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Best Bluetooth Speaker With Bass Reddit

Tl;dnr – Need a Bluetooth speaker that packs some BASS; portability is irrelevant, as it will just sit in my apartment. I don’t need portability, as it will sit in my 1 bedroom apt living room.

[GUIDE] Best PARTY Bluetooth speakers MEGALIST : Bluetooth

This is a copypasta from my personal blog – if you wanna help my search rankings please read the best portable speakers list here, otherwise, here it is! dB Technologies B-Hype Mobile BT – Best solo musician battery powered PA system

These things have literally fueled abandoned building raves, have excellent battery life, sound quality, and honestly I’m in love with them. Honestly, it doesn’t quite stand up to the Minirigs, however I really like the design, compact size, and it still does put out quality sound. Teufel makes good audio products and the Rockster Cross is nice as a quick monitor for DJ booth tasks. Still, at this price I’d rather take the Minirigs or increase your budget, but if you’re looking for a simple, stylish, straight-forward outdoor party speaker for small gatherings, it’ll definitely do the trick.

To be real, the Teufel Boomster XL is better in the basses and overall sound at a small size increase, but definitely less portable than the Rockster Cross and at that point I’d recommend the Aiwa Exos-9 instead. In classic boombox form-factor, this speaker is definitely able to hit those low notes that dub/reggae demands and is nice to carry around with the handle.

If you don’t mind the size and weight, picking this one up isn’t too bad of an idea, but I’d personally get into more ‘professional’ level gear which does have better attributes and the JBL Boombox does teeter into the territory of not exactly portable (backpack or duffel bag).

These will usually fit in a large backpack, duffel bag, or easy enough to carry by hand for moderate distances. It’s more designed for professional live-sound with its set of RCA and XLR inputs, but also can pump beats at a very surprisingly loud level and great quality and overall sound extension. Condensed audio specs: ~123dB max SPL, 1 x 8″ woofer, 1 x 1″ driver, 60w RMS output, sealed MDF enclosure, 2,5kHz crossover.

Inputs & outputs for live instruments or mics, a professional presentation, and sound quality which really did pleasantly surprise me at first. Truthfully, you’re better off with a Rockster Air or the HK Audio Premium Pro Move 8, but I would be a liar if I said this speaker is bad. It’s not the loudest but it has a very nice frequency response, 2 input channels for XLR/RCA instruments, thorough engineering, and is surprisingly light and easy to carry around. Portability specs: 7.1kg, fine for large bags, carry case is great, pretty light and compact! With that being said, I was very impressed with the sound quality, bass output, and overall experience with the JBL Partybox 310 and it has some connections for instruments/vocals, but is a little limited (EQ) compared to more professional options. Gimmicky as it may be, the lightshow on the front is really nice for those darker environments or at nighttime, unless you carry your own portable DJ light system (which costs a chunk more).

Personally I’d up the budget a little and go for the Teufel Rockster air, but these are more bassy and have that light show and a couple more fun gimmicks. Portability specs: ~16kg, fine for large bags, but very heavy and not fun to carry over long distances. The Teufel Rockster Air puts out a pretty great amount of mids/highs and has fairly decent bass response, though for anything playing frequencies below what techno and house does, you might be a little bit miffed and hoping for a bit more, but it puts out nice SPL (sound-pressure levels and it’s another versatile and near-professional level device.

Condensed audio specs: 1″ tweeter, 10″ woofer, max SPL ~112 dB, MDF enclosure. Not compromising on sound quality, weight, size – these are the most powerful outdoor Bluetooth party speakers. Condensed audio specs: 1″ tweeter, 2 x 10″ woofer, 216w RMS, max SPL ~117 dB, poplar enclosure.

dB Technologies B-Hype Mobile BT – Best solo musician battery powered PA system A 1″ compression driver and 10″ woofer affords it lots of air movement and a high nominal SPL.

Condensed audio specs: 1″ tweeter, 1 x 10″ woofer, 100 watts RMS, max SPL ~117 dB, MDF enclosure. It is designed to also hook up to a deep cycle AGM car battery which is a seriously awesome feature and again, this is the closest thing to a professional festival setup that you can get, without a generator.

Condensed audio specs: .1″ tweeter, 1 x 15″ woofer, 440 watts RMS, max SPL ~126 dB, MDF enclosure. Condensed audio specs: 1″ compression driver, 2 x 7″ mid woofers, 1 x 12″ subwoofer, 400 watts RMS, max SPL unknown, MDF enclosure.

A battery powered line array setup – Partybox 1000 for parties, Eon One Pro for actually being portable and better suited for live sound. A dedicated 10″ subwoofer and 6 x 2″ drivers in a line-array setup, it offers excellent sound, great projection, and actually in a package that you can carry (for a bit) and tons of input for instruments (4 channels & mixer).

If you’re looking for throwing not a party but a live performance or sound-focused thing, I’d pick this one up in a heartbeat and a pair of 2 will weigh the same as a JBL Partybox 1000 or Teufel Rockster while offering L/R stereo sound. Condensed audio specs: 6 x 2″ drivers, 1 x 8″ subwoofer, 400 watts RMS, 118 max SPL, MDF enclosure.

Bass is an incredibly difficult thing to do outdoors – you need a lot of power and size from the speaker to move that amount of air. I always recommend to prop your speaker up in a corner, beside a thick tree, or something to help reflect those bass notes for a better listening experience.

It hits those low notes like nothing else on this list (and better than the Teufel Rockster), but of course you need separate mid/high ends to fill it in, because it’s literally only a subwoofer. Heavy, attractive, and with that homemade aesthetic, this is the thing you want to pair with 2 portable high-end units (like the Rockster Air or HK Audio Pro Move 8) for that full setup and a guerilla stage.

Condensed audio specs: 1 x 3″ subwoofer, ported aluminum enclosure, 30 watts RMS, 100dB max SPL.

Portability specs: 875g, size of a 2L bottle, recycled hemp carrying case with mesh covers.

I’ll leave a slew of resources down below of sound test comparisons from channels and webpages that I like.

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