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Best Bluetooth Speaker For Bass Jbl Partybox 310

Also, there are dedicated buttons for Bluetooth pairing, Bass Boost, Sound Effect (which can be customized in the app), Input, and Karaoke Setting, which allows you to adjust voice and mic controls using the Bass, Treble, and Echo buttons. On the rear side, there are also volume knobs and gain adjustments for the mic and guitar inputs.

The 6 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Bass – Fall 2021 Reviews

With its Bass Boost feature set to ‘1’, it has a boomy sound profile to help you feel the thump and punch in your music. It has an impressive dynamics performance that can make it very loud and great for parties, although there are slight compression artifacts at max volume.

Customer Reviews: JBL PartyBox 310 Portable Party Speaker Black JBLPARTYBOX310AM

I’ve never once had an issue with battery life – even when intentionally trying to run it dead, it just kept on playing (until I finally gave up and went to bed). I have a rather picky ear [audiophile] so over the past 3 years I’ve tried at least 17 name brand portable bluetooth speakers in the $500-1K range and, my final judgment is this — aside from an $1100 Soundboks3, this Partybox310 is the biggest [and loudest] bang for your buck.

Two of these running in TWS/Stereo mode sound incredible for a battery powered set priced at a grand.

(Or even less when marked down on sale – hold out for Black Friday and order online) A few complaints to mention: 1.)

The previous model (Partybox300) had a third tweeter allowing it to play in stereo mode when turned horizontal. A small built-in storage slot for the power cord would’ve warranted significant bonus points.

I expected the BASS and TREBLE buttons on the top of the unit would adjust the sound when playing via bluetooth or line-in. All said and done, I would highly recommend the JBL Partybox 310 to anyone looking for a “whatasized” portable speaker, and vouch that it is worth it’s price tag.

JBL PartyBox 310 Review: Pure, powerful, and absolutely worth it

That much is clear as you can turn on this mammoth, booming device which is now one of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers on the market, and justifies the huge asking price with a similar sized performance. Dual microphone and guitar inputs help reaffirm the PartyBox line’s position as a Bluetooth speaker series that’s just as viable for roving live performers (think buskers or just those who want some mobile karaoke) as it is for party-minded listeners who want something big, clear and impressive for their impromptu parties on the beach, in the house, or… anywhere really.

The sleek black body is fairly uniform, making the coloured rings pop even more, whether the speaker is placed horizontally or vertically. JBL are leaving no gaps with this series, which has clearly proven to be one of their most successful product lines in recent memory.

One thing I like, which isn’t a new inclusion here compared with previous models, is the little groove on the speaker’s top side so you can easily place your smart device while streaming tunes off it. Dedicated buttons are there for the customisable ‘sound effect’ addition, bass boost – which does exactly what it promises – and Bluetooth pairing, as well as a Karaoke setting and a one to toggle external input on/off. Although quite directional, the JBL PartyBox 310 is a beast of a performer with an immersive enough sound to completely blanket a decently sized space with banging beats. JBL clearly paid attention to demand and has such offered a powerful Bluetooth speaker that can easily last an entire party.

Highlights: Solid performance, even at higher volumes; easy to move around like a big suitcase, great connectivity, nuanced light show; strong battery life.

Lowlights: Bass can topple a bit at max volume; very big investment if you want to pair this up with other PartyBox speakers.

Portable Party Speaker with Long Lasting Battery, Powerful JBL Sound and Exciting Light Show : Electronics

I put it side-by-side with the 310 I just received and listened to several of my favorite songs (some 80s, 90s, today’s hits and Techmaster PEB) at varying volume levels, positions and distances, and here are a few of my thoughts. And if you put it up on a pole, you’ll lose the ground reinforcement, so there should at least be a switch for adding the bass back in.

The treble on both is also lacking in air, the higher highs (like cymbals) on both models.

If I’m switching back and forth between the two speakers, I wish the 310 had the clarity that the 300 has, but I’m hoping that my ears will adjust to the sound signature of the 310 as I listen to it over time because I do like the increased bass of the 310.

