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Corsair Hs35 Headset Review

We weten echter dat er rond de 50 euro veel prima headsets te vinden zijn, dus in deze review vragen we ons af of Corsair zich ook op dit prijspunt goed weet te handhaven. Zo zijn de oorschelpen gewoon flexibel genoeg om hem redelijk neutraal op elk hoofd te laten vallen, van onze kleine van 3 tot een XXL hoofd, met een gelijke drukverdeling, en de pads gewoon dik genoeg om hem comfortabel te laten voelen. Mwah, er zijn wat chiquere opties, maar de HS35 is wel lekker onopvallend in gebruik.

Die kost normaliter een tientje meer, maar de HS35 moet zijn meerdere daar toch in erkennen.

Daar zien we echter duidelijk dat de HS35 veel meer bass focus heeft, dus het is ook maar net waar je om geeft. Van een microfoon in deze prijsklasse verwachten we dat we redelijk voor de dag komen, en als het even kan zonder ruis.

En de HS35 doet het eigenlijk gewoon goed voor weinig geld en laat nergens geen grote steken vallen zoals je soms ziet voor dit geld (prut geluid, prut mic, geen flexibele oorschelpen etc). Voordelige headsets worden namelijk vaak door jonge gamers gekocht en die willen vaker dan niet gewoon vooral lekker veel bass zoals je hier krijgt.

Ik vermoed dat de hippe kleurtjes daar ook wat mee te doen hebben. Dat wil niet zeggen dat de Corsair het meteen makkelijk heeft, want op het prijspunt van 45 euro hikt hij heel dicht tegen wat grotere goden aan die wat minder ‘instap’ voelen dan de HS35. De HS35 is echter net nieuw en zal dus nog wat in prijs moeten zakken. Duikt hij straks naar of onder de 40 euro en is dat je maximale budget, dan is hij harstikke leuk en zou ik hem gerust aanraden als je simpelweg niet meer kan of wil uit wil geven.

Corsair HS35 Stereo Gaming Headset Review

Corsair employs some glossy black around the earcups for an aesthetic effect that looks stylish without being gaudy or an obvious fingerprint magnet. While the memory foam isn’t as dense as I’ve felt from my HyperX Cloud Mix headset, there’s still enough of it to remain comfortable on my head and around my ears for hours at a time.

There’s plenty of flex, length in the sliders, and pivot and swivel to the earcups to allow for a fit on a wide variety of head sizes.For $39, the build quality is surprisingly good.

The 5.9-foot cable is rubber and includes a strap for wrapping it up when not in use.The first thing I noticed any time I put the Corsair HS35 headset on was the dominating bass. Violins and high piano notes in Of Montreal’s Spiteful Intervention don’t penetrate the wall of bass and mids. It’s not perfect, but it’s a level above the similarly price Kaliber Gaming Nukleus headset.While playing Rainbow Six Siege , I didn’t get caught up on heavy footsteps drowning out drum cymbals.

In the basement of Rainbow Six Siege’s bank map, I could hear an enemy shifting about the nearest stairwell as my team dealt with enemies elsewhere, so I was able to hold position and keep from getting shot in the back.I also took the game through several hours of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice , and while the low end roared for many enemy attacks, the sharp warning sound for unblockable attacks came through clear enough to help me stay alive.One downside to the breathable mesh ear cups is that they provide very little noise isolation.

Corsair HS35 Review 2021

Bottom Line The Corsair HS35 is a prime example of a budget headset that manages to do everything right while trimming off the excess features to meet this price range. There is no shortage of excellent gaming headsets at and above the $100 price range, but below that point, the options start to dwindle. Name Corsair HS35 Type Over-ear headset Connection 3.5 mm wired Drivers 50 mm Cable length 1.8 m Impedance 32 Ohms Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz Microphone Unidirectional Microphone frequency response 100 Hz – 10 kHz This isn’t in any way superior to automatic adjustment, we’re just pointing out that the headphone can be more comfortable if at first it feels like it’s pressing into places too hard.

