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Bluetooth Speaker For Home Ceiling

In most cases, these speakers don’t require any additional hardware, and can easily be connected to your phone or device for easy playback. They be very simple to install compared to typical speakers that require a full receiver and amplifier to drive. The amplifier fits in a standard wall plate and simply connections to the HCS-528 ceiling speakers.

Similar to the first set, these are flush mount in-ceiling Bluetooth speakers that have a max power output of 300 watts.

They work in a pair to create a stereo sound stage in any room that you put them in, whether it’s in the wall or ceiling. Additionally, the speaker grill is stain resistant, matches a flush design, and allows for full-sound passthrough. Main cone drivers are 5.25-inches and provide a solid amount of sound quality for the size. Plastics are high-quality ABS construction, and the included mounting hardware is easy to install. Finally, the Bluetooth system has a 30+ foot range, speakers have a max power output of 150 watts each, and provide an 8 ohm impedance. They peak at 360 watts of power and can easily reproduce tough sounds clearly and accurately. The 8-inch drivers use a polypropylene cone and 2-inch polymer tweeter to produce a 55Hz – 22kHz frequency response, and 8 ohm impedance. Finally, the grilles are magnetically detachable and you can easily hook up pretty much any audio device you have to these speakers.

Finally, they are extremely easy to install with an included pre-cut template, spring-loaded terminal, and hassle-free wire. In conclusion, when it comes to the Best Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a good system.

Additionally, they can obviously function as a dual purpose unit, and really add a clean modern look to any room.

The 4 Best Wireless Ceiling Speakers [ 2021 Update ]

In this wireless ceiling speaker guide, we break down our top 4 picks for you a reason why we love each selection. This wireless ceiling speaker is equipped with an 8-inch dynamic subwoofer and a 1-inch dome tweeter. If you want this speaker to be noticeable, this product also comes in a white-colored design.T he Polk Audio RC8oi don’t have a great range of mid-range bass, which causes some people to choose other models.

But with an easy installation manual and a clean design, the Polk Audio RC8oi speaker is a great buy.

Wireless speakers from Klipsch are specially designed to produce excellent sound quality. But you’ll not go home disappointed if you purchase Klipsch speakers because of their awesome features.

The Klipsch CDT-5650-C II is equipped with a special feature called Controlled Dispersion Technology (CDT). The 2-way system is also composed of a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter that lets you produce powerful sounds. Even at maximum volume, this wireless ceiling speaker can get extremely loud but with minimal distortion. The CDT-5650-C II wireless speaker works best when paired with other complementary devices like the Klipsch IK-650-C installation kit. The two 6.5 inch speaker grills include a one-inch titanium dome tweeter. You can enjoy music streaming with bass-rich audio at a maximum volume level without distortion in your home.

This elegant wireless ceiling speaker has a 5-inch woofer and two well-positioned 3/4-inch tweeters that can produce an excellent audio performance. Choosing these kinds of speaker system depends on two things: the room size and how you intend to use them.

But if you want to experience better music streaming in your large living room, you also need to consider getting more speakers. So in this buying guide, we chose ceiling Bluetooth speakers at a reasonable price.

We understand that enjoying the audio experience comes with a cost, and we wanted to give you options depending on your budget. To make sure that everything on this list is chosen accordingly, we tested them based on the following factors: We positioned a pair of 6-inch speakers in a 20 sqm room.

Whether you like entertaining guests indoors or you want to enjoy a surround sound experience at home, getting Bluetooth ceiling speakers is the right decision for you. Since speakers in this size have bigger drivers, it would push out more air, which lets the sound travel further in the space.

Stereo sound input speakers offer both left and right channels in a single location. They are perfect to put in the bathroom or kitchen where steam might ruin low-quality speakers.

The best ceiling speakers in the market today include Polk Audio RC8Oi and Klipsch CDT-5650-C II. The first type is slightly more affordable than the second one, but both offer fantastic features worth checking out.

If you have more questions about the items listed here, feel free to drop a message here and our sales team will be happy to answer. Having a fire hood before installing ceiling speakers is a legal requirement in some states. In picking items from brands, make sure to match the speaker size to how big is the room you want to fill. Klipsch CDT-5650-C II is a great outdoor ceiling speaker that lets you choose frequencies in different directions. It’s a level up from the usual stereo sound speakers in the market since it gives your better freedom. This allows zero hassle installation and most of the speakers here have 2 way sound tech that lets you have that dynamic music experience easily.

Whether you’re aiming to put better pop or country music outdoors or indoors, we hope you found the right ceiling Bluetooth for you on this list. Watch movies from your TV better as you set the right tone in your favorite space in your house.

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Ceiling Speakers

pivoting silk tweeter can be aimed at your favorite listening spot. The integrated 1-piece baffle/woofer basket adds enhanced rigidity and complements the deep bass sound.

Bluetooth vs Wi-Fi vs Pro Series Ceiling speakers: which is right for you?

But If you’re in the market or a ceiling speaker, and aren’t quite sure which model is right for your space, Lithe Audio are always happy to offer expert advice. Putting our customers’ needs first, we realise that getting a speaker that’s right for you involves not just recognising the needs and limitations of your home or business space, but staying well informed about what each model will deliver for you on a day-to-day basis.

If it’s the title of ‘best house party host’ you’re after, then you could probably do a lot better than a mass of sweaty bodies bouncing up and down in your cramped living room. And if ‘providing a calming atmosphere for your guests’ is going to get you better Tripadvisor reviews, then perhaps your intentions would be better served by having those sweet melodies echo throughout your entire establishment?

In these cases, you will love the multi-room functionality of our Wi-Fi enabled and Pro Series ceiling speakers. With the release of our new Pro Series ceiling speaker, we’re excited to welcome a new product to the Lithe Audio family.

Simply connect your phone, computer or TV to your master speaker, and listen to the incredible sound from all your synched devices. A dedicated App has Spotify Connect, Deezer, TIDAL and Tune In radio integrated for seamless multi-room audio. Whether you’re interested in creating a party venue, or just looking to transform your kitchen or bathroom, both our speaker models offer the same fantastic quality, along with an exciting array of extra benefits to make your listening experience more enjoyable and less hassle. Our Pro Series speakers mirror all of the Wi-Fi models features and introduces more optional addons, with WiSA wireless surround sound for home cinema projects and PoE (power over ethernet) so you can deliver power to more areas without the need to install additional electrical infrastructure.

So whether you’re sitting back at home with your favourite tunes, or are fitting out a shop or business venue with speakers, you have an abundance of options to choose from. Our new Pro Speakers offer excellent value for money, given the extensive list of features and possibilities they provide.

From its easy installation to its full compatibility, we’ve worked hard to provide a high end speaker system that ticks all the right boxes. All three of our ceiling speaker models combine amplifier, receivers and audio in a single, compact and easy to install unit.

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