If you’re wondering about the bass and treble controls on top, they don’t affect the music. I might eventually open them up to add some dome tweeters to get that high-treble but for now, they sound good enough.

JBL Partybox 310 Review

It can be used for both musicians and nonmusicians who want to enjoy the boomy sound it produces with its Bass Boost feature, which adds even more thump punch. In addition, the Partybox 310 allows you to use your voice or instruments and bass treble, echo controls for vocals/instruments, and EQ settings tailored specifically toward music performance needs like getting louder without distortion max volume levels. JBL has made some tweaks to their light show and added more colours, but they are still sticking true to what people love about this lineup of speakers. The ringed lights around these drivers change hues based on your preference, or you can follow along with them from your phone via Bluetooth connection (or tap out whichever colour buttons).

In addition, the black uniformity of the device makes it easy to place in different locations while still maintaining its beauty. The speaker weighs 38 pounds compared to 35 for its predecessor, but this extra weight helps with sound quality, so it’s worth lugging around!

Around the back of the JBL Partybox 310, many different dials with many functions could be confusing if they weren’t separated into various sections and labelled clearly. If you aren’t satisfied with the power offered by a 240-watt speaker, then consider buying another and connecting them without wires or using an AUX cable. In addition, it enters standby mode after 20 minutes without any operations so that you can avoid wasting power when the speaker is not being used at all times.

It’s compatible with the JBL PartyBox app, which allows you to control your music in various ways: change uplighting colours, hook it up to another unit for stereo sound and even link multiple speakers together if needed.

If that wasn’t enough customization already, there are also DJ effects and voice controls so users can have an optimal audio experience when using the Karaoke feature! In addition, the JBL Partybox 310’s bass is adjustable and echo/treble settings (which enhance vocals), making this device perfect for small or large parties alike.

It has two 176 mm woofers to offer the best audio quality possible; it also comes with an additional mode called Bass Boost that works well without being too overpowering. The JBL PartyBox 310 is a beast at providing immersive beats that blanket the room with bass, perfect for hip hop or electronica. I’ve noticed how well JBL understands balance even in higher volumes, holding space for brighter mids and highs while also restraining the lows enough not to let them slip into muddiness during louder parts. Even at max volume, you’ll be able to enjoy your music because JBL Partybox 310 Bluetooth speaker has mastered the low-end and balanced it with mids/highs. However, do note that when listening to bass-heavy songs or tracks with many percussion instruments on high volumes, they can become very muddy – so beware! I love the speaker but be prepared to get the cops called on you or complaints from your neighbors if you’re running it with bass boost on and at full volume.

You can actually connect multiple devices thru bluetooth and keep cutting out one to maintain a rhythmic flow to dance music just lie the DJs do.

JBL Partybox 310 Review — GYMCADDY

So if you’re looking for a big speaker for your man cave or if you moonlight as a DJ… I aint mad at the partybox 310. Now even though I know it might be tempting to go with the 300 and save those $100… I honestly think in the long run you’re going to be better off just picking up the 310 instead cause its going to make your life a whole lot easier. Now along side the new wheels and retractable carrying handle… the 310’s port panel has also been upgraded.

And at 50 percent volume and with its bass boost feature turned off this speaker sounds perfectly fine for indoor use.

But just keep in mind if you use this speaker while in bass boost level 2 or at a higher volume then it battery is going to drain a little faster. Now the 310 charges via AC port on the back just like the 300… and you are going to get a performance bump out of this speaker is you use it while plugged in. But unlike the partybox 300… the 310 doesn’t come included with JBL’s car charger. Which personally im a really big fan of cause you can charge this speaker with your car if you’re out camping or at a cook out… but this cable is now sold separately. Now when it comes to connectivity… both of the speakers can be connected to two bluetooth devices at the same time so you and a friend can both be DJ, they both have an easy to reach 3.5 millimeter audio jack, and they both have a USB A port which you can use to either charge your own devices or you can plug in a USB Drive and play music off of it.