Speaking of comfort, we have to say we’re impressed with the way Corsair has handled such an all-important aspect of this budget headset. This works wonders in tandem with the overall lightweight build to make this headset comfortable to wear for lengthy gaming sessions. Mesh isn’t nearly as good at isolating noise and keeping the bass in as leatherette so some users dislike it with a passion. We can understand why – if you’re doing everything you can to make your audio experience the best it could be, then getting a headset with mesh ear cushions can feel similar to shooting yourself in the foot.

However, all the little things we’ve mentioned – the adjustability (including swivel), the lightweight design, the thick padding and the breathable mesh – do stack up to make it incredibly comfortable compared to most of its competition. The microphone also doesn’t feature a windshield, which can be a big problem, but the HS35 offers a workaround for this by letting you position the bendable mic however and wherever you want – once adjusted, it stays put.

This again saves some trial and error before you can place the microphone in such a way it picks up your voice well enough at speaking volume, without torturing the ears of your teammates on the other side of the Discord call with popping noises. This headset is very bass-heavy, yet the bass would’ve been better with leatherette ear cushions, so the quality and punchiness isn’t the best this price range has to offer.

This headset has a custom-tuned sound profile that expands the soundstage and puts a higher emphasis on frequencies that generally hold relevant audio cues like footsteps in competitive games. Too many headsets spread themselves too thin, while trying to appeal to different audiences, but the HS35 takes gaming as its top priority and does what it’s set out to do – offering gamers what they need. It’s a barebones headset, but the meat has been expertly picked off the bones, leaving behind a sturdy and functional skeleton that no gamer on a budget would be disappointed with. If your budget isn’t hard-capped at $40, then the HS35 becomes a much less desirable option, as you can easily find better headsets at the $60 price range, let alone higher.

Corsair HS35 Gaming Headset Review: Style on a Budget

You’re spoiled for choice if you have $100 or more to drop on one of the best gaming headsets, and truthfully there are many good options on the market at that price point currently. As you’d expect from a headset at this price point, construction materials are primarily plastic, with an aluminium headband forming the base frame. While some manufacturers often arrive at a fairly perfunctory overall look using plastic, Corsair has a knack for keeping it classy with their budget headsets, as is evident here, as well as with the HS35’s siblings, the HS50 and HS70. A smart mix of matte and gloss finishes conveys an elegant overall look, and the brushed metal logos on each ear cup are anything but budget.

Since the HS35’s cloth fabric doesn’t create that snug contact point of a leatherette pad, there’s some sound bleed and a little low-end is lost. Light doesn’t always equate to comfortable, since one of this reviewer’s all-time favorites, the HyperX Cloud Alpha, weighs nearly 100g more than this (0.7 pounds, 336g).

We’ll take black every time, thanks very much, but the green, red and blue variants certainly pop, and gamers don’t usually have this much choice in a $40 headset’s appearance. All those contrasting finishes and memory foam pads don’t count for much if the drivers sound like waterlogged phone speakers.

It’s just worth establishing that, no, this doesn’t magically sound as good as gaming headsets four times the price, or audiophile-grade headphones. But pitted against similarly priced headsets, the HS35 has great clarity to the table and doesn’t distort audibly at max volume.

There’s no digital surround available here, but the stereo spread sounds nice and wide, again tuned for competitive gaming, where your ears are working hard to position others around you. With a 20-20,000Hz frequency response range, it was always going to miss a bit of low-end, but we found it produces a slightly nasal sound on top of that, possibly because of that noise cancellation.

We love the subtle mix of matte and high-shine gloss finishes and the simple, metallic Corsair logos on each earcup. Despite beefy 50mm drivers providing some low-end oomph, there’s a harshness to the overall tone that seems geared towards game sound spaces at the expense of other usage scenarios. HyperX’s Cloud range is a prime example, ready to blow your head off with its bass response but still balanced enough to articulate the rest of the EQ in detail.

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