make all the difference – reducing clutter, and improving sound quality. This guide highlights the top performers, so you can hear every footstep in Rainbow Six: Siege, every music event in Fortnite, and every callout in Discord. Carrying the same DNA, it offers titanium-coated diaphragms for exceptional voice clarity that separates bass, mid, and treble, and flow-knit memory foam ear cushions for prolonged stints sitting at your gaming PC. Cutting the cord often comes at a cost, but the BlackShark V2 Pro puts every penny to good use by fixing one of the biggest pitfalls with wireless headsets: the microphone. Small tweaks over previous iterations make this noise-cancelling boom mic worth the premium over its wired counterparts. Using the same speaker drivers as the award-winning Arctis 7, SteelSeries claims the headset offers low-latency, high-quality, and lossless audio thanks to the USB dongle. Continuing to live up to the brand’s reputation, the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless is a hard-hitter that punches above its weight, holding its own against rivals that cost almost twice the price. With high-density neodymium drivers, you get the same sound quality as you would expect from pricier options like the SteelSeries Arctis Pro. Add to that some good old-fashioned RGB that you can sync to other Logitech gaming keyboards and mice, and the G733 is a real head-turner. The detachable boom mic is a bit more rigid than other options on this list, but like most Logitech headsets, you’ll have access to Blue Voice software so you can optimise the equaliser to better carry your dulcet tones. There’s nothing quite like proudly plonking your headset on a headphone stand atop the best gaming desk, knowing you’ve paid a fraction of the price for it.

The Logitech G533 doesn’t feature RGB lighting like its flashier cousin, instead opting for a sleek all-black approach. Wired versions of the best gaming headsets are traditionally more reliable, but thanks to advancements in wireless technology, cutting the cord now comes fewer caveats.

Of course, if you’d rather eliminate any potential interference from your gaming audio setup, then using a wired headset will minimise data loss or signal degradation. Wireless gaming headsets require batteries and additional receiver components, so you might find that your cordless cans are heavier than your average wired alternative.

While not every wireless headset comes with surround sound support, various options from the likes of Razer, Logitech, and Corsair come packed with the fidelity-fueled feature. Bluetooth opens up a lot of options, such as the ability to connect your cans to your smartphone for on-the-go listening, but many stick with a proprietary 2.4GHz USB transmitter.

These dongles mean that wireless headsets work with PC out of the box, but console gamers on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch will need to pay extra attention to compatibility Wireless audio has significantly improved over the years, with the untrained ear finding it increasingly difficult to discern the difference.

Microphones haven’t been so lucky, however, as the price of cutting the cord is often a lower quality mic compared to wired counterparts.

The best wired and wireless gaming headset: Logitech, Epos, SteelSeries, and more

While there are some great ones out there, it’s easy to pay too much, to accidentally purchase a headset that doesn’t work with your desired console or platform, or to get one that’s uncomfortable after a few hours of use. This guide focuses mostly on newer options that you’re likely to encounter at stores as opposed to older models that, while possibly still being worthy of your money, are often tougher to find affordably and easily online.

Also, just to mention it at the top, I have a large-ish head, and that factor obviously played a major role in how I judge the comfort of these headsets.

The G435 ships with a USB-A audio transmitter and is compatible with most platforms that have that port, including PCs, PlayStation consoles, and the Nintendo Switch’s dock.

I’ve also had success using a USB-A to USB-C adapter to plug it into my Oculus Quest 2, MacBook Pro, and other devices. The G435’s killer feature (aside from its broad compatibility and comfort) is its Bluetooth mode, which lets you connect to a phone so you can remain available to accept calls while you use the headset for something else via the 2.4GHz transmitter.

It’s far from the first device to combine Bluetooth with 2.4GHz wireless, but the G435’s lightweight design makes it an easier companion to carry around and use for work and play. Like the G733, it utilizes breathable ear pads, though its plastic headband is wrapped in a layer of fabric. The ear cups are mounted to rails that extend from the headband, letting you easily move them around until you find the right fit. And even though one look at its advertising should tell you that these were built for a younger generation, my large head fits comfortably within the range of the G435’s sizing. Generally, if you’re in the market for a lightweight wireless gaming headset that costs no more than $80 and has a good number of features and broad compatibility, check out the G435. But the H3Pro Hybrid cuts the cord (the option for wired is still there, though) and adds other capabilities that make it worth the price hike.

The thick, plush ear cups already do a good job at limiting noise as it is, and ANC takes it a step further. The ear cups clamp down just tightly enough to make a seal with your skin, and there’s a generous amount of padding at the headband to keep it from weighing you down.

It has all of the same features as our previous top pick, Razer’s Kaira Pro, but knocks $50 off the price and has a better design.

I’m willing to bet that you may not have heard of Victrix, a brand owned by PDP Gaming that’s focused on making peripherals suited for e-sports pros and aspiring gamers.

On the left ear cup, there’s a mic that turns on when you lower it and mutes when you raise it back upward. That cup also has a button that adjusts between three levels of mic monitoring sensitivity and a rubberized dial for finding the perfect balance of game and chat audio. The Victrix Gambit doesn’t try too hard to woo with bass or with an overly crisp sound that forgoes warmth. It just sounds good out of the box, and I have no complaints about its performance while tethered to the included USB audio transmitter (alternatively, it can be used wired via 3.5mm).

The SteelSeries’ Arctis 7P Plus has dethroned Sony’s own Pulse 3D headset as the best option out there for PlayStation gamers, despite costing $69 more. Really, the previous version nailed the comfort already, but this year, it added on more battery life, a game and chat audio dial, and USB-C charging (good riddance, Micro USB).

The $169.99 price might be steep if you were hoping to spend less, but compared directly to the Pulse 3D headset, the Arctis 7P’s comfort, microphone quality, button layout, and ease of use make it a far better choice for gamers who want to get the best bang for their buck. In that game, everything from the highs that ring out from swords clashing to daunting fire-breathing dragons that push out medium- and low-frequency sounds were a delight to hear.

You’ll know when the QC 35 II is on your head, but it doesn’t pinch or press hard against your ears. Used as a gaming headset, either connected via USB through its included desktop controller or via 3.5mm, the QC 35 II makes for a lightweight, comfortable option with a microphone attachment that’s easy to use. The desktop controller I mentioned above adds more features, including a nice volume dial and button that adjusts the intensity of mic monitoring. The $329 price is high, but if you value noise cancellation and want to have a headset you can easily take on the road (and that has ear cups that can swivel and fold into a compact size), check this out. It’s worth noting that current owners of the QC 35 II headphones, unfortunately, won’t be able to easily acquire the microphone attachment, as Bose isn’t selling it separately. That also means it’s just as comfortable, with a plush headband and breathable ear cups that don’t apply too much pressure.

This model’s build materials are a step above the $59 BlackShark V2 X when it comes to being breathable, and it includes a USB sound card, into which the headset’s 3.5mm end plugs. Razer says it’s adding spatial audio profiles for popular games moving forward, so you’ll have plenty of ways to utilize the sound card if this feature strikes your interest.

It’s compatible with PCs outfitted with a 3.5mm port, or using the included USB sound card, as well as consoles and controllers that feature a 3.5mm headphone jack. Another nice touch is its volume knob, which affords fine-tune adjustments that dials don’t usually provide.

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