Now like I mentioned earlier the 310 does have a new control panel up top but keep in mind these bass, treble, and echo buttons are strictly used for adjusting your microphone. So you can be like one of those annoying late night DJ’s adding sirens to your music. Also keep in mind that you can not wirelessly pair a partybox 310 to any if JBL’s other speakers that are using party boost.

Now personally I do wish that you could wirelessly pair a partybox 310 to at least one other speaker… but at least this audio out port on the 310 is a good compromise. From a design standpoint I absolutely love the new wheels and retractable carrying handle on the 310 cause it just makes moving this speaker around a breeze.

JBL PartyBox 310: Review

Alle redenen en gelegenheden, waar je ook bent, zullen goed zijn om een feestje te bouwen. Binnen, buiten, thuis, in het park, in een zaal, in de tuin, met familie, vrienden of buren? En qua muziek is daar niet veel voor nodig: één JBL PartyBox 310 bijvoorbeeld. JBL is er op verschillende vlakken in geslaagd de concurrentie duidelijk achter zich te laten.

Tevens ook voorzien van een LED-lichtshow die mee met de muziek synchroniseert. De 4 speakers van de PartyBox-serie zijn allen stevig gebouwde luidsprekers, ontworpen om vlot te kunnen hanteren, verplaatsen en connecteren zodanig dat hij altijd goed zicht- en hoorbaar is.

En tegelijkertijd, zonder enige lichtshow, niet opvallender te zijn dan een professionele JBL-speaker. Daarom heeft JBL ervoor gezorgd dat je de speaker als een trolley kan verplaatsen.

Onderaan de speaker zijn wieltjes terug te vinden die ook bij inline-skates gebruikt worden.

Ze zijn echt stevig en goed gemonteerd zodat je over een ruwere ondergrond kan rijden. Goede handvatten boven- en onderaan zorgen ervoor dat de box makkelijk hanteerbaar is. Rubberen afdekplaatjes aan de achterzijde beschermen alle connecties voor kabels en nog enkele knoppen.

Als je op de technische fiche gaat kijken zie je dat hij continu 240 Watt vermogen (RMS) levert en een frequentiebereik heeft dat gaat van 45 Hz tot 20 kHz. Voor EDM zoals techno, house, drum-and-bass heb je geen extra bas nodig.

Voor rock en metal zou ik persoonlijk wel 1 keer drukken op de knop.

Je ontdek er alles over in deze sfeervolle video wij maakte van JBL’s PartyBox 310.

Een DJ heeft meestal liever twee speakers om stereo te kunnen afspelen. Of je verbindt 2 paar PartyBoxen draadloos met elkaar via TWS (True Wireless Stereo, max. Daarmee kan je meerdere luidsprekers als een ketting, via kabels, aan elkaar verbinden. Je zou dus 2 exemplaren van de PartyBox 310 via Bluetooth en TWS kunnen verbinden om een stereoweergave te krijgen en vervolgens elke speaker, via ‘daisy chain’, nog eens doorverbinden met 1 of meer volgende speakers.

JBL heeft een app ontwikkeld (iOS en Android) om de speaker vanop afstand via bluetooth te bedienen. Met een USB-laadkabel kan de PartyBox 310 ook dienen als powerbank om je smartphone op te laden.

Op 80 % van het maximale volume en met lichtshow zakt dat al snel naar 6 uur feestplezier zonder te moeten opladen. Mijn kinderen zouden eerder voor de PartyBox On-The-Go gaan omdat deze handiger, lichter, half zo duur is en minstens evenveel plezier geeft.

Als je wel overtuigd bent van het concept PartBox, kies dan een JBL PartyBox. Met 1 PartyBox 310 kan je al een heuse party voor 50 feestvierders op gang krijgen en houden. Bovendien is hij oplaadbaar wat niet bij partyboxen van andere merken het geval is.

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