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Comply Headphone Ear Tips For Airpods Pro Review

In the past, I used silicon tips on inexpensive earphones and they worked well for the price point, but often gave me more trouble than expected. Silicon tips often fall out, form a poor seal in my ears, and slide around when I speak or eat with them in. Comply brings their premium quality memory foam tips to Apple’s AirPods Pro and you need to order them today. I have used Comply foam tips on other premium multi-hundred dollar IEMs for several years and jumped at the chance to invest in a pair for AirPods Pro.

In fact, after their pre-order launch, Comply got so many complaints, they released a video on their channel, explaining how to properly install them. Until I watched this video, I too was having difficulty with them staying on the device, which is a huge risk factor for a small, expensive wireless bud. The silicon OEM tips just never fit well and always slid out over a short period of time, especially if I moved my head a lot — not even working out. Before putting them in your ears, smash them down and warm them slightly with your body heat, by holding them scrunched for like 5-10 seconds. Specifically music with heavier bass, the sound remains undistracted within your ear canal and the beat hits that much more strongly. I felt like the Apple silicon tips offer a decent seal and the ANC worked well out of the box.

Comply Foam Tips 2.0 Compatible with Apple Airpods Pro

Soft foam earbud tips for AirPods Pro offer all day comfort and reduce ear pain. Comply tips are 30 times softer than silicone, cost-effective, simple to install, and backed by our 100% Guaranteed Fit Program. Peak performance: Comply tips reduce unwanted exterior noise so you can elevate your listening at lower volumes (protect those ears!

Comply’s New Memory Foam Ear Tips for AirPods Pro Feature Snap-On Design, Improved Foam-Core Adhesion

Minnesota-based company Hearing Components today announced the release of its second-generation Comply memory foam ear tips for AirPods Pro, promising “all-day comfort” and a “secure in-ear fit” during any activity.

Hands-On With Comply’s Foam Tips for AirPods Pro

Apple’s AirPods Pro ship with silicone tips that fit inside the ears, but people who prefer the tighter or more comfortable fit of foam have been modding their earbuds to add a foam layer. Listening to music for a few hours with the foam tips resulted in less ear fatigue. Because of the way the foam expands in the ear, Apple’s Active Noise Cancellation seems to work a bit better.

Comply AirPods Pro Tips review: These should make a lot of people happy

AirPods Pro are probably the most popular true-wireless headphones among Apple users for good reason. Plus the ease of pairing and integration into the Apple ecosystem is a huge factor for many.

Before we dive too deep, I have to say that I wasn’t unhappy with Apple’s stock tips as they are, so this review is coming from a very neutral perspective. We were sent the multi-size pack of Comply AirPods Pro which included these features:

Overall, these are really well designed, they look just like the Apple ear tips, except these are black and made of Comply materials. Well, I can say that the Comply AirPods Pro Tips are comfortable and easy to wear. While I think the Apple ear tips do a decent job of noise isolation, I can safely confirm that the Comply version does a bit better in this department. If you properly put these on, you will notice a difference in noise isolation versus the Apple version.

I noticed that some users were worried they didn’t include this important part of the tip.

Overall, I think these tips performed just as advertised and they certainly have a leg up in noise isolation over Apple’s. The Comply AirPods Pro Tips will set you back US$24.99 and the company is taking pre-orders now. I’m not sure I would personally buy these, mostly because I don’t have any issues with the stock Apple tips.

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Customer Reviews: Comply Foam Tips Compatible with AirPods Pro™ (Small, 3 pr) Black 44-50220-11

One thing I’ve noticed with my AirPod Pros is that if I use them for an extended period of time, my ears start to hurt. I needed to find something since I work from home and spend the bulk of my day on video calls on my iMac.

2 things of note from my experience though that prevent me from rating these 5 stars: 1- The tips are black, so dirt shows up really easy.

Comply Memory Foam tips (review for my AirPods Pro headphones)

This isn’t an objective review but since this video is not focused on SQ but more about fitment issues of the AirPods Pros, I thought I would share this little mini-review.

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