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Configurar Headset Original Xbox One

Microsoft has yet to say whether the adaptor will be included with the Xbox One console pack or available for sale separately. “This also required creating a new expansion port design for headsets and future controller add-on devices which is different from a standard audio plug input. ORIGINAL STORY: The Xbox One doesn’t come with a headset because it includes Kinect, Microsoft has explained. “Each Xbox One includes the new Kinect sensor, with a highly sensitive multi-array microphones designed to enable voice inputs and chat as a system-level capability, both in-game and with Skype and other experiences. With a lightweight and comfortable new design, the mono chat headset features wideband digital audio and a unidirectional microphone.

How to Fix It When Your Xbox One Mic Isn’t Working

An Xbox mic not working as intended can be caused by physical damage to the microphone or an app software glitch. A slow internet connection is another common cause of delayed and distorted audio.